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Getting Excel-based content into Word format can be a struggle at the best of times and if you are faced with a mountain of data to process the task can quickly become extremely problematic. It is a common conversion requirement in companies around the world though and one that cries out for the power of a programmatic solution.

Our Total Excel Converter X software is the perfect tool to tackle this and many other tasks. In contrast to Total Excel Converter - the desktop version of the software - this version is a server XLSX DOC converter which can be run over a network or even integrated into your own web-based applications via its support for ActiveX.

The advantages of having a server based XLSX converter are numerous and the software comes packed full of power features designed specifically to handle DOC content:

  • Take advantage of the option to convert every page to a new file.
  • Use the powerful built-in renamer to add counters or worksheet names to your file names.
  • Add logos or barcodes to the header or footer of pages.
  • Use the built-in fit-to-page option to avoid tedious manual post-conversion processing.

Total Excel Converter X handles a huge range of input and output formats. Pretty much any requirement you might have across the Excel and OpenOffice suites will be supported as an input file. You can also work directly with SQL and XML files. In addition to DOC conversion, the software also supports output to PDF.

In addition to ActiveX support, the software can also be called directly from the command line, a very handy option for quick tasks. The ability to convert XLSX to DOC via command line with just a few simple keystrokes is an enormous timesaver and you can fly through tasks without having to step through a GUI.

Over ten years of continuous development and extensive user testing have gone into making Total Excel Converter X the most advanced Excel conversion solution on the market. The software's affordable one-time license fee is trivial compared to either competing solutions or the cost of developing similar functionality yourself.

We are confident the software will be a perfect solution for your conversion needs and encourage you to try it for yourself by downloading our fully functional 30-day trial today!

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