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An MP3 converter is a piece of software that takes your audio files that may not be in MP3 format and converts them to MP3.

An MP3 converter is a piece of software that takes your audio files that may not be in MP3 format and converts them to MP3. There are a lot of reasons someone may need this but, these days, one of the big reasons is to allow people to download the music CDs they own to their portable MP3 player. There are many different file formats for audio files but for people looking to download their music to their MP3 player the most popular conversion is from WMA (windows audio) to MP3. Most of the good MP3 converters out there can make this conversion and for some of the less expensive ones this is the only conversion they do. Many manufacturers offer you a free trial prior to purchasing so you get a chance to test out their software prior to buying it. That being said here is a list of 5 MP3 converters that you should really consider when you are in the market for an MP3 converter.

But first a little word of warning. MP3 files, and MP3 converting, is extremely popular right now. While that does tend to open up the market to an array of different products for you to choose from, it also attracts the less desirable people as well. The kind of people that would just as soon give your computer a virus than a good MP3 converter. That being said I am going to suggest that you do not deal with what is advertised as free MP3 converters. Most of these products offer a free trial and that should be more than enough for you to convert some files and find the software you like. But a free MP3 converter is an invitation for a devious person to get a dangerous, and destructive virus, on to your computer. That isn’t to say that an MP3 converter you pay for couldn’t also cause you problems, but a company that is taking your money from their own website is a little less likely to destroy your computer than an anonymous company offering you something for free.

Audio Conversion Studio. This is an extremely easy to use piece of software that covers a fairly broad range of audio file types. It also comes with a CD ripper which helps to combine the act of ripping your CD to get the music off it and then converting to MP3. This software makes the entire process very easy.

Smart Audio Converter. This one has a little easier to understand user interface and a more windows-type look to it. This one is very easy to use and also comes with a CD ripping function as well. This one is a little frustrating to test out because the trial version only coverts 60% of the source file which leaves almost half of your song not converted. It’s nice to see the speed, and range of compatibility, on this one but you pretty much have to buy it if you really want to use it.

MP3 WAV Converter 3.6. This one deals only in WAV to MP3 and vice versa. It is extremely fast and comes with a very neat looking user interface. If you are only looking to convert WAV files to MP3 then this software is definitely powerful enough to do the job and it does have compatibility with a broad range of Windows operating systems. You pay for the speed and power on this one though as it is a little pricey for a converter with a limited scope.

Blaze Media Pro. I have used this software often and this is probably one of the most powerful, fast, and versatile MP3 converters out there. The range of audio file types that this software can deal with, along with its long list of audio and video editing functions as well as the CD ripping and burning functions, make this software well worth the price tag.

Total Audio Converter. This is a very reliable program that can deal with a very wide range of audio file types and also offers a built in MP3 player as well. Total Audio Converter offers a little more interaction with your existing files and that really makes it easy to find the files you want to convert. All in all this is probably the more user friendly of the software being mentioned here.

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  1. Awesome, for the program to convert mp3, I like the Total Audio Converter most, but just like Cloyd said, there are some online ways to convert mp3 onlinle, so far I knew Mp3 Grabber and Vidtomp3 work well.

  2. Nice! I’m using MP3 WAV Converter 3.6,but you may also convert your audio files online at its pretty cool! its convert audio online,you don’t need to download any audio converter tools to convert mp3 to wav or any kind of file format another thing is you can stream your uploaded audio files in an online playlist

  3. Thanks buddy,been a bit of a minefield trying to get the right advice on mp3 convertors.Thanks to you I might not miss my deadline….

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