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Total Doc Converter

Convert Doc or RTF to PDF, HTML, XLS, Image and Text easily

Total Doc Converter: Your Professional Document Conversion Solution📰


doc ocnverterTotal Doc Converter is a professional solution for converting documents: (Word, Doc, DocX, DocM, RTF, RVF, or TXT files) into PDF, DOCX, XLS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, XHTML, RTF, DOC, TXT in batch. Featuring an intuitive interface design, new users will find that it's easy to set-up and run conversion projects. For advanced users, the Total Doc Converter can be run via command line as well.

Total Doc Converter strictly preserves document layout; you'll get an exact copy of the source file in a new format! In addition, robust, optional features help to achieve the perfect results. For example:

  • Combine multiple source DOC files into a single multi-page PDF or TIFF file.
  • Users can encrypt the final PDF file in order to protect it from being copied or modified.
  • Total Doc Converter preserves original document properties (author, creator, key words, subject, title, etc.) when you convert DOC to PDF. More unique options..

Total Doc Converter is able to process any number of docs in a single pass, while maintaining folder structure to avoid confusion. Download the most powerful batch DOC converter for free today! Note a 64-bit version is available upon request. Here is a server version with ActiveX.

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Total Doc Converter Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"We've been using the TotalDocConverter for a few years and just purchased the upgrade to X. It has been working very well for us and we are very satisfied with the product. We use it to convert our documents to PDF format. I will need to look through the documentation to see if there is anything else we could utilize it for."

4.5 Star Todd Braley IT Manager, DRI Title

"I tried a couple of MS Word converters before I downloaded and tested your product. And I have to say, that it works perfectly. I converted about 300000 Word documents without any error. The resulting PDF documents look good and are reasonably small. This is a great product!"

5 Star Klaus Droeder MAC Software Design, www.msdesign.de

Unique options of Total Doc Converter

doc to pdf
Total Doc Converter converts Doc to PDF and allows you to add a digital signature to the final document.

combine doc
Convert and combine several documents into one multi-page file (PDF, DOC, TIFF or a very long TXT file). All done in one go!

time stamps
Total Doc Converter can convert Word 2010 to Word 2003 if you need a file compatible with older Microsoft Word.

Have an outdated Microsoft Office 2003? Update all your old files to the new document file format in one go. Convert Doc files to DocX with our Total Doc Converter.

Total Doc Converter allows setting your default font for text files.

print doc
Total Doc Converter can print out, fax to send to OneNote any file you select. It will also create detailed reports on your Doc files in PDF, XLS, CSV, TXT formats. It's the easiest way to learn how many files you have and their parameters.

Total Doc Converter has a clear, easy-to-follow interface. You won't get lost in settings!

doc formats
The widest list of supported file types: convert Word, Doc, DocX, DocM, RTF, RVF, or TXT files to RTF, DOCX, XLS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, XHTML, PDF, TXT in a batch mode. It's a powerful all-in-one doc converter!

doc converter
Total Doc Converter supports several types of compression for TIFF. If you are at a loss the program will automatically choose the best value.

preview doc
Every document is displayed in Preview panel. You can zoom it or view the document full-sized. Use preview option to quickly find a file.

Add your logo or any other image to the header or the footer of the output file.

Do you want more order? Total Doc Converter will add page counters or a date to every page of the output files. The app is great for stamping legal bates too!

time stamps
Total Doc Converter can copy original time stamps if you want to keep them.

doc to pdf
Total Doc Converter offers a lot of additional settings for Doc to PDF conversions. Set user permissions, password-protect your files or sign with a digital signature. Get PDF, PDF/A and non-searchable PDFs.

command line
Total Doc Converter can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI).

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Updated Thu, 13 Jun 2024

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Total Doc Converter Review

"I use TotalDocConverter to save Doc files with LZW compression. I usually built multichart figures with more than 20 MB which are not accepted by the papers editor. I found this program very usefull."
5 Star Agnieszka Szuster-Ciesielska

"I faced no problem to place the order or even register the program. The main point is that after installation and registration, I ran the program once to make sure it is running OK and since then I have never used it yet. Because of its title Doc Converter I was sure I am going to use it some day that's why I bought it."
5 Star Joseph Cohen

Experience Seamless Document Conversion with Total Doc Converter

Document conversion is all about changing a document's format to a more compatible format based on the desired end use. It's useful in many situations, including:
  • Maintaining compatibility with older or newer app versions;
  • Sharing document files across different software or operating systems, for instance, from Microsoft Word to Apple Pages or Google Docs;
  • Preserving document integrity and preventing unauthorized changes by adding passwords and encryption to PDFs.

