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CoolUtils Bundle Part 2

So you bought CoolUtils Pro Bundle and got around 49 useful programs for such a small price. Let’s see what can CoolUtils tools do for you if you like music. How can CoolUtils tools help you in that?

First, you definitely need an audio converter. Today audio tracks can be of dozens of different formats and not all of them are supported by your iPod or other mp3 player. Just get Total Audio Converter do the job. It supports almost all popular audio formats and can convert them to MP3, WAV, OGG, WMA, FLAC, CDA, ACC, APE, MPP. Note that Total Audio Converter has a built-in CD ripper. That means that you may rip tracks from CD’s and upload them to your iPod in the neccessary format.

As most of CoolUtils products you do not have to launch TAC to convert your files. Just select the file on your desktop and make right button mouse click. In the popup menu you will see options like Play, Rename, Delete. Choose Convert To.

Second, you may want to create your own CD. Launch CDuke and burn your music to a CD. As easy as copying files to another folder. The interface in two-panel:  open the folder with your audio files in the upper panel and drag&drop the ones you want to burn to the lower panel. Or just press AddAll button if you want all the files to be burnt. Then press WriteCD button and start the process of burning. Note that CDuke has built-in audio player. So you can listen to a track to decide whether to burn it or not. Besides, you can edit tag info of your files. Press MP3 Tag button and edit any field you like (title, artist, album, year, genre) or add your comments.

CopyAudioCD will help you to save the CD that you like most. Just make a copy of it.

We all have folders with hundreds of audio files. And few people have all them in decent order (not me!). To have a full list of song that I have in each folder I use Print Maestro. That unique tool prints out a list of my songs with Artist, Title, Album, Comment tags or BitRate, Sample Rate, Channels, Duration tags. Here is how it looks like: 


Nice and easy. PrintMaestro can also print a folder tree with size information or any other report.

And a little funny tool – MP3EmSee. It announces the title of the song that is going to be played. Try it to make your listening to music even more comfortable!

Note that these tools are a small part of CoolUtils Pro bundle. Apart from music lovers’ tools you will get almost 30 other programs to manage your everyday tasks. The list is here. The more CoolUtils tools –  the more enjoyable your pc life is;)

P.S. Learn what new opportunities will you get with CoolUtils Pro Bundle if you like taking pictures.

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140 comments December 20th, 2006

How do you spend your free time in the run up to the holidays?

Free time? What’s that? Modern technology is supposed to save us time but lots of it takes ages to learn, so where’s the time saving in that? CoolUtils believes technology should be easy to use – for everyone! If your boss gave you two hours to convert a pdf to html just get our Total PDF Converter and do the job in 5 minutes! So what can you do with the remaining 115 minutes? We’ve got a few ideas for you!

Sleeping in
Ever woken up in the morning with the vague feeling that you have overslept? Now you can snooze on for at least an hour before you’re officially late for work  

Festive food is much more than brussel sprouts and Christmas pudding. This year take some time to cook something that YOU like:

Enjoying some culture
Was the last time you went to a museum or art exhibition when you were on a school trip? Did you spend the whole time in the art gallery saying “I can do that!” The good news is that now you can. Who needs to be able to paint to create modern art? With a digital camera and our software you could create your own masterpieces within 115 mins! Just be ready for people being rude about your work!


Why not explore somewhere near to home that you haven’t been to yet and mix in a bit of Christmas shopping at the same time? If you want to stretch your 115 minutes out you could travel further afield. Just don’t overdo the shopping:)

For the ultimate in relaxation you could also send your partner away and enjoy the peace and quiet!
No, we’re not talking computer games. Why not expand your mind a bit with some traditional board games. Classics that have been played over the holidays for hundreds of years

Hanging out with friends
Remember those people who always seem to turn up on your birthday and help you get drunk? They’re not just for birthdays, they are for Christmas too. You just need to find the time to fit them in. Why not arrange a night out clubbing? There could be a hip venue just down the road that you’ve missed:


Sitting on a muddy riverbank in silence is the best way to relax and think about your daily problems. You may even find a way of convincing your partner why the huge salmon you’re planning to buy from the fishmonger was in a little stream that only just had enough water to cool your cans of beer down.    

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3 comments December 11th, 2006

CoolUtils Bundle Part 1

Many people that have bought CoolUtils PRO bundle do not use most of the programs. Just because they don’t know what exactly they are for. But as you paid us money we feel it right to show how you can benefit by every program you paid. If you haven’t bought your bundle yet, read the article to know what you can get. The first set describes what can CoolUtils tools do for you if you have a digital camera (and most probably you do have one).

