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MTS/M2TS Converter – TMC Has Become More Powerful

MTSconverterGreat news for video lovers! Total Movie Converter now supports MTS and M2TS video formats which makes it a powerful HD converter. All the HD camera owners welcome a new version of Total Movie Converter right now.

Both .mts and .m2ts video files are the ones you record in HD. The quality of mts video is very high and the size is comparatively small. But not many DVD players support video in MTS or M2TS formats. And all those iPods, iPhones, Zunes and other popular devices do not support .mts or .m2ts files either.

However, there is a solution to the problem. You can convert MTS or M2TS to AVI, MPEG or other video formats that are more popular. Total Movie Converter can do that for you.

Furthermore you may want to change the resolution of your .mts videos. Resizing video files you get a much smaller file size. That’s important for portable devices like iPods and iPhones.

Sometimes you do not want to convert the whole .mts video file but to cut a piece of it. With Total Movie Converter cutting a part of the video is a simple task. You set the Start and End position and preview the part. It’s very handy!

Convert MTS video

All regsitered user get the new version of Total Movie Convetrer for free. Download your copy here. New Total Movie Converter converts .mts and .m2ts files to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV.

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1 comment May 29th, 2009

OGG to iPod

OGG-to-iPodThe iPod is the most popular brand of portable media players today. But it is limited to few formats only – MP3, AAC, WAV, and AIFF. Since many music tracks are coming in the OGG format today because of the better quality, music lovers with iPods are becoming a little frustrated.

OGG provides far better sound quality. However, there is something that is preventing OGG from becoming very popular – it does not have its own player, so has to rely on others. The iPod is the most popular player, but it does not support OGG. So, music lovers who want OGG files, have to convert OGG to iPod first.

When we say convert OGG to iPod we mean convert ogg files to the format iPod supports. One can convert to MP3 or M4B. If you have music your choice is MP3. If you have an audio book in OGG format then you should convert it to M4B. If you convert an OGG audio book to MP3 you still will be able to transfer it to your iPod, but it will go to Tracks rather than Audio Books section.

CoolUtils offers solutions for both cases. Total Audio Converter is the most user-friendly tool to convert OGG music to iPod. You select the file and press Convert to MP3 button. The wizard of the program guides you though the settings and suggest the best values when you are at a loss.

iPod AudioBook is a perfect solution to convert OGG to iPod. You select the file (or files) and press Make Audio Book button. That’s it! In few minutes you get the new audio book that is ready to be transferred to iPod.

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3 comments May 20th, 2009

MP3 to iPod

mp3-to-iPod Never thought that one day the problem of converting MP3 to iPod will arise. But it did.

Why should one convert mp3 to iPod? Any iPod supports audio files in MP3 format anyway. That’s right for music. But when you come up to audio books the situation is different. You can upload an audio book in mp3 format to your iPod but it will go to the Tracks section not to AudioBooks. The problem is that iPod does not recognize mp3 files as audio books.

Sure we have developed a solution at CoolUtils. New iPod AudioBook converts mp3 files to iPod audio books’ format (mp4). What’s important it’s very user-friendly. Built-in wizard helps the beginners make all the settings. So even a newbie can convert mp3 audio book to the “proper iPod audio book” in few clicks. The interface is similar to other CoolUtils programs, so if you have one you know them all.

iPod AudioBook is available is a trial download (expires in 30 days). Buying the key you unlock the program and convert your audio books without any limitations.

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7 comments May 14th, 2009



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