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Delete Blank Pages Automatically

folder monitorWe have added a new option to Total Folder Monitor. By your requests, we have implemented Tiff Pdf Cleaner’s functionality into Total Folder Monitor. Now the program can automatically delete blank pages from the files in the predefined folder.

Who needs that? Many people do. If you get scanned documents all day long and many of them contain blank pages you will appreciate this new feature. Now you can set the folder with the files and tell the program to delete blank pages in every new TIFF or PDF file. Total Folder Monitor can start working in 2 cases:

1. The set amount of files is already in the folder
2. The folder’s size exceeds the set size.

delete blank pages

You set both parameters to your particular situation. Total Folder Monitor can be downloaded for free in the trial mode. Alternatively you can buy your license here. Just think how many hours you can save when all blank pages are deleted automatically!

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Convert Emails And Show Time In UTC Format

mail converterTotal Mail Converter converts emails to different formats. Often you do not want to include all the information from the email to the output document. The program allows selecting certain fields that you want to convert. For example, you may select Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, Body, or CC. Now if you check Date the program can automatically show UTC time.

As UTC is the time system created to to avoid confusion about time zones and daylight saving time. For many businesses with branches in different countries it is important to use UTC time. So the new version of Total Mail Converter allows you doing that.

Convert Emails

To get the copy of the Total Movie Converter please follow this link. If you already have a license just install the new version above the old one and it will be automatically registered. New users are welcome to get the key for $49.90 at our e-shop.

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