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Free online converters: audio tracks, images, videos, PDF, Word, XLS, XML, AutoCAD, HTML, PowerPoint files, eBook files and emails (MSG, EML). Online PDF splitter, Tiff splitter, PDF combine and TIFF combine are also free.

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Here at CoolUtils, we understand that the digital world is not one-size-fits all. Therefore, we specialize in the development of conversion tools that help you take whatever file format you are handed and convert it into the format you need.

Online since 2003, our programs have been polished through rigorous testing and millions of uses. Here at CoolUtils we take our users' feedback very seriously; we are always looking for new ways to make our products more accessible, flexible, and convenient.

No other conversion program comes close to giving you the options that we do. Our programs speak 13 different languages, we have something available for everyone. Try our free 30 day trial for any file converter today and see for yourself!

Latest News

20 Jul

New Total PDF Printer Pro 4.0 is live.

19 Jun

All Coolutils converters now have improved support of right to left languages (Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew).

16 Jun

The major upgrade of PDF Combine Pro with a new List option.

5 Jun

New Total CAD Converter now supporst extra large DXF files.

16 Mar

New free Coolutils OLM Viewer has been released. View OLM files without Mac!

10 Mar

New PDF Combine Pro got 'Back to Contents' option.

27 Nov

Total Doc Converter now can protect output PDF files from being copied or printed.

17 Nov

Tiff Pdf Cleaner can add a part of the filename as a footer in the resulting PDF.

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CoolUtils offers you a helping hand. Contact us anytime by email, facebook, twitter or leave a voice message (remember to spell your name and email address so that we could locate your order). We will come back to you with a solution same day!


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How To Convert HTML Files Server-Side

A huge percentage of companies, organizations and businesses have adopted the use of PDF as the standard publishing format in the last decade. If you have not yet established one for your business, then you are missing out something great. Perhaps, turning your documents into PDF, JPG, RTF, TXTW, DOCs and XLS and much more makes them smaller, portable and easy to use. Additionally, they become more versatile and suitable for use in most of your business presentations. Finding a good multi-purpose HTML converter that works for both your online users and other client-based server applications is the best move you can take. Total HTML Converter X is a powerful server HTML converter that is both adaptable and easy to use. read more

Latest News

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