Advanced Opportunities for Digital Camera Owners

Most digital camera owners that bought their cameras not long ago can be divided into two groups. The first one consists of those who being professionals in using pc’s have no poblems in working with images. They easily download, print, rename, resize, rotate, create slidshows, convert their photos. If all these verbs mean nothing particular to you, you belong to the second group. This group is considerably bigger  so you are not alone.
Let’s make things clear. Imagine that you took a lot of nice pictures with your new digital camera and downloaded them to your pc. What’s next?

First, give them proper names (if only you don’t adore a mile long list of files like DSCO1456.jpeg or 37846.tiff). Don’t grab F2 button. It will bore you to death to rename 300+ photos. Why waste time if there is Multi Renamer? With Multi Renamer you can easily rename heaps of files which means either giving them all completely new names or just adding some important information to their old names. It lets you include the dates of your latest photos in their file names, or enumerate the files, or convert cases. Whatever you like in a few clicks. Batch renaming 800 files won’t take you more than a minute.

Second, you are sure to need to convert your files. Why? Probably, to upload your files to the web (they often accept jpeg, png images, but not raw or pxm). There are loads of image formats. To take advantage of each of them you must convert your files. Changing the extension is not a proper way to do it. Use new Total Image Converter to do the job. The program supports ALL popular image formats and will make your images of most rare formats to the most popular ones. 

Total Image Converter is here to help you create an avatar. Just take a photo where you look best, crop it leaving the face (or that part of your body you’d like to represent you in the web). And resize it to the smaller size so that you could fit it on any forum or personal profile. Done!

If you have no printer, you still can show images to your friends by the most convenient way – using your TV. How many persons can sit by your computer? Two or three? Using TV set you can show your photos to a dozen of persons all of them sitting comfortable on a sofa. Use Image Box for that.

Or maybe you want to email your photos to your friend. Most people don’t like letters like “Hi, Bill! The holiday was terrific fun, see 235 photos attached”. You’d better pack them all inside an executable (.EXE) file and send just it. If you want to really amaze your friend, create an .exe file with a slideshow. Your photos will be displayed sequentially each of them accompanied by your own comments and background music and sounds (mp3 and wav are supported). Besides, you can make a disc with your slide show and play it in a standard DVD player. For these purposes use Image Box – a powerful, handy and money saving image program.

Do you have a photo that you like best? Your girlfriend or boyfriend smiling at you? Create a screensaver of this photo with Image Box and enjoy the picture every time you work on your pc.

PhotoCDuke will write your photos to a CD. A new built-in Photo Viewer is added. That means that you write your photos on CD using PhotoCDuke and when you want to view photos on your or somebody else’s computer, just insert that disk! Photos will be displayed even if your friend has no image viewer on his pc. Note that before you start writing, you can view a full-sized picture with just one click.

Did the article give you new ideas how to use CoolUtils tools? Yes? We are so happy about that! Here is another article that describes the benefits of CoolUtils Pro bundle for music lovers.

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9 comments December 4th, 2006

Old CD Collection – the Free Source of Music for your iPod

The world is changing. New technologies come and old ones have to die. The gramophone records were substituted by tapes. Many of us still remember the first “portable” audio player – a cassette-tape-playing two-speaker monster. Then a revolutionary Sony Walkman came. When the first CD-based player was introduced, the era of tapes came to the end. Who would care about tapes if new CD’s were of better quality, and you could fit more music on them.

People like to have music to accompany them. And people do not like big heavy things to carry about. So the players were becoming thinner and lighter. This has led to the era of digital music and first mp3 players were bought. Today, about one half of American teenagers, own at least one portable audio. About 10% of all adults aged 35-54  own an mp3 player as well.

Is it time to throw away your old CD collection? Most people who buy iPods eventually forget about their bulky CDs and go to iTunes to get songs they want. Well, there are people that like to overpay. Not my friend Rob. Rob wouldn’t pay twice for music. Once Rob decided to get an iPod instead of his old walkman. But Rob didn’t forget about his CD’s and made most out of them. He ripped the tracks to his laptop and converted them to mp3 format. So now he enjoys his favorite albums on his new stylish iPod.

And to my mind he is absolutely right. Why overpay for your songs? Most people used to listen to CD’s before they bought iPods and other mp3 players. And most people dodn’t stop liking the albums they used to like at the moment of iPod purchase. But we all are told to go to iTunes and pay for the tracks if we have iPods. Certainly we will do that for the new albums but not for those we already have. Someone might think it’s too complicated to rip CD’s, convert tacks to another format and all that stuff. Not at all! All you have to do is to get a CD ripper and a CD converter. For example, Total Audio Converter will both rip your CD and convert the tracks to mp3. Just insert the CD and make a couple of clicks.

P.S. There is a way to get Total Audio Converter for $2.67.

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2 comments December 4th, 2006



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