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Total Mail Converter

Convert Emails (MSG, EML) to PDF, DOC, PST in batch via user interface or command line

Total Mail Converter → Email Conversion Software


email converters reviewTotal Mail Converter helps you manage your emails outside of your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, and more) in the same way you would work with PDF, DOC or text files. Loaded with unique options, the Total Mail Converter lets you:

  • Convert MSG or EML to PDF, PDF/A, DOC, XLS, XPS, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TIFF, EML, MSG, PST files.
  • Attached files can be extracted and placed into the same or a new folder. To convert attachments to DOC, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, HTML, TXT, get the Pro version (find the comparison chart).
  • Perfect for eDiscovery and Freedom Of Information requests.
  • Convert emails via the friendly user interface or directly through the command line. We even offer a server version without the GUI or any messages for silent server operations.
  • Selectively export the email fields of your choosing: Sender, Recipient, Date, Subject, or Body. More unique options..

Get peace of mind with PDF copies of your emails on your hard drive.

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Total Mail Converter Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"I am a technical recruiter and have been doing this type of work for 20 years. I decided back in the year 2000 to get serious about downloading resumes from the job boards in a very concise and structured way. Since that time I have accumulated over 250,000 resumes across 80 skill sets of which about 1/2 are here in the dallas area.

I basically strip the job boards of the top 30% of resumes within each skill set. Anyway all the resumes I forward from the job boards they come to my email box as MSG files so I need to convert them into word docs so the Applicant tracking system I utilize can parse them into the system.

Actually the whole process or using the trial version and placing the order for the app went very smoothly. I had basically converted 50,000 email files during the trial and put your software to the test and it performed superb."
5 Star John Habenicht

"I store important emails outside of Outlook - in folders on my computer. Usually by topic or event. I don't like huge numbers of emails in Outlook.

This has worked fine for years but the latest Office 365 upgrade did something. Those files can no longer be opened by Outlook from a file folder. They HAVE to be in Outlook. Despite my lengthy protests to Microsoft, it it what it is.

Therefore I need a mail converter. This is a continuous need and I choose PDF format. Total Mail Converter works well for me."

5 Star
Graham Elliott

Unique options of Total Mail Converter

mail converter
Convert emails from multiple sources to a variety of formats.
  • Total Mail Converter supports not only MSG, but also EML, EMLX and even MIM as source files.
  • Output file types include DOC, PDF, RTF, XPS, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, EML, MSG, PST.
  • There is no need for Outlook or any other additional library. Unlike other programs, users are not required to specify the program that created the original mail files.

mail converter
Filter emails that you want to process with our 2-level filtering.
  • If you want to convert only specific emails of your choice, Total Mail Converter provides a handy filter option. It can filter your emails by sender, by subject or by receipt within a certain date range.
  • Moreover, Total Mail Converter can filter emails by keywords in the body of the message.

mail converter
Useful data saving options - convert only necessary data from your emails.
  • Total Mail Converter has a unique option - it can convert only those parts of emails that you really need. For example, you can convert the sender + body fields only, excluding date, subject and recipient fields.
  • You can select to include attachment details to show that the original email had attached files.
  • The app can include RFC-822 headers in output documents if required.
  • Total Mail Converter offers a special option: "do not load images from the Internet". So if the email contains some links to images, the program will skip them, saving your time and traffic.
  • The app maintains the folder structure.

mail converter
Unique output files formatting options specify how your files will look.
  • Total Mail Converter can apply headers and footers to the output files, so you can add the date, time, counter or any text to your documents.
  • "Page X" and "Page X of Y" are supported in page counters. You can start enumeration from any number and check sequential numbering if you don't want the system to start over at each new folder.
  • Legal users can easily stamp bates onto emails to make e-discovery and production very easy.
  • Add your logo, QR code or any image watermark to output files.
  • Total Mail Converter will help you to tune the appearance of your resulting files. You can use any internal scheme or your own external CSS scheme.
  • Choose from 4 predefined color schemes: Classic, Modern, Simple, Elegant.
  • Saving MSG as DOC? Total Mail Converter can apply additional settings to produce great output. Specify the paper size and orientation for your needs and check the fit-to-page option.
  • With this email converter you can combine emails into one multi-page PDF or TIFF file.
  • PDF/A standard is supported.

mail converter
Affordable Price - pay once for a lifetime license with no hidden fees.
  • Total Mail Converter is very affordable; a one-time payment gives you lifetime license.
  • All major upgrades released within 12 months from the purchase date are free.
  • There is a 30-day free trial version with full functionality available to make sure the program suits your needs.

mail converter
Command Line Support - convert emails via command line.
mail converter
Fast batch conversion - convert multiple emails simultaneously.
  • Total Mail Converter converts emails in batches. You can convert hundreds of folders at a time.
  • Together with Total Folder Monitor you can set the app to watch the designated folder and convert arriving emails according to your scheme settings.
  • If you need to convert emails together with PDF, DOC, TIFF, XLS, JPEG files, try our all-in-one Coolutils Converter.

mail converter
High security options - protect your output PDF files.
  • Occasionally, it may be necessary to save your document in an encrypted state. Total Mail Converter gives you total control over permissions to open your PDFs, including the way recipients are allowed to use them (view, edit, print, form-fill, etc.)
  • Sign files with your digital signature.

