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Total Excel Converter Offline

Download our tool and convert XLS, XLSX, ODS, XML spreadsheets in batch offline

Total Excel Converter Software - Download Free 📰


Total Excel Converter is the perfect choice to convert any type of table. Supported input formats include Excel and Excel 2007, XLSM, XLT, XLTM as well as OpenOffice formats ODS, XML, SQL, WK2, WKS, WAB, DBF, TEX, and DIF. The list of target formats is even more extensive: convert your tabled files into DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, Access, TXT, ODT, ODS, XML, SQL, CSV, Lotus, DBF, TEX, DIFF, SYLK, and LaTeX. Download excel converter and convert XLS, XLSX, ODS, XML spreadsheets in batch offline

Total Excel Converter strictly preserves document layout; you'll get an exact copy of the source file but in a new format. In addition, we've included a number of handy options:

  • With Total Excel Converter, you can convert each sheet into a new file.
  • Convert Excel to PDF and set user permissions. This will protect your PDF files from being modified or copied.
  • Total Excel Converter can easily convert OpenOffice ODS files to Microsoft XLS documents; making it so that spread sheets produced by different programs are compatible with your viewer. More unique options..

Whether you're a beginner or advanced user, our transparent interface provides the perfect blend of usability and functionality. Full command line support is also available. Here is a server version without any GUI or interrupting messages. Experience the time-saving benefits of the Total Excel Converter by downloading our one month trial version today for free!

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Unique options of Total Excel Converter

excel converter
Total Excel Converter supports almost all Excel extensions: XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB, XLT, XLTM, XLTX, XLK, XLW. When the new Office is released, we will add new file types too.

With our Excel Converter you can convert Excel to PDF and add a digital signature in one go.

Using our Excel conversion tool, you can convert each page of your spreadsheet into a separate file.

time stamps
Our XSLX converter can copy the original time stamps if you don't want to change the date.

Have an outdated Microsoft Office 2003? Update all your old files to the new format in one go. Use our XLS to XLSX converter offline for batch processing.

xml 2003
Through CoolUtils' Excel converter app, you can also convert Excel 2003 XML Files (rare option!)

rename xls
Our converter has a built-in renamer to give your files new descriptive names. Include a counter, a date or worksheet name into the file name and your files will be in perfect order.

Convert Excel spread sheets via our most straightforward interface.

excel formats
The widest list of output file types: DOC, PDF, HTML, MHT, XHTML, CSV, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, SVG, RTF, XML, XLS, XLSX, ODS, ODT, Lotus, DIFF, SYLK, LATEX, SQL, DBF, Access!

xls converter
Total Excel Converter can combine several Excel spread sheets into one TIFF or PDF file.

preview xls
Want to quickly find a file? Total Excel Converter helps you to preview any document you select.

Add your logo or any other image to the header or the footer of the output file.

Want more order? Add page counters or a date to every page of the output files. Sequential numbering of several folders is avaialble.

Total Excel Converter from Coolutils will accurately convert XLS files with charts.

excel to pdf
When you convert Excel to PDF you can set user permissions, password-protect your files or sign with a digital signature. Get PDF, PDF/A and non-searchable PDFs.

command line
Total Excel Converter can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI).

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Updated Mon, 15 Jul 2024

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(only $49.90)


How To Convert Excel Files

Figuring out how to convert Excel spreadsheets into other formats can be daunting. But with the help of CoolUtils' Total Excel Converter, the conversion process becomes quick and easy. Our tool has many advanced features to ensure your files are converted to your preferred format within seconds.

Experience any issues or need some more info? Our support team is always ready to help and answer your questions via phone, email, or social media.

How to Download and Install Our Tool

Our software is easy to install. Get the trial version to test it for free - you will get 30 days of unlimited conversion. CoolUtils offers a flexible range of lifetime licenses for personal or commercial use. Here is how to get started.

  • Click on the 'Download Now!' button under the product description to download Excel Converter.

    Download Now!

    (includes 30 day FREE trial)

    Buy License

    (only $49.90)

  • Double-click on the installation file to start the wizard. It will guide you through all the necessary steps. Choose the language, set the destination and the shortcut location, and click 'Install'. You will be ready to convert Excel files in seconds!

Total Excel Converter

How to Use Coolutils Offline XLSX Converter

Our Excel converter software is quick and easy to use - just select the spreadsheet files, set the parameters, and launch the transformation. After downloading Total Excel Converter and installing it, there are just a few steps to take:

1. Launch the offline converter, open the folder containing the files, and check the boxes next to the items you want to convert.

