Split APE Or FLAC Files By Cue

Total Audio Converter will help to split APE or FLAC albums into individual tracks by CUE.

split ape by cue APE and FLAC files can contain whole albums composed of several tracks. Normally they are accompanied by a CUE file, that says where each track starts and ends and the tracks’ names. The CUE file makes it possible to split APE or FLAC albums into individual tracks. Total Audio Converter will do the job for you.

In Total Audio Converter select the folder from the file tree, tick the files and press the target format button. If you want to have lossless APE files, press APE. If you want to save space and make your files compatible with all modern devices, click MP3.

split ape by cue

Choose Destination and jump to SPLIT BY CUE inlay. Check this box. Total Audio Converter can show you the album info. Here you can see the title, performer and the duration of each track. If your titles are not displayed correctly, select another encoding. This is crucial for non-latin languages like Russian, Thai, Chinese, Arabic, etc. By default the new tracks will get new names based on this template DISK_TITLE-TRACK_NUMBER-TRACK_TITLE, but you can set your own values.

You are almost done. Press the Start button. Total Audio Converter will split your album and open the directory with the individual tracks after the process is over.

This is the easiest way to split CUE based albums like APE or FLAC into individual tracks and get them in any audio format you need. Download your copy of Total Audio Converter now.