Rotate Multi-Page TIFF files

NO surprise TIFF files are often multi-page. When you have to convert them to other image formats or rotate you expect the output be also multi-page. Bust most programs do not support multi-page TIFFs. They produce rotated files but 10 one-page TIFFs instead of 1 ten-page file. That’s very frustrating!

To work with multipage TIFF files one should use reliable software. Total Image Converter rotates muti-page TIFF in a proper way. The output is also multi-page. Besides, it can crop TIFF files and convert them to almost all possible graphic formats. Batch processing is available – that can noticeably save your time. Total Image Converter has user-friendly interface – it does not require any special knowledge. Advanced users can handle it via command line.

To get the advantage of working with indeed good software download your free trial copy here.

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