Support a wide range of similar formats;

  • For seamless and error-free conversion, you need reliable and up-to-date document conversion software. The right document converter software should:
  • Preserve the original layout, formatting, and document quality;
  • Perform batch conversion quickly and accurately;
  • Save time with quick edits like inserting headers and footers.

The Ultimate Document Conversion Solution

If you're browsing the web for an efficient and fully-featured doc file converter, give our Converter a try. This professional solution can handle RTF, DocX, RVF, Word, TXT, Doc, or DocM files and convert them to DOCX, XLS, RTF, TXT, DOC, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, and XHTML in batch. With the file converter to doc, you can also combine multiple documents into one multi-page file or add a digital signature to the final PDF document.

Key Features and Capabilities of Document Converter

You can look forward to the following features when you use the Total Converter on the Windows operating system:

Pages to Doc Converter:

With the help of a DOC files converter, you can convert and compile multiple pages or documents into a single multi-page DOC file when creating reports, presentations, or e-books from various sources. It supports conversions from and to Apple's Page format, a popular word processor for Mac users.

Convert to Doc

Our document converting software offers a remarkable feature: the capability to seamlessly convert popular text and image formats to DOC format, including DocX, DocM, RTF, RVF, TXT, PDF, XLS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, and XHTML.

Document Converter Software

You'll get the ultimate solution as you can easily convert to Doc, combine multiple files in batch mode, customize the output settings, add encryption, and preserve the original layout and quality.

MS Word Doc File Converter

Our Word document converter solution doubles as an efficient MS Word DOC converter, as it supports Word 2010 to Word 2003 conversion and vice versa. You can seamlessly convert from DOC to DoCX to DocM.


What is DOC conversion?

It entails the process of transforming a document from one format to another, such as Word to PDF or HTML to Markdown.

What is a DOC converter?

Document conversion software is a tool that enables users to convert documents from or to the DOC format, which Microsoft Word frequently uses.

Complete list of supported Doc conversions

  • Doc to PDF
  • Doc to HTML
  • Doc to XHTML
  • Doc to XLS
  • Doc to JPEG
  • Doc to PNG
  • Doc to TIFF
  • Doc to RTF
  • Doc to DocX
  • Doc to Text
  • Doc to TXT
  • Doc to Unicode
  • Doc to Exe
  • Doc to XPS
  • Doc to Mail
  • Doc to PCL
  • DocM to PDF
  • DocM to HTML
  • DocM to XHTML
  • DocM to XLS
  • DocM to JPEG
  • DocM to PNG
  • DocM to TIFF
  • DocM to RTF
  • DocM to DocX
  • DocM to Text
  • DocM to TXT
  • DocM to Unicode
  • DocM to Exe
  • DocM to XPS
  • DocM to Mail
  • DocM to PCL
  • TXT Converter
  • TXT to PDF
  • TXT to HTML
  • TXT to XHTML
  • TXT to XLS
  • TXT to JPEG
  • TXT to PNG
  • TXT to TIFF
  • TXT to RTF
  • TXT to DocX
  • TXT to Text
  • TXT to TXT
  • TXT to Unicode
  • TXT to Exe
  • TXT to XPS
  • TXT to Mail
  • TXT to PCL

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • A set of converters in one (doc to pdf, doc to html, doc to xls, doc to jpg, doc to tiff, doc to txt, etc.)
  • DocX (Word 2007) to PDF, DOC, Excel, HTML, JPEG, TIFF, RTF, Text
  • TXT to PDF, Excel, HTML, JPEG, TIFF, RTF, Text
  • Command line support
  • Can sign output PDF files
  • Can add page counters, dates, watermarks, QR codes
  • Converts Word 2010 to Word 2003
  • Converts Word 2003 to Word 2010
  • Batch conversion
  • Smart default settings for each file type
  • Transparent interface
  • ActiveX and Server version
  • Can be part of your app under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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