Total Excel Converter

2. Click on the 'PDF' button at the top to open up the wizard.

Total Excel Converter

3. Change the look of the documents and other settings as you like.

Total Excel Converter

4. Click on the 'Start' button to launch conversion! Upon completion, you can find the PDF file with your spreadsheets in its designated destination.


Excel Converter Preview1
Excel Converter Preview2
Excel Converter Preview3

Our Advanced Excel Converter Includes:

If you want to convert XLS to XLSX and other viable formats, our advanced XLS converter can help you do this right out of the box:

  • XLSX Converter: Our advanced Excel converter tool supports the conversion of zipped XLSX files to XLS, PDF, XPS, TXT, and more without a loss of any data.
  • DB Converter: Convert DB files with our advanced DB converter to over 100 formats that are more portable and widely accessible.
  • XLS Converter: Transform XLS files to easy-to-access formats in seconds. Simply download our XSLX converter, select the XLS files, and choose the preferred conversion format and destination folder.
  • DBF Converter: Whenever you need to export data from your DBF files, our DBF converter tool can easily and quickly transform these files into several formats, including graphics and text. Additionally, it supports batch conversion of multiple DBF files simultaneously.
  • ODS Converter: Only a handful of software options can read ODS files from OpenOffice. But our Excel Converter can easily convert ODS to many other formats that are widely recognized.
  • WAB Converter: Looking to convert your WAB address book to other formats? Our XSLX converter tool gives you this function conveniently.
  • PXL Converter: Convert PXL files, created by Pocket EXCEL, into any format.
  • XLSM Converter: If you want to export your VBA code or XML data, convert XLSM to the standard Excel format or any other file format, with our in-built XLSM converter tool.
  • WK1 Converter: Take those old Lotus WK1 file formats and convert them into the standard Excel format using our WK1 converter. You can batch convert such files into TIFF, JPEG, XLSX, DOC, PDF, CSV, ODS, etc. In just one click, your WK1 files will be converted into your preferred format using our powerful Excel converter app.
  • XLTX Converter: If you want to transform those XLTX files to XLSX or other viable file formats, our excel converter tool features an innovative XLTX converter tool that can handle such tasks in minutes. Don't struggle with XLTX compatibility issues by quickly converting such files into a more acceptable file format like PDF.

