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How to upload HD Video to the web?

hd video to the webA common situation: you make a home movie about your baby using your HD camera and then want to share this video with your family and friends. You can upload it to YouTube or other sites for free. The problem is that normally HD video files are of very large size. For example, an 8 sec HD video file is about 24 Mb in size. Unbelievable – just eight seconds! Besides, the resolution of HD video is 1920×1080, which is not acceptable for many players.

Until now poor people with HD cameras searched numerous forums to find a solution to this problem. They are advised to re-encode the video file, change the codec or convert to other video format. If you do not want to go into all technical details there is a less complicated solution – Total Movie Converter.

Total Movie Converter has a great option – HD video. All you need is to select the files on your pc and press HD Video button. The rest is done by the program. As a result you get a video file of comparatively good quality, which is about 4 Mb. 20 Mb less! The resolution of the new video is 1280×720 (recommended by YouTube). So you can easily upload it to the web.

resize hd video

Share your HD video with your family and friends! Total Movie Converter is here to help you.

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Print CAD files by segments

cad printerCAD files are often very large, at least larger than A4. But not many offices enjoy professional printers with several plotters. One of our customers didn’t have an A1 plotter but he had to print an A1 .dwg file. So we developed a special feature for him that could be helpful to you as well.

New Total CAD Printer can print CAD drawings by segments in case you do not have an appropriate plotter. Sure it does not work for CAD professionals, but can easily be a nice solution if you deal with cad files seldom. Just to get the look of the file on paper, as one customer explained. So if you have similar need get your copy of Total CAD Printer at a most reasonable price here. If you already purchased your license download the new version from the home page. Don’t uninstall the old version of Total CAD Printer. The new program will automatically get registered.

print cad files by segments

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