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PDF Combine

Merge & Combine PDFs in a few clicks!

PDF Combiner Software - Top-notch PDF Merger by CoolUtils


To combine PDF, or PDF merging, is the process of joining multiple PDF files into one. This can be useful for organizing, sharing, or printing documents. CoolUtils PDF Combiner is software that allows you to merge PDFs offline without uploading your files to any third-party servers. Our PDF merger tool allows you to:

  • Combine PDF files into one document
  • Append PDF files
  • Add a clickable Table of Contents
  • Use the PDF merger software to add a cover page
  • Delete blank pages from scanned files
  • Insert blank pages for double-sided printing.
  • The Pro version combines PDF, Word, XLS, TIFF, JPEG files into one PDF.
Enjoy our PDF merger for PC for the next 30 days!


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Why download our PDF Combine

pdf combine
Coolutils' PDF Combine merges PDFs offline flexibly, handling large and complex files with ease

by folders
Combine PDFs by Folders with our software, producing multi-page PDFs from numerous folders in one go, regardless of quantity

combine pdf
Merge PDFs by Common Name Parts, like combining ReportMay.pdf, ReportApril.pdf, ReportJune.pdf into Report.pdf. PDF Combine analyzes full names or specific character ranges

Page Counters can be added to every page of the combined file

combine folders
Rearrange the Files you wish to combine easily by just dragging and dropping them up or down

frame jpeg
For E-discovery, PDF Combiner stamps Bates numbers on each page, allowing customization of digit count, prefixes, and suffixes

frame jpeg
Digital Signature can be added to newly merged PDF files

Combine PDFs with bookmarks to create a clickable Table of Contents from file names, document titles, or custom text; the tool also supports command line operations
pdf bookmark
Text Watermarks can be added to the header or footer of merged files in the output PDF to prevent unauthorized use, including copyright information, company name, or QR codes

/image watermark
For Duplex Printer users, PDF Combiner ensures seamless double-sided printing by adding a blank page to PDFs with an odd number of pages, avoiding backside overlap with the next file

print duplex
Encrypt the resulting merged file with a password or set user permissions

Custom Cover Page feature is included, ideal for e-books, reports, presentations. Use a custom page or the first page of the first document from the list

dxf to pdf
The special server PDF Combine SDK runs silently on your server without any popup messages

combine pdf cover page
Our powerful program can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line BAT file from GUI settings).

The special server PDF Combine SDK runs silently on your server without any popup messages.

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Updated Mon, 20 May 2024

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(only $59.90)


How to Merge PDF Files with Our Offline Software

  1. Download and install PDF Combine. The free evaluation copy is valid for 30 days, which is enough for you to test.
    PDF Combine Setup
  2. Select the folder with the PDF pages in the left folder tree, or drag-and-drop files.
    PDF Combine Main
  3. Check the multiple files that you want to combine in the middle panel.
    PDF Combine Select
  4. Select PDF files and drag them in place to reorder them.
    PDF Combine Order
  5. Press the Combine to PDF button.
    PDF Combine Dest

    The wizard provides various options to vary the appearance and security settings of the final document. Some options are necessary (i.e., setting the destination folder), but others are optional (the option to rotate PDF pages).
    PDF Combine Protect Click through each step to make sure you are not missing anything.

  6. Press Start to initiate the PDF merging process. The PDF merger and converter easily combines PDFs into one document, displaying the destination folder and log file

    You can also dive deep into details using our helpful PDF Combine Guidance! We are 100% sure that our PDF merge software is a great app. Try combining the free PDF with the evaluation 30-day copy now.


Download Now!

(includes 30 day FREE trial)

Buy License

(only $59.90)

Why PDF Combine Is Better Than Any Other Online Solution

Are you on the hunt for the most efficient method to merge your PDF files seamlessly? Look no further! CoolUtils presents an array of unmatched advantages when compared to other online solutions. In stark contrast to conventional online merging platforms, our innovative tool prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your documents. With CoolUtils, you can confidently merge PDFs without the hassle of uploading them, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable data. Experience unparalleled convenience and peace of mind today with CoolUtils!
Product FeaturesOnline CombinersCoolUtils PDF Combine
Convert PDF files safely with no uploadNoYes
Getting free merging in a few clicksYesYes
Process hundreds and thousands of PDF filesNoYes
Create bookmarks and add paginationNoYes
Create a cover pageNoYes
Combine scansYesYes
Classic InterfaceNoYes
Create books and songbooks with Mp3NoYes
Combine multiple file formats: Word, XLS, and JPEG.NoYes

Merge PDFs effortlessly with CoolUtils, a PDF merger tool. Try it now!


Download Now!

(includes 30 day FREE trial)

Buy License

(only $59.90)

Still Wondering How to Combine Files into One PDF?

Check out the video down below!


PDF Combine Review

"Thank you for adding the footer alignments! I combine PDF files and add a footer, your program is the only tool that does it right. I set the exact position and the number of digits in my counters. Keep the good work!"

5 Star Marshall | AlphaNet Inc

PDF Combine is a good programme for combining PDF files into one. The interface is simple, the engine is powerful. I use it mostly for the bookmarks option and command line support. The single PDF file is always better than a batch. I recommend it to my co-workers."

