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Five Free EML Viewers


Free EML viewer provides ability to read EML files without paying anything. Usually zero price is compensated by some hidden disadvantages, and this short review will help you to avoid them by choosing the most comfortable and functional EML viewer among free solutions. Let's consider 5 free programs and find the best one!

Free EML Reader

pst scannerFirst, one may get suspicious with 1 star rating at Download.com. But we decided to try it and found it not that bad. This program requires no installation, and when you run it, you see an empty window. Don't worry, it has File option at the top menu. Using it you can open a single EML file (by specifying its location), Thunderbird message database, Outlook message database or a folder with EML files. The exported message can be viewed in plain or HTML view. The problem of this program is inability to navigate through folders or files quickly. User needs to open each item separately, that slows down the work in case of many EML source files located in different folders. Besides viewing there are no other options. However, the advantage of Free EML Reader is the absence of ads, spam, registration or adware.


MiTec Mail Viewer

MiTec Mail ViewerIt was a surprise to see almost the same application as Free EML Reader after running MiTec Mail Viewer. The only difference is that 'Open' menu automatically pops up after program's launch. The functionality is the same, as well as the problems.

Though MiTec Mail Viewer can be found at Download.com, one one has reviewed it yet.


CoolUtils Mail Viewer

coolutils mail viewerCoolUtils MailViewer is a free EML and MSG files viewer with integrated tree navigation and handy message viewer. User has access to all his PC files directly inside the viewer. It supports HTML emails too. There can be some problems with reading specific languages, but it perfectly manages with English. Besides this you can copy or move files anywhere you wish. The program can generate reports about selected email originals in a few formats, such as:
  • TXT
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • XLS
  • CSV

Installation pack doesn't have any ads, spam and other hidden tricks. Download.com's rating is 4.5 based on 6 reviews.


Kernel EML Viewer

kernel mail viewerThis program has only one option - viewing EML files. It has a comfortable interface with navigation inside. It automatically filters EML files from the rest of folder's content. It's a great help, if email files are stored in Documents folder mixed with documents and photos.

The only problem with Kernel EML Viewer is that some files cannot be viewed inside the program. When clicking on such files inside the viewer, the popup asks to view it using external mail program. Probably, this is the reason of very low rank (1,5 stars) at Download.com. The ones that this program shows are displayed correctly. Message fields together with attachments are displayed as a single page.


SysTools EML Viewer

systools eml viewerIt is a pretty basic application with standard installation and no spam programs inside. It supports EML files and only allows viewing them. There is a separate tab in viewer for attachments. However the program failed to display a simple EML email with attached photo that were successfully viewed in other viewers. Neither email body nor attachment was displayed. It was tested on Windows 7, and perhaps it works better in other systems.

The viewer itself is a little bit uncomfortable because has a big heading with 'from', 'to' and other mail fields and very small area for viewing message text and attachments. They are resizable, but a comfortable proportion can hardly be found.


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