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OST to PST Converter

Convert OST to PST In 1 Click

OST to PST Converter to Export, Migrate & Convert OST to PST | CoolUtils


CoolUtils OST to PST Converter will easily convert your OST file or files to PST. Unlike other tools, it works even if you do not have an Exchange Server connection. Recover Exchange mailbox folders by converting OST to PST and opening the converted PST file in Outlook.

  • Coolutils OST to PST Converter software safely recovers all your important items like emails, attachments, calendar, tasks, contacts, etc., even if you no longer have access to the computer that was used to create the OST.
  • Coolutils OST to PST Converter tool is 100% clean. You pay the money and get the working tool without ads, built-in toolbars, or annoying paid upgrades.

Coolutils OST to PST Converter is extremely easy-to-use. First, it asks for your OST file and then for the output directory for the resulting PST. So you import OST and find PST in the directory you assigned. This converter can process large OST files in minutes.

If you want to access offline storage table database via Outlook email client, try Coolutils OST to PST Converter. Extract your ost file data to a usable PST file now! Download the free evaluation copy.

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OST to PST Converter Customer Reviews 2023

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"I had a client with an IMAP email account that she used in Microsoft Outlook. The computer became unbootable, but I was still able to recover the OST file from it. On a different computer, we re-synched the IMAP account, but needed to recover the calendar and contact items from the OST file. Since Microsoft doesn't include an OST import tool (similar to PST), I was happy to come across the CoolUtils OST to PST converter. It worked well, but it would have been even better if it also recovered the full calendar items, rather than just the calendar headings. In