PDF combine Review Logo

5 Star Dan Ermann

Comprehensive Support for Seamless Merging

We prioritize our customers and highly value their feedback. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the comprehensive support channels we offer to assist users facing any challenges or inquiries while working with PDF documents.

We provide various avenues for support, ensuring that you can easily reach out to us for assistance. Whether you have a question, encounter an issue, or simply need guidance, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you promptly and courteously.

Contact us via email for direct communication with our knowledgeable support staff. You can rely on us to respond quickly and efficiently to address your concerns and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

In addition to personalized assistance, we offer self-service options through the extensive resources available on our website. Access our helpful FAQs, which cover common queries and troubleshooting tips. Dive into our comprehensive tutorials to master the features and functionalities of our merge PDF tool. Explore our user guides for in-depth insights and step-by-step instructions on maximizing the utility of our software.


Why do I need to merge PDF files?

Merging PDF files can have several benefits for the archiving, storage and organization of information. By merging multiple PDF files into one, you can reduce the number of files to manage and store, as well as save disk space and bandwidth. You can also organize information more efficiently by grouping related documents together in a single file. For example, you can merge invoices, receipts, reports, contracts, etc. into one PDF file for easy access and reference.

How can I merge PDFs for free?

CoolUtils offers an offline PDF merger tool that allows you to combine your PDFs effortlessly. With just three simple steps, you can upload and merge up to five PDF files offline at a time. The offline PDF combine tool allows free conversions during the trial period.

So, whether you prefer to work offline, CoolUtils provides the flexibility and convenience you need to combine PDFs offline efficiently.

How to merge two PDF files into one?

When you want to merge two PDFs into one, you have a few options at your disposal. One convenient choice is utilizing online PDF services, which swiftly and effortlessly combine PDFs. However, while these services offer quick results, they may lack the advanced features necessary for customizing the output file to your exact preferences. Alternatively, employing a desktop program to combine PDF files provides you with greater control and flexibility. With desktop software, you can fine-tune various settings and options, ensuring that the merged PDF file meets your specific requirements with precision.

What is the best tool to combine PDF files?

If you need to combine multiple PDF files into one, you have several options. You can use online solutions that offer the merging of PDF files. However, these solutions may not be very secure, as they require you to upload your files to a third-party server. They may also have limitations on the file size, number of files, or quality of the output.

A better option is to use an offline PDF combine tool that can merge PDF files on your computer. Our PDF combiner tool is fast, easy, and reliable. It can handle any number of PDF files, regardless of their size or content. It can also preserve the original formatting, bookmarks, and page numbers of the source files. You can also customize the output settings, such as the file name, destination folder, and compression level. CoolUtils, a PDF combine app for PC, is the best for customizable PDF merging with ease and security.

How do I combine multiple PDF files into one PDF?

If you want to combine multiple PDF files into one PDF, you might find that normal PDF viewers can't do the job effectively. You need specialized PDF merging software or online solutions that can merge PDFs without losing quality or formatting. However, if you want to secure PDF merging, you need to use PDF merge offline solutions. Similarly, they allow you to perform batch PDF merging of hundreds of files at once. This way, you can save time and effort while creating a single PDF document from multiple sources.

How to combine PDF Files in Windows 10

Combining PDF files on Windows 10 is not a difficult task. You just need to find a compatible PDF merge app that will do the job for you. One of the apps that you can use to combine PDFs online is CoolUtils, a PDF merger tool that is fully compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11.

CoolUtils's PDF merge app for Windows 10 allows you to merge, split, rotate, and edit PDF files with ease. You can also merge PDF files online with free converters, as they work straight from your browser. However, online converters may have some limitations on file size and quality. Therefore, you should choose the best PDF combiner offline and online tool for your needs.

For more details, please refer to the How to Combine PDF Files in Windows article.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Ready to streamline your PDF merging process? Experience the ease and security of CoolUtils' secure PDF merging tool firsthand. For a limited time, unlock the power of our secure PDF merger software with a complimentary 30-day trial. No credit card is required, and no strings are attached. Simply navigate to our website, locate the PDF combiner download link on this page, and start merging PDFs effortlessly today! Discover how CoolUtils can simplify your document management tasks and enhance your workflow.


Download Now!

(includes 30 day FREE trial)

Buy License

(only $59.90)

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • New! PDF Combine 7.0 is live
  • Combine different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books.
  • Remove blank pages to get a neat output PDF.
  • Combine PDFs by folders or common name part.
  • Keep the folder structure, when you combine subfolders within a folder.
  • With a click of a button PDF Combine doesn't only merge pdfs, it automatically creates a clickable table of contents.
  • Each file name becomes a bookmark. So you get easy navigation within the combined PDF file.
  • Optimize for Fast Web View option
  • Command line and GUI
  • Fast and accurate
  • One of the most powerful PDF combiners for Windows today
  • No need for Adobe Acrobat
  • Free download for you to test
  • ActiveX and Server version
  • The Pro version can Combine Word, Excel and Image to PDF
  • Can be part of your app under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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