mail converter
Various file naming and date saving options - organize your output files easily.
  • Total Mail Converter adds a new name to each output file using any template you set. You can create any descriptive name combining subject, sender, date and other data in any order you like. Moreover, you can add a counter to the file names for easier file sorting.
  • The Sharepoint-compatible names option will make sure that non-supported symbols are not added to the file name.
  • You can choose to clear prefixes from the subject (RE, FWD, etc.).
  • Total Mail Converter will keep your date stamps intact. Alternatively it can switch all emails to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) for easier sorting of emails received in different time zones.

mail converter
Variety of attachment saving options - choose how to save attachments.
  • Attachments can be saved as their original file types to the same folder or to a new one.
  • Zipped attached files can be extracted.
  • Total Mail Converter allows you to include a reference to the attachment in the email summary that appears in the header (attachment info).
  • When you convert emails with attached images, the images can be embedded into the output file. If image attachments are too big to fit inside your target document, the app shrinks them down to a more manageable size that will fit your page.
  • Embedded attachments can go before or after the email body.
  • If your emails have other emails attached, they can be converted and renamed according to your settings too.
  • You can rename attachments including the email name or the counter of the corresponding email, so that you will always know which attachment belongs to which email.
  • While the regular Total Mail Converter keeps attachments in their original file types, the Total Mail Converter Pro version will convert attachments together with emails.

mail converter
Trust - you can rely on powerful email converters from CoolUtils.
  • Coolutils has been in business since 2003; we are well-known experts in file conversions.
  • Over 30,000 users have chosen Total Mail Converter: home users, law firms, hospitals, government institutions, small and large corporations convert emails with our app. If you need references, please, contact us.

mail converter
Easy to use even for beginners - enjoy clear user-friendly interface.
  • Total Mail Converter is proud of a clear, easy-to-follow interface with hints for beginners.
  • You don't have to upload files to the program. Files browser is integrated into Total Mail Converter, and you can press on any memory folder and see what files it contains.
  • We provide 24/7 email support to all our users. You are also welcome to leave voice mails (1-888-803-4224), we will call you back the same day.

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Updated Tue, 26 Mar 2024

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(only $59.90)


How To Convert Mail Files

We have developed Total Mail Converter as simple as possible. When you want to convert your email files to PDF for your attorney or a back up, you want the most straightforward interface. That's what we tried to do. Let's see how to convert emails.

  1. Download and install Total Mail Converter (evaluation copy is valid for 30 days for testing purposes).
  2. Select the folder with the email files in the left folder tree.
  3. Check the emails that you want to convert in the middle panel. For batch conversions, press Check All button below the file list.
  4. Select your target file type: PDF, DOC, PST, EML, etc.
  5. You will see the settings window. Here you set the destination folder (where to place the output files), the file renaming template, attachments' processing options.
  6. When you are done, press Start button. After all emails are converted, you will see the Success note and get access to the Log file.
  7. Total Mail Converter is one of the best email converter tools available today. The price is most affordable. You get the full lifetime license, not a year's subscription. How to buy the converter.

how to convert email to pdf

email converter renaming

how to convert email


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Total Mail Converter Review

"The reason for the purchase of this software is to open Outlook mails in my external hard-disk (as now I no longer use Outlook). I will use this software only 'as-and-when' (not for daily use). However, if I face any problem. I shall get in touch with your support team."
5 Star James TENG

"I needed the Total Mail Converter for a specific purpose; to convert email to text. It's working fine and complies with my needs."

5 Star Arno de Kok
Amcire Management Consulting

Complete list of supported Mail conversions

  • EMLX to PDF
  • EMLX to HTML
  • EMLX to JPEG
  • EMLX to TIFF
  • EMLX to Doc
  • EMLX to RTF
  • EMLX to ODT
  • EMLX to TXT
  • EMLX to Text
  • EMLX to Excel
  • EMLX to EML
  • EMLX to MSG
  • EMLX to MBox
  • EMLX to PST
  • EMLX to XPS
  • MIM to PDF
  • MIM to HTML
  • MIM to XHTML
  • MIM to JPEG
  • MIM to TIFF
  • MIM to Doc
  • MIM to RTF
  • MIM to ODT
  • MIM to TXT
  • MIM to Text
  • MIM to Excel
  • MIM to EML
  • MIM to MSG
  • MIM to MBox
  • MIM to PST
  • MIM to XPS

Pro Suite

Email Converters

  • Please, note that Total Mail Converter converts MSG, EML, EMLX, MIM files. You get them when you export emails from email clients.
  • Want to convert Outlook emails or PST files? Try Total Outlook Converter.
  • Thunberbird emails or MBOX files? Get Total Thunderbird Converter.
  • Gmail? Yahoo? Total Webmail Converter deals with emails from any web-based email service.

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Emails to HTM, TXT, PDF, RTF, TIFF
  • Supports MSG, EML, EMLX, MIM
  • Batch conversion mode
  • No need for Outlook to be installed
  • Extracts attachments
  • Renames attachments for you to know which attachment belongs to which email
  • Pro version can convert attachments
  • Can encrypt output PDF files
  • Adds headers and footers
  • Adds page counters
  • Stamps bates
  • Tunes output files
  • Windows 10/11/Citrix compatible
  • Extremely easy-to-use GUI
  • Command line support
  • ActiveX and Server version
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