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How to print emails from a PST file

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It is impossible to view PST files without Microsoft Outlook unless you have CoolUtils Outlook Viewer. Besides reading, this freeware program offers a few more extremely useful options. This is how to print emails from a PST file.

First you need to connect proper PST source file to a program. You will be asked to specify its location after launching Outlook Viewer. The program will show a list of messages from PST files in the middle of your window, with email viewer on the right side. By clicking to this or that message in the list you will be able to see its content in Text, HTML or Headers format. This Outlook viewer has printing option that supports batch message processing. You can print any number of emails at once, setting up printing output as you like. In order to print emails in batch, follow this:

Green PlusCheck off the emails you would like to print;

Green PlusPress the Print button on the top left corner of the main window;

Green PlusChoose the proper printer and setup printing options.

After that the program will enable printing process. This is how to print Outlook emails in batch. You can print them one-by-one as well. In this case printing settings should be specified for each message.

Before the process starts you will see a mockup of the printed papers. You can select a specific range of pages to print, chose specific paper format and define portrait or landscape mode. By default this PST printer prints all pages in A4 format, in portrait mode.

Besides viewing and printing messages from PST file Outlook Viewer allows converting them to EML or generating reports that contain information about selected emails. Download this free helper, and you will always be able to read your old emails directly from the PST storage.

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   Updated Fri, 28 Jun 2024
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