How To Change Paper Size Of The PDF File

resize pdf coolutilsTotal PDF Converter doesn’t only convert your PDFs to other formats. It also provides ability to edit existing PDF files in different ways, adapting their look and feel for your needs. With the help of this program you can resize your PDF document or adapt a few pdf files to one common size.

Such need occurs when you have a few PDF documents in completely different size like A5, A3, letter, but you need to adapt all of them to A4 page size and do not affect the content styling. In Total PDF Converter it is doable this way:

• you need to open the program and go to a folder with files
• after clicking on the folder icon you will see the list of its files to the right from folders tree
• check every PDF file that has to be resized
• go on the top bar and press PDF icon
• choose the right paper size and orientation in settings wizard
• Press Start!

resize pdf

Besides resizing pdf, you can use a lot of other settings available for PDF format. You are free to combine several PDF documents into one and don’t worry, if originals have different sizing. Total PDF Converter will adapt them all to the format you need.

You can extract specific pages from original PDF files and produce new PDF file that will contain only selected range. This can be:
• only ODD pages
• only EVEN pages
• specific range like page 1 – 15.

Original PDFs can be split by bookmarks or blank pages too. You can even convert sources to specific PDF version. Sometimes it is really important to have documents in a certain standard, Total PDF Converter supports PDF 1.0 – 1.5. Additionally you can compress result copies to make them weight less.
Try these options in a trial version or get a license here!

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