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Convert Several Files Into One

CombineTIFFsThis is all about combining more than converting. Imagine you have 9 folders with 5 TIFF files in each. You need to combine those TIFF files within folders and get 9 TIFF files as a result. Normally one would combine each folder with some TIFF combining utility. That may take hours if you have 100+ folders with faxes or invoices. CoolUtils offers a far mor convenient solution.

New TIFF Combine automatically combine TIFF files within folders. You just select the 9 folders and get the 9 files:) Great, isn’t it?

Besides, Tiff Combine is smart enough to combine files by common file name. If you combine FAX01.tiff, FAX02.tiff, FAX03.tiff and Com1.tiff, Com2.tiff, Com3.tiff (all in one folder) Tiff Combine will produce 2 combined files: FAX.tiff and COM.tiff.

The same option – combine files – has been implemented into Total CAD Converter and Total Mail Converter as well. So now you may convert files and get them combined in the way you need. All done by CoolUtils programs!

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Convert Excel Sheets into One TXT File

xls to txtWhen you need to convert XLS sheets into a text file you easily find hundreds of solutions. But not all of them are worth your time and money. Let’s leave alone the crap programs that do not convert XLS files properly. Some good programs from serious developers are still limited in options you may need.

For example some excel converters do not allow creating a comma delimited file (with .csv). Others create a new txt file for every xls file. What if I want to convert all my Excel sheets to one TXT file?

Then Total Excel Converter is your choice. It is the most powerful solution with flexible settings. It may convert several xls files into just one combined txt file. You may as well select the text delimiter (none, tab, space, csv). All done in few clicks – see the screenshot.


Total Excel Converter converts any number of XLS files to TXT. When you convert several folders it will keep your file in order preserving the original folder structure. The program is good for both advanced users and beginners thanks to the built-in wizard. All the settings are made step-by-step with lots of hints. Advanced users can convert Excel sheets into txt files via command line.

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5 comments July 20th, 2009

Convert MSG – update for Exchange

ConvertMSG An important update of Total Mail Converter is available. Now it deals with emails from Microsoft Exchange far better. Now you may archive your business correspondence in the most comfortable way.

The old version of Total Mail Converter was designed to convert Outlook emails only. So it gave only the sender’s name in the output if one used Microsoft Exchange. Luckily our customers reported the problem and we have fixed that. Now Total Mail Converter extracts actual sender’s email as well.

The new version of Total Mail Converter can be downloaded here. All registered users get it for free. The new ones may purchase the key here. Use Total Mail Converter to convert MSG to PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, DOC.

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1 comment July 7th, 2009

How To Delete Blank Pages

BlankPDFpages We were sick and tired of blank pages in PDF files. They take too much space and lead to the wrong page count. So about 2 years ago we developed Tiff Pdf Cleaner. This unique tool detects and deletes blank pages from PDF and TIFF files. Today Tiff Pdf Cleaner has become smarter due to a new algorithm used to find blank pages.

When we say blank pages we mean that the page does not contain any sufficient information on it. But from the machine’s point of view it’s a bit different. If there is a dot on the page it is considered to be not blank.

First we implemented Working Area. It allows setting the area of search. In case you know that every PDF page has a footer you may set the working area above it. If the program does not find any info above the footer, the page will be considered to be blank. That was a great option and a life-saver to many of our clients.

Later we gathered more info about detecting blank pages. The experience shows that many customers want to detect a page blank even if there is something on it (few dots or some scratches). So we have created a new option – Tolerance. Now you can set the value you need and always get accurate results. Download the latest version of Tiff Pdf Cleaner to get the advantage of the new algorithm.

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