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Merge PDF by any template via GUI and command line.

PDF Combine That Offers You A Choice



Do you need a utility that could combine several PDF files into one PDF? PDF Combine can do this via transparent user interface or command line. It merges as many PDF files as you need in any way you may think of. PDF Combine from CoolUtils easily:

  • Combines different pages of invoices, bank statements, contracts, or e-books
  • Combines files by folders or common name part.
  • Keeps your folder structure, if you combine subfolders within a folder.
  • With a click of a button PDF Combine doesn't only combine pdfs, it automatically creates a simple and clickable table of contents. Each file name of the combined files becomes a bookmark. So you get easy navigation within the combined PDF file.
  • Works great for duplex printing - it allows to add a custom page to odd-paged PDFs. More unique options
  • The Pro version combines PDF, Word, XLS, TIFF, JPEG files into one PDF and adds your Cover page.

The interface of the program is so simple that even a newbie will master it in seconds. Check the files that you want to combine, set the destination folder and press Start! Also, PDF Combine may be run from the command line. Give it a try now!

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PDF Combine Preview1
PDF Combine Preview2


Customer Reviews

"Thank you for adding the footer alignments! I combine pdf files and add a footer, your program is the only one that does it right. Keep the good work!"

4.5 Star Marshall | Alpha Inc.

"PDF Combine is a good programme. The interface is simple, the engine is powerful. I use it mostly for the bookmarks option and command line support. I recommend it to my co-wokers."

5 Star Dan Ermann

Unique options of PDF Combine

pdf combine
With PDF Combine you can combine PDF files in any way you need. You won't find a more versatile app.

by folders
Combine PDF files by folders. I.e. you have 10 folders with 5 PDFs in each. The app will produce 10 multi-page PDFs in one go!

combine pdf
Combine PDF files by common name part. For example files ReportMay.pdf, ReportApril.pdf, ReportJune.pdf will be combined into Report.pdf. PDF Combine can analyze the whole file name or any range of characters you set.

PDF Combine can add page counters to every page of the combined file.

combine folders
It's very easy to rearrange the files you want to combine - just drag and drop them up or down.

frame jpeg
With PDF Combine you can add your digital signature to the combined PDF file.

The interface is very user-friendly; you always know what the next step is.

pdf bookmark
You can also add bookmarks. Use file names, document titles or external file to create your table of contents.

image watermark
Add text watermarks to the header or the footer of the output file to prevent unauthorized use (your copywrite info or company name or QR codes).

print duplex
Use a duplex printer? PDF Combine solves the problem of printing PDF files double sided with an odd number of pages. It adds a blank page if the file has an odd number of pages, so the next file is not printed on the back side of the previous one.

The built-in Preview panel helps you to view each file either scaled or in actual size.

dxf to pdf
Our app can also encrypt resulting PDF with a password or set user permissions.

The special server PDF Combine SDK runs silently on your server without any popup messages.

PDF Combine can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI settings).

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Updated Thu, 09 Mar 2017

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