3 Online Services To Convert HTML to GIF Free

There are lots of reasons why you would want to convert HTML to GIF. There are packages online that can convert your HTML to GIF, free of charge.

There are lots of reasons why you would want to convert HTML to GIF. HTML is the code that creates the page you want, with its combination of functions and features. This page is then published on the internet eventually. However, you may want to show someone the design of the page before it goes live. You may want to use the design of your web page in a larger printed document. You may wish to archive existing pages before removal from the internet.

GIF file stores your webpage as a graphic. As with JPEG, it is a commonly used image file that can be opened by most packages. Using a compression algorithm, this file is relatively small while still consisting of 256 colours.

There are packages online that can convert your HTML to GIF, free of charge. Here we highlight three of these packages, which could be helpful to you in your work.

1. Convertio
Convertio is a free online converter of HTML to GIF. You can upload your code from your computer or use your Dropbox or Google drive. If you are uncomfortable dealing with the code, Convertio excels because it allows conversion from the URL. This means you can copy in the address of the webpage you wish to make a graphics image and press convert. This obviously requires the minimum of IT expertise, getting you what you need without too much computer knowledge. Once you convert your HTML to GIF, you can then save your file directly into your Dropbox or Google drive.

2. Transloadit
You will convert your HTML to GIF using Transloadit if you want to be sure that the data used is safe and secure. This is one of the only free online HTML converters that can convert the files with the authentication. You would also choose Transloadit if you wanted to convert large files sizes up to 100MB. This is a significant offer for a free converter.

Using this converter for free requires you to sign up to the basic package offered by the site. To upgrade to more sophisticated functionality will require you to pay a subscription fee.

3. Online-convert.com
This SaaS offers the conversion of HTML code to GIF. The online service is easy to use, allowing you to upload your code from your cloud and your computer. Like Convertio, the upload options are made ultimately easy, as you can convert from HTML to GIF using the URL, the address of the website. There is also an edit feature on the site that allows you to enhance the GIFS produced once the conversion has been completed.

There is our free HTML to GIF converter. Cool Utils File converters is a quick option for users to change files. This gives you multiple options for the file format of the graphic. However, if you want to convert a batch of HTML files to GIF in a single click, then you need to opt for Cool Utils Total HTML Converter. It may cost a small fee ($49.90) but the amount of time saved when converting files easily offers a return on your investment.