7 Easy Ways To Open PST File Without Outlook

Can’t open PST files without Outlook? No worries! Our article covers 7 simple viewers for reading PST files. Check it out now 📧

Top methods to open PST files without Outlook. Read PST files in 7 different ways using simple viewers.

Nowadays more and more people are turning to free email clients on instead of paying for Microsoft Outlook. This is a great idea, until you want to open an old .pst file without Outlook. Many online email clients (and standalone desktop clients) do not support Outlook OST and PST files.

There are several excellent tools that will help you to open .pst files without Outlook. Below are five of these tools:

1. CoolUtils Outlook Viewer

CoolUtils Outlook Viewer allows you to view PST, OST, and even an MSG file format without Outlook. This free tool is easy to use and allows you to open both PST and OST files as well as sort files and generate reports so you know what emails you have. Files from Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 are supported. This free viewer also allows you to convert your PST and EML emails to use with other email clients such as Thunderbird.

Coolutils app is the easiest to use of all of the tools. All you do is install it and your PST files are automatically loaded so you can immediately view them. For some additional cost, it offers a good Outlook pst file converter if you need to save emails as PDF or DOC files.

free colutils outlook viewer

2. Google GAMMO Tool

The Google GAMMO Tool is an interesting way to view PST files without Outlook. This tool is free and was developed by Google to migrate your emails within a PST file to Gmail. This tool allows you to import mail, calendars and contacts into Google mail as well as include only the folders you wish to convert. There is also a feature for administrators to run this tool from the command line for mass migrations of email. You do need a Google account to use this tool. The only downside to this tool is it will only migrate your emails to Gmail.

The simple two-step process begins with downloading and running the tool and selecting the location of your PST files.

view PST with Google GAMMO Tool

Once you locate your files, you can choose which elements of the PST file to migrate such as your calendar, contacts or email messages and it allows you to include a specific date range if you are looking to migrate specific emails.

view PST with Google GAMMO Tool

3. MS Outlook PST Viewer

Forensicsware MS Outlook PST Viewer allows you to view PST without Outlook. This application will allow you to view all Outlook items such as contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc. This application also supports large and corrupted PST files that may not be able to be opened using the Microsoft Outlook client. There are two version of MS Outlook PST Viewer, free and PRO. The free version has limited features.

The screenshot below shows how easy it is to open a PST file without Outlook. You simply find the PST file on your computer and scan it (if it is corrupted) and open the file to view your emails in an Outlook-like interface.

free PST viewer

4. OST PST Viewer

The OST PST Viewer is an application that allows you to view PST files without Outlook by using an Outlook-type interface. The free version of this application allows you to open, view and search PST files without Outlook. The PRO version has many more features, but at a cost. With the paid version you can view contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc. The best feature of this program is that it appears and acts just like Microsoft Outlook. If you need a simple Outlook pst file viewer, you don?€™t have to pay.
As you can see in the screenshot below, the OST PST Viewer looks a lot like Outlook:

free PST viewer

5. Kernel Outlook PST Viewer

The Kernel Outlook PST Viewer allows you opening pst files without Outlook. This tool allows you to open Outlook PST files including email, contacts, calendars, tasks, etc. You can also open email attachments within emails in the Outlook PST Viewer. Kernel Outlook PST viewer will also allow you to open corrupted PST files, which can be a problem if you have a large PST file or a file that has been compacted several times.

The Kernel Outlook PST Viewer is simple to use to open .pst files without Outlook. Simply open the program and navigate to your PST file to open the contents. You will be able to see all of your emails within the PST file.

Kernel PST viewer

There is also Systools Outlook PST viewer, but the look and feel is very similar to Kernel. You may choose any as they both seem to have one code inside.

These are the best tools to help you open old and corrupt PST files without using Outlook. Most of these tools open Outlook PST and OST files so you can also view your contacts, calendar and task entries. Imagine never having to pay for an email client again!

6. iMyFone ScanOutlook

This free PST reader allows you to open files created by all versions of Outlook from 2003 to 2019. The program can synchronize with Outlook or function as an independent viewer. In this case, you may need to select the files manually instead of waiting for automatic detection. Read PST without Outlook on Windows easily. 

This software will also repair your PST files if they are damaged or corrupted. This third-party tool can perform quick or deep repair depending on the condition of your source data. Convert to other formats by selecting the file and clicking the “Export” button. 

Like other viewers, this software will display different types of data within PST: contacts, notes, etc. The interface includes several export options, including HTML and PDF. Overall, the functionality is quite broad compared to simple viewers, and the support of Outlook versions is comprehensive. 

7. SysInfo Free MS Outlook PST Viewer

This viewing environment resembles Kernel in terms of layout and functionality. It allows you to open PST files safely regardless of their type (both ANSI and Unicode are supported). You can access various data elements: calendars, contacts, notes, etc. 

The viewer can detect file details like version and type automatically. View all folders in their original hierarchy and convert your data to HTML if necessary. 

Another important strength is the ability to open corrupt files. All you need to do is select the items, choose recovery depth, enter file details (optional), and let the system scan the contents. Repaired files will be opened within the program. Different levels of recovery are available, from standard to deep. Finally, the system can create a text file with a log report. 

How to Open a PST File Without a Password?

To eliminate the chance of spying, many Outlook users prefer to keep their PST files password-protected. If you’re wondering about how to open PST files without Outlook, you don’t need to be worried because you can choose the separate data file (PST) option under settings, and here one can password-protect any PST file in Outlook. The need for a solution arises when one may lose access to a PST file after forgetting the password one has set for it. The process of re-unlocking the PST file is complicated. Also, Microsoft is unable to assist if one forgets the PST file password but there are other several ways to open a PST file without the Outlook account being deleted. The methods are: 

  • MS Outlook Method 
  • Third-party Software Method

MS Outlook

First, go to MS Outlook. Then open PST files from the menu. On Account Settings, select the Outlook tool or Outlook data file from the dialogue box that has opened. Decide which PST file you wish to remove the password from. Fill in the blanks, and one may leave the old password field blank. The password change will be confirmed in a dialogue box that will display.

A corrupted PST file also may cause problems in opening the file. If a PST file is open in Outlook when the program crashes unexpectedly, it may become corrupted. This may occur if Outlook or Windows crashes or the computer is turned off without properly terminating Outlook and Windows. This corrupted file may cause changes in the PST file content. 

What’s new in 2022?

New utilities are constantly released along with the development of new technologies. However, you don’t need any complex programs to open PST files without Outlook. The above list can be complemented by some new tools such as GoldFynch PST viewer, PST Walker, BitRecover, Birdie Software PST viewer, and many others. Still, they are built on the same principles, so feel free to pick the software that’s most convenient for you. 

After reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of how to open and read PST files without Outlook. Here are the main advantages of using specialized programs for this purpose:

  • Possibility of corrupted file recovery;
  • Possibility of convenient conversion;
  • Speedy migration to Gmail and competing services;
  • Creation of auto logs.

Empower yourself with professional tools and improve your productivity!

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