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Total Image Converter Software

Image Converter: convert JPG, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG, TIFF, RAW file formats

Total Image Converter Download for PC – Best Software by CoolUtils


Total Image Converter converts images to other formats, crops, resizes and rotates them. Convert large TIFFs into small JPEGs, make photos suitable for the web or recover old photos in unsupported formats - Total Image Converter will do everything you need.

  • Supports TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA, and many other image formats;
  • Works incredibly fast with new multi-threading feature;
  • Converts CMYK to RGB;
  • Handy resize and crop options to make your photos smaller;
  • Watermarking: add your comment, logo or date. More unique options..

What we are really proud of is the simplicity of our tool. As Albert Einstein once said everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. That's what we had in mind developing our batch image converter. Get your full copy now - it's $19.90 only! One-time payment. All upgrades are free.

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Total Image Converter Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"I am quite busy with the scanning of some 6000 slides. This will result in 6000 TIFF files of some 100Mb each. I bought Total Image Converter to convert these files to JPG. Thusfar I only used your software 2 times to convert a total of 5000 TIFF files to JPG. Everything went very easy."

4.5 Star Ton van Hasselt | Jet Reports Benelux

"Yes, the product is doing exactly what I needed it for. I have 8 PhotoCDs from Kodak that have my daddy's slides on them and I couldn't get to them because everyone has dropped support for .pcd format including Kodak. I thought the site was very informative. I was a little intimidated by the length of the security code. But when I found that I only needed to cut and paste, it was very easy to make the copy legal."

5 Star Beth

Unique options of Total Image Converter

/image converter
Total Image Converter supports TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, RAW, PNG, BMP, ICO, PSD, TGA, PCX, PCD and many other rare image file types files complete list).

rotate image
Along with conversions you can rotate your images! All is done in batch so you save a lot of your valuable time.

resize cad
With Total Image Converter it's very easy to resize your photos or images.

With Total Image Converter you can specify the color space for your output images.

combine folders
What to combine images within folders? No problem! Our powerful batch image converter can do that too.

frame jpeg
Total Image Converter will also add a frame to your images in batch.

Convert TIFF, JPEG, PSD and many other files in seconds via our clear wizard-mode interface (thumbnails or file lists with details).

/image formats
The widest list of output file types: PDF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, ICO, GIF, PCX, TGA, PXM, PS, PCL! Besides, it supports many rare formats like PALM, PICT, XPM, FIX, etc.

html converter
Total Image Converter supports almost all RAW camera photos (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, X3F, RAW, BAY, ORF, NRW, SRF, MRW).

The built-in Preview panel helps you to view each file full-sized and learn the indo about it.

/image watermark
Add text watermarks to the header or the footer of the output file to prevent unauthorized use.

dxf to pdf
When you convert images to PDF you can set user permissions, password-protect your files or sign them with your digital signature.

Try the Total Image ConverterX SDK to use it on your server (no GUI).

Total Image Converter can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI settings).

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Updated Tue, 11 Jun 2024

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(only $24.90)


Image Converter Preview1
Image Converter Preview2


✅ What is the best image converter software?

The best image converter software is usually a desktop or online program able to display, process, and convert multiple graphic files. Total Image Converter is a powerful multifunctional tool by CoolUtils that supports a wide selection of file formats and allows you to resize, rotate, combine, crop, frame, and convert pictures.

✅ How can I convert any picture?

You are free to process your pictures into 18 different formats with the CoolUtils image converter software, including TIFF, JPEG, RAW, and PNG. The Total Image Converter covers a huge scope of graphic files, so you can process almost any picture.

✅ Can I use this software to convert image on Windows 11?

Yes, you can. CoolUtils image converter software can be installed on devices with various OS, including Windows 2000, 2003, Vista, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 10 and 11.

✅ Can I convert 1,000-plus images with this image file converter tool?

Unlike alternative online and desktop solutions, you are free to process your pictures in batches with CoolUtils. You can work with lists of files, arrange them, add watermarks, and perform group conversion whenever needed. You can also take advantage of the trial period to check out how the software works and familiarize yourself with the interface, functionality, and prices before deciding whether to purchase the full version.

✅ Will this software help me to export images in batches on Windows 10?

Sure. You are welcome to use this image converter software to transfer all your graphic files in batches on Windows 10, or any other OS. If you work with photos and other graphic files, having the Total Image Converter at your hand is convenient and helpful.


Complete list of supported Image conversions

  • TIFF to JPEG
  • TIFF to TIFF
  • TIFF to GIF
  • TIFF to PNG
  • TIFF to BMP
  • TIFF to PS
  • TIFF to PPT
  • TIFF to PDF
  • TGA to JPEG
  • TGA to TIFF
  • TGA to GIF
  • TGA to PNG
  • TGA to BMP
  • TGA to PS
  • TGA to PPT
  • TGA to PDF
  • PCX to JPEG
  • PCX to TIFF
  • PCX to GIF
  • PCX to PNG
  • PCX to BMP
  • PCX to PS
  • PCX to PPT
  • PCX to PDF
  • PCD to JPEG
  • PCD to TIFF
  • PCD to GIF
  • PCD to PNG
  • PCD to BMP
  • PCD to PS
  • PCD to PPT
  • PCD to PDF
  • EMF to JPEG
  • EMF to TIFF
  • EMF to GIF
  • EMF to PNG
  • EMF to BMP
  • EMF to PS
  • EMF to PPT
  • EMF to PDF
  • SR2 to JPEG
  • SR2 to TIFF
  • SR2 to GIF
  • SR2 to PNG
  • SR2 to BMP
  • SR2 to PS
  • SR2 to PPT
  • SR2 to PDF

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Convert files of all image formats: TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, RAW, PNG, BMP, ICO, PSD, TGA, PCX, PCD, GIF, WMF, PXM, NEF, PEF, RAF, NRW
  • Convert images in batches
  • View images directly inside the program
  • Friendy interface: work with lists of files or with their thumbnails
  • Resize, Crop, Rotate and Frame your images
  • Convert images to black and white
  • Apply watemarmark
  • Command line
  • Server version with ActiveX

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    4. Minolta Image Converter
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    8. TGA Converter
    9. DCX Converter
    10. PCX Converter
    11. TIF Converter
    12. PDD Converter
    13. DIB Converter
    14. EMF Converter
    15. WMF Converter
    16. ICO Converter
    17. PSD Converter

    18. Convert RAW to JPEG
    19. Convert CR2 to JPEG
    20. Convert DNG to JPEG
    21. Convert CRW to JPEG
    22. Convert NEF to JPEG
    23. Convert RLE to JPEG
    24. Convert PCD to JPEG
    25. Convert TGA to JPEG
    26. Convert PCX to JPEG
    27. Convert DCX to JPEG
    28. Convert KDC to TIFF
    29. Convert MOS to TIFF
    30. Convert MOS to JPG

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