Complete list of supported Excel conversions

  • ODS to PDF
  • ODS to DOC
  • ODS to XLSX
  • ODS to ODS
  • ODS to CSV
  • ODS to RTF
  • ODS to HTML
  • ODS to MHT
  • ODS to XHTML
  • ODS to JPEG
  • ODS to TIFF
  • ODS to TXT
  • ODS to Text
  • ODS to SQL
  • ODS to XML
  • ODS to DBF
  • ODS to PCL
  • ODS to SVG
  • ODS to Access
  • ODS to JSON
  • ODS to XPS
  • XLS to PDF
  • XLS to DOC
  • XLS to XLSX
  • XLS to ODS
  • XLS to CSV
  • XLS to RTF
  • XLS to HTML
  • XLS to MHT
  • XLS to XHTML
  • XLS to JPEG
  • XLS to TIFF
  • XLS to TXT
  • XLS to Text
  • XLS to SQL
  • XLS to XML
  • XLS to DBF
  • XLS to PCL
  • XLS to SVG
  • XLS to Access
  • XLS to JSON
  • XLS to XPS
  • XLSM to PDF
  • XLSM to DOC
  • XLSM to XLSX
  • XLSM to ODS
  • XLSM to CSV
  • XLSM to RTF
  • XLSM to HTML
  • XLSM to MHT
  • XLSM to JPEG
  • XLSM to TIFF
  • XLSM to TXT
  • XLSM to Text
  • XLSM to SQL
  • XLSM to XML
  • XLSM to DBF
  • XLSM to PCL
  • XLSM to SVG
  • XLSM to Access
  • XLSM to JSON
  • XLSM to XPS
  • XLT to PDF
  • XLT to DOC
  • XLT to XLSX
  • XLT to ODS
  • XLT to CSV
  • XLT to RTF
  • XLT to HTML
  • XLT to MHT
  • XLT to XHTML
  • XLT to JPEG
  • XLT to TIFF
  • XLT to TXT
  • XLT to Text
  • XLT to SQL
  • XLT to XML
  • XLT to DBF
  • XLT to PCL
  • XLT to SVG
  • XLT to Access
  • XLT to JSON
  • XLT to XPS
  • XLTX to PDF
  • XLTX to DOC
  • XLTX to XLSX
  • XLTX to ODS
  • XLTX to CSV
  • XLTX to RTF
  • XLTX to HTML
  • XLTX to MHT
  • XLTX to JPEG
  • XLTX to TIFF
  • XLTX to TXT
  • XLTX to Text
  • XLTX to SQL
  • XLTX to XML
  • XLTX to DBF
  • XLTX to PCL
  • XLTX to SVG
  • XLTX to Access
  • XLTX to JSON
  • XLTX to XPS
  • PXL to PDF
  • PXL to DOC
  • PXL to XLSX
  • PXL to ODS
  • PXL to CSV
  • PXL to RTF
  • PXL to HTML
  • PXL to MHT
  • PXL to XHTML
  • PXL to JPEG
  • PXL to TIFF
  • PXL to TXT
  • PXL to Text
  • PXL to SQL
  • PXL to XML
  • PXL to DBF
  • PXL to PCL
  • PXL to SVG
  • PXL to Access
  • PXL to JSON
  • PXL to XPS
  • WAB to PDF
  • WAB to DOC
  • WAB to XLSX
  • WAB to ODS
  • WAB to CSV
  • WAB to RTF
  • WAB to HTML
  • WAB to MHT
  • WAB to XHTML
  • WAB to JPEG
  • WAB to TIFF
  • WAB to TXT
  • WAB to Text
  • WAB to SQL
  • WAB to XML
  • WAB to DBF
  • WAB to PCL
  • WAB to SVG
  • WAB to Access
  • WAB to JSON
  • WAB to XPS
  • WK1 to PDF
  • WK1 to DOC
  • WK1 to XLSX
  • WK1 to ODS
  • WK1 to CSV
  • WK1 to RTF
  • WK1 to HTML
  • WK1 to MHT
  • WK1 to XHTML
  • WK1 to JPEG
  • WK1 to TIFF
  • WK1 to TXT
  • WK1 to Text
  • WK1 to SQL
  • WK1 to XML
  • WK1 to DBF
  • WK1 to PCL
  • WK1 to SVG
  • WK1 to Access
  • WK1 to JSON
  • WK1 to XPS
  • WQ1 to PDF
  • WQ1 to DOC
  • WQ1 to XLSX
  • WQ1 to ODS
  • WQ1 to CSV
  • WQ1 to RTF
  • WQ1 to HTML
  • WQ1 to MHT
  • WQ1 to XHTML
  • WQ1 to JPEG
  • WQ1 to TIFF
  • WQ1 to TXT
  • WQ1 to Text
  • WQ1 to SQL
  • WQ1 to XML
  • WQ1 to DBF
  • WQ1 to PCL
  • WQ1 to SVG
  • WQ1 to Access
  • WQ1 to JSON
  • WQ1 to XPS
  • ADT to PDF
  • ADT to DOC
  • ADT to XLSX
  • ADT to ODS
  • ADT to CSV
  • ADT to RTF
  • ADT to HTML
  • ADT to MHT
  • ADT to XHTML
  • ADT to JPEG
  • ADT to TIFF
  • ADT to TXT
  • ADT to Text
  • ADT to SQL
  • ADT to XML
  • ADT to DBF
  • ADT to PCL
  • ADT to SVG
  • ADT to Access
  • ADT to JSON
  • ADT to XPS
  • DB to PDF
  • DB to DOC
  • DB to XLSX
  • DB to ODS
  • DB to CSV
  • DB to RTF
  • DB to HTML
  • DB to MHT
  • DB to XHTML
  • DB to JPEG
  • DB to TIFF
  • DB to TXT
  • DB to Text
  • DB to SQL
  • DB to XML
  • DB to DBF
  • DB to PCL
  • DB to SVG
  • DB to Access
  • DB to JSON
  • DB to XPS
  • DBF to PDF
  • DBF to DOC
  • DBF to XLSX
  • DBF to ODS
  • DBF to CSV
  • DBF to RTF
  • DBF to HTML
  • DBF to MHT
  • DBF to XHTML
  • DBF to JPEG
  • DBF to TIFF
  • DBF to TXT
  • DBF to Text
  • DBF to SQL
  • DBF to XML
  • DBF to DBF
  • DBF to PCL
  • DBF to SVG
  • DBF to Access
  • DBF to JSON
  • DBF to XPS

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Source formats: XLS, XLSX, CSV, TSV, XLSM, XLSB, XLT, XLTM, XLTX, XLK, XLW, OTS, PXL, QPW, WB2, WB1, WQ2, WQ1, SDC, VOR, DBF, SLK, UOS, UOF, WK1, WK2, WK3, WK4, WKS, WAB, DIF, ET, Clarion, DBISAM, Advantage.
  • Export hidden sheets
  • Converts XLS with charts
  • Can sign PDF files
  • Supports Excel 2019 files
  • Offers Fit-to-page option
  • Has built-in renamer
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Command line support
  • ActiveX and Server version
  • Make it part of your program under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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