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  • We've been developing file converters since 2003
  • Our powerful engines convert extra large and complicated files
  • We focus on batch processing with smart auto-settings
  • Windows 2000/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11. GUI and command line.

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Coolutils Software Product List

Convert files to PDF, DOC, TIFF whole folders in one go
Clear interface + command line support
The fastest reply-time to all your inquiries
One-time payment, perpetual license
Smart auto-settings (fit-to-page, renamer, page counter)
Last minute registration
30 days free trial
14-day money back guarantee

14 Benefits You Get With Coolutils Converters

  • Over 1,400 supported file types

    No matter what file types you have, we're always able to come through and convert for you. Outdated formats or new stars that you can't open with regular apps will become usable with our programs. We constantly monitor the software market and when a new file type emerges, we add it to our converters to ensure you don't get stuck with outdated software that can't handle new work. Once a new Word or audio format is introduced we update our converters.

  • The fastest support replies in the industry

    Here at Coolutils, we never make you painfully drudge through a 100-page help file. That's not help, is it? Instead, we offer lightning fast technical support via email, phone, Facebook or Twitter. In fact, most user requests are answered within just 6 hours! We offer advice on what would be the best setting to convert image or audio files to preserve quality or how to add page counters converting PDF files. Just ask us!

  • We've been a helpful online business since 2003

    Not many software companies can boast a 14-year old history. We have been developing file converters for over a decade, which has given us the experience and the right to call ourselves experts in bulk file conversion. Thus, if you have any problems processing extra large PST files or complicated XLS spreadsheets, you can count on us to know how to handle it.

  • 30-day FREE trials

    You pay nothing until you've tested it for a full 30 days! Download and try the program first. That's how confident we are that you will love our product be it a PDF converter, an image converter or an HTML converter. It's such a relief to place the order only after you've tested and made sure it works for your purposes on your files in your environment.

  • Clear interface + command line

    As Albert Einstein once said, everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler. That's how we developed Coolutils tools. All interfaces are very straightforward with lots of helpful hints for beginners. All our apps can be run via command line as well for added convenience.

  • We take user feedback very seriously

    Indeed, the most important thing we do is listen to our users and add options that make their lives simpler. In a few years, each converter becomes what most users actually want it to be, not what the developers think it should be. We are open to any customizations; simply contact us with your ideas. Add a normalization option to the audio converter? Make Mail converter stamp bates? Combine PDF files and create bookmarks? Anything.

  • Last-minute registration

    Bottleneck before the deadline and feeling the stress? Worry no more! Simply select your converter, place an order and get the full version in 5 minutes. We are open 24/7!Start converting your files into the file type you need immediately and meet deadlines with ease.

  • Over 50 payment methods

    We accept all major cards, PayPal, wire transfer, ToditoCash, Webmoney, iDEAL, QIWI, Yandex Money, Giropay, Sofort banking and many other local payment methods. The purchase process is simple and straightforward.

  • Free upgrades for 1 year

    Isn't it frustrating to buy a program only to see a month later a major upgrade is released and you must pay extra to use it. Not too fair, is it? We don't think so either. At Coolutils, we guarantee you every major upgrade released within 1 year from the purchase date for FREE.

  • 14-day money back guarantee

    If you're not satisfied, you get back your hard-earned cash. No questions asked, you get a full refund.

  • One-time payment

    We sell you perpetual licenses, not subscriptions. The license does not expire; you can use it for an entire lifetime. No tricks or strings attached.

  • Flexible licensing

    We offer affordable licenses for home users and generous scalable pricing for commercial users (the more users within one company, the cheaper each seat is). If you need a redistributable royalty-free solution, we offer that too.

  • We're developers, not resellers

    We sell our own code and we stand by it. We know all the ins and outs and are always ready to help you in case you encounter any difficulties.

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"I use the converterX to simply generate pdfs in landscape on the fly. I have tried about 5-6 other products along with yours and found your software to be the best at generate pdfs efficiently, accurately, and most importantly fast."



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You don't have to wait for an answer from the technical support service for ages You will get help in a few hours, faster than from any other company

CoolUtils offers you a helping hand. Contact us anytime by email, facebook, twitter or leave a voice message +1 (855) 418-2323 (remember to spell your name and email address so that we could locate your order). We will come back to you with a solution same day!

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Find answers to frequently asked questions

  • I need to convert the file right now. How soon will I get the access?

    You will get an email with the download link and the registration code right after the order is processed. It normally takes just a few minutes. If you need to convert your files asap, select credit card or PayPal for the fastest order procesing.

  • If I pay for the program will I get upgrades?

    When you buy our apps, you get one year of software maintenance for free. That means that you will get all majow upgrades relased within 12 months from the purchase date without additional charges. Further upgrades are offered with the 70% discount. They are optional; your key does not expire.

    Note that users of Total Audio Converter, Total Image Converter and Total Movie Converter get free life-time upgrades.

  • I like the tool but it doesn't have an option I need. Can you add it so that I do not have to buy several apps?

    Contact us. We are focused on providing our clients with the software they need. We often add customizations to make our programs fit your particualr case. Fill in the form here.

  • Can you offer money-back guarantee?

    We offer you the free trial copies of all the programs so that you make sure the program does what you need. You have the chance to try before you buy. Customers are encouraged to fully evaluate the software prior to purchasing a software license. During the evaluation period technical support is available. It is not possible for us to keep track of installations, un-installations, removing or deleting downloadable software on customers' PCs, and therefore we don't issue refunds to avoid continued use after reimbursement.

    We GUARANTEE that our programs do the things described on the site. I.e., if you read that Total PDF Converter can convert EPS files and you encounter the .eps file that it fails to process, we will issue a refund.

19 years of experience in creating converters More than 5 800 companies among our clients are market leaders in different industries

Welcome friends, to CoolUtils!

For more than 15 years now we have been developing award- winning software designed to make your computing life cooler! Online since 2003, our programs have been polished through rigorous testing and millions of uses.

Here at CoolUtils we take our users' feedback very seriously; we are always looking for new ways to make our products more accessible, flexible, and convenient.

No other conversion program comes close to giving you the options that we do. Our programs speak 13 different languages, we have something available for everyone.

Try our free 30 day trial for any file converter today and see for yourself!

Learn more about our company
  • Logo

    Kulik Michael

    Siemens AG
    Digital Factory Division

    We use the "Total CAD ConverterX" to convert CAD drawings from SIEMENS NX for our website-based application "Shop Floor Integrate". "Shop Floor Integrate" is an application from the suite, called "SINUERMIK Integrate" and allows the management of production resources in CNC production, focused on tool assemblies and tool components.

    By converting drawings and graphics with "Total CAD ConverterX" they are available to every user. "Total CAD ConverterX" was easily integrated into our product and the results with regard to conversion and performance were convincing.

  • Logo

    Kong LA

    Private College Kuala Lumpur

    Total PDF Printer won our hearts

    Each semester we need to print hundreds of Statement of Exam Results for our students. Of this 4-6 pieces of papers belong to the same individual and is to be stapled together. Before we found Total PDF Printer, we spent lots of time with reinforced manpower to help sort out the papers. As the College grows, the time spent doing it could not justify.

    Now we no longer need to worry about that. Total PDF Printer won our hearts in terms of its user-friendliness as well as a feature-pack PDF printer software.

  • Logo

    Christopher McKiel, P. Eng.

    Technical Services Engineer
    Growth & Community Development Services
    City of Saint John

    I'm a Civil Engineer with the City of Saint John in Growth and Community Development Services (Building Inspection, Community Planning and Infrastructure Development). In 2016 we underwent a complete file digitization process. We sent all of our files out for digitization and created a complete digital filing system. With this new process we began sending our emails to be filed to a dedicated filing email address. We had many issues trying to convert the emails and their attachments to a single TIFF with all of the attachments. Some methods we tried for converting emails were very time consuming and others not even possible. We then tried Total Outlook Converter Pro and it is very customizable and easy to use. It's been saving us a lot of time converting our emails and attachments to TIFFs. It's also a great feature that we can choose the compression algorithm before converting.

  • Logo

    Marissa S. Beldock

    Boyd Richards Parker & Colonnelli, P.L.

    I have been able to use TotalExcelConverter and it is great. No issues with ordering or registering. It was relatively easy for me to use since I already use other software by your company (TotalMailConverter).

  • Logo

    Isidro Ferrer

    Thanks for monitoring the use of the program Print Maestro, I bought. I was in contact with your support dep. Mr. Ossama A. that answer perfectly and extraordinary promptly my questions. I am happy with the program and I want congratulate your organization for the relationship with my person.

  • Logo

    Bruce A. Chitiea

    SafeSectors, Inc.

    I find your Total PDF Converter to be excellently conceived and executed. The GUI is very straightforward; controls thoughtfully placed. One does not need a manual to become quickly productive. Performance and quality of results meets or exceeds expectations. Your business pricing is right in the middle of the market, a good place to be. Command line is where I will do most of my work. Once I figured out the parameters, performance was superb."

  • Logo

    Dr. Bernhard Wandernoth

    EEG Info

    We use TotalHTMLConverter in one of our medical software products to generate reports. Our software produces HTML output which is then being converted by means of this tool. We have chosen TotalHTMLConverter by CoolUtils because of ease of use and integration in our product. Our technical questions during the integration process have always been answered quickly and fully satisfactory. The tech support has been wide above what we are used to and we can fully recommend not only this product but also the company.

  • Logo

    Manuel Schlief

    IT Manager

    We are very happy with the Total Mail Converter Pro. We used it to convert around 20 thousand mails to PDF, important for us was it's ability to convert mail attachments into the target PDF. On converting the 20 thousand mail, only around a dozen of them failed because of unreadable attachments. Keep up the good work.

  • Logo

    Dennis Braithwaite

    Sr. Engineer
    Daimler Trucks North America

    Most of the graphics is good enough for review. Overall, Total CAD Converter is very useful for me to share the CGM to PDF conversions internally with my design team.

  • Logo

    Phil Edmunds

    Service Support Engineer

    Total Outlook Converter is a terrific piece of software. It saved our company days worth of work hours that we would have had to spend to move thousands of documents we had stored in Outlook to a network directory. The one thing that could have made it even better would have been if it could open the public folders directly. I had to export the contents of the public folder to a .pst first before converting the emails and attachments to .pdf files.

  • Logo

    Brian Litherland

    Chief Engineer Transportation Design

    It's been very helpful having this software. We have many old .plt files that we have no way of opening any longer without the help of software like this. We mostly use it to convert convert these PLT files to PDF. I find the software very easy to use.

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  • Converts XXX to YYY in batch, any number of files in one go
  • The fastest reply-time to all your inquiries
  • Smart auto-settings (fit-to- page, renamer, page counter)
  • 30 days free trial
  • Clear interface + command line support
  • One-time payment, perpetual license
  • Last minute registration
  • 14-day money back guarantee