How to Quickly Convert PDF to CAD

If you are an architect, engineer or construction developer, you may receive drawings from clients and other professionals in PDF format that you need to convert to CAD. Is this possible? Not only is it possible, but it’s inexpensive, efficient, and easy to do with the right PDF to CAD converter.

Total PDF to DXF Converter converts PDF files of CAD drawings to DXF, CGM, SVG, or HPGL formats (Total PDF to DXF Converter does not convert PDF to DWG files). Using the program is easy and you can convert one or multiple PDF files with high-quality output as a result.

Total PDF to DXF Converter is easy to use for beginners and you don’t need any experience with AutoCAD or CAD files to convert PDF to DXF or other CAD formats. There are also additional helpful features that make the conversion process easy and convenient.

Converting PDF files to CAD Formats

Not only can you convert PDF file formats of CAD, but you can also convert several formats, including DXF, CGM, SVG, or HPGL.

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Drawing Interchange Format (DXF) files is a CAD file format that enables data interoperability with CAD and other programs. Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) files are an open 2D vector file format. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a vector format (XML-based) supporting two-dimensional graphics.

HP Graphics Language (HPGL) files sends printing instructions to plotters for printing jobs. Total PDF to DXF Converter can convert PDF files to HPGL to enable you to print a large drawing to a plotter printer.

Converting Multiple PDF files to CAD Formats

Converting multiple PDF files to CAD is easy to do with Total PDF to DXF Converter. All you need to do is open Total PDF to DXF Converter and navigate to the folder that contains the PDF files you wish to convert. Using the program, you can click “Check All” at the bottom of the screen to select one or more files to convert.

pdf to cad

Once you select the files you want to convert, simply click the file type and the Converter splash screen will appear to walk you through the conversion process.

Keeping Your Converted Files Organized

You can easily organize your files by selecting the “Copy original timestamps” checkbox. When you convert your PDF to CAD, it will also keep the original date/time of your original file.

pdf to cad

You can check “Keep folder structure” to keep your converted files in their original folders. Click “Use source folder” to keep your converted PDF files in their original folders. This helps you to keep all your files neatly organized for easy retrieval later.

pdf to dxf

Splitting One File Into Multiple Files

If you receive a PDF of a CAD file that has several pages and you want them converted and saved into separate DXF files, you can easily do this during the conversion process. Simply create a page template with the name and page number. The PRO version allows you to capture part of a page and convert it as its own file.

pdf to dxf

Converting PDF to CAD is easy, convenient and cost-effective with Total PDF to DXF Converter. You can convert PDF to several graphic drawing file types and organize the files by filename and folders so you can find them easily after conversion.

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