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Total PDF Converter

PDF File Format Converter for converting PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, Text or images

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Total PDF Converter converts PDF to DOC, RTF, TIFF, XLS, HTML, EPS, PS, TXT, CSV, PDF/A and images in batch. Unlike other batch PDF converters, the Total PDF Converter is extremely user-friendly thanks to a well-planned interface. Additionally, registered users gain direct access to command line support for quiet automatic functioning on the back end.

  • Get the full desktop version that does not require Internet connection or sharing your files online.
  • Convert PDF files in batches, whole folders in one go.
  • Add page numbers to your output files.
  • Convert several PDF files into one Doc or DocX. More unique options..

With support for over 25 different formats Total PDF Converter is neither complex nor difficult to use. If you need a server version without any GUI or interrupting messages check out the Total PDF Converter X with ActiveX. Buy your license today and convert PDF files with the full registered version in 5 minutes.

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Total PDF Converter Customer Reviews 2021

Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews 5 Star

"We had some 2,200 PDF files that needed to be converted to TIFF. The project manager said we would have to rescan the files, go into the back closets, dust off the cabinets, find and pull the files and rescan them, and of course then re-file the reports. With the Total PDF Converter we put a copy of the files into a sub-directory, I went in and selected the subdirectory and 2 hours later the files were converted. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price."

4.5 Star PDF Converter Carolyn Gorup Senior manager

"I find your Windows product to be excellently conceived and executed. The GUI is very straightforward; controls thoughtfully placed. One does not need a manual to become quickly productive. Performance and quality of results meets or exceeds expectations. Your business pricing is right in the middle of the market, a good place to be. Coomand line is where I will do most of my work. As an old DOS user, I felt "right at home". Once I figured out the parameters, performance was superb."

5 Star PDF Converter Bruce A. Chitiea SafeSectors, Inc.

Unique options of Total PDF Converter

Total PDF Converter supports PDF, PCL, PS, EPS, PRN, XPS, OXPS files. It's not a simple PRN converter, it's the all-in-one solution. New formats are constantly being added.

Tell Total PDF Converter if you want to omit images from the source files. You can also get the new file with images only without text if you like.

Convert PDF to PDF/A in batch. Update thousands of files in one process.

split pdf
Total PDF Converter can act as a PDF splitting utility and extract selected pages from a multi-page PDF. It can also split PDF by bookmarks or by blank pages.

time stamps
Total PDF Converter will change the date of the file or keep the original time stamps. Just check the appropriate checkbox.

sign pdf
Sign PDF documents with your digital signature during the file conversion process.

combine pdf
Combine several PDF files into one multi-page document with out powerful batch PDF converter.

Total PDF Converter can automatically rotate your documents.

pdf to word
PDF to Word converter supports both Doc and DOCX for your convenience.

pdf to jpeg
Convert PDF to JPG? Customize the final image to your needs. Set the desired quality of the JPEG image to compromize the file size. The app also extracts selected pages and converts them to JPEG.

Convert PDF/PS/EPS/PRN files via our clear interface with lots of hints for beginners.
The widest list of output file types: DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, HTML, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, PNG, EPS, PS, TIFF, TXT, CSV, PDF/A and PDF!

pdf converter
Total PDF Converter can combine several PDF files into one TIFF image. Or place every page of a multi-page PDF into a new TIFF files.

Tune the output: set new margins in inches to your standards (ready for printing).

Each PDF file is displayed in Preview panel. You can zoom it in/out or view the document full-sized. Preview option makes it easy to find the necessary PDF file.

pdf watermark
Add text or image watermarks to the header or the footer of the output file. It's perfect for stamping bates too!

Want more order? Add pagination (sequential numbering of folders is available).

pdf load images
Total PDF Converter can extract odd or even pages for you.

pdf converter
Unlike free PDF converters, our app processes thousands of documents keeping the folder structure.

pdf to doc
No matter what MS Office you have, our app can convert PDF to DOC and DocX.

We also offer PDF Converter SDK for Web\SQL server\ASP\.NET\C#. With ActiveX you can easily implement our PDF converter into your application and redistribute it to the end users.

Total PDF Converter has full command line support (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI).

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Updated Mon, 01 Nov 2021

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(only $39.90)


Total PDF Converter Review

"My company had us download the free version of your PDF converter software, but when it expired our Compliance Assistant search for a replacement. I went ahead and deleted the PDF Converter from my computer. Then our company decided to purchase your product, since it was the best option they could find. I then purchased the PDF Converter.
PDF Converter 5 Star Gwen Lipkie Auburn Crest Hospice | www.auburncrest.com

Regarding your question on how we utilize the PDF Converter: My company uses the pdf converter to backup patient documents from our electronic medical records system. The downloaded files are PRN files that we then need to converted to PDF so we can read and store the documents on a backup disk."
PDF Converter 5 Star Marlene Murphy


How To Convert PDF Files

It's quite easy to convert files with our powerful program. Download and install the app following the instructions. Select file or several files (batch conversion is available) and press the button of the output file type. It can be DOC, DOCX, RTF, XLS, HTML, BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF, EMF, PNG, EPS, PS, TIFF, TXT, CSV or PDF/A. Note that if you want to convert Word documents to PDF, try our Total Doc Converter. The settings window offers you several inlays. Go through them and make appropriate settings. You can skip these steps; in this case your PDF files will be converted with the default parameters. Press Start! Button and get the output files in your destination folder.

pdf converter


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  • PXL to PDF
  • PXL to HTML
  • PXL to XHTML
  • PXL to Doc
  • PXL to RTF
  • PXL to XLS
  • PXL to JPEG
  • PXL to TIFF
  • PXL to TXT
  • PXL to Text
  • PXL to CSV
  • PXL to BMP
  • PXL to GIF
  • PXL to PNG
  • PXL to EMF
  • PXL to WMF
  • PXL to PCL
  • PXL to PPT
  • PXL to Exe
  • PXL to XPS
  • PXL to PS
  • AI to PDF
  • AI to HTML
  • AI to XHTML
  • AI to Doc
  • AI to RTF
  • AI to XLS
  • AI to JPEG
  • AI to TIFF
  • AI to TXT
  • AI to Text
  • AI to CSV
  • AI to BMP
  • AI to GIF
  • AI to PNG
  • AI to EMF
  • AI to WMF
  • AI to PCL
  • AI to PPT
  • AI to Exe
  • AI to XPS
  • AI to PS

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Converts PDF to Doc, Excel, HTML, PS or Text
  • Also converts PS, EPS, PRN, XPS, OXPS files
  • Converts PDF to PDF/A in batch
  • Batch conversion mode
  • Converts PostScript to PDF
  • Can combine PDF files
  • Adds pagination
  • Adds text or image watermarks
  • No need to use Adobe Acrobat
  • Can extract images from PDF
  • Supports PDF written in multi-byte Languages
  • Command line support
  • Preserves original document layout
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • ActiveX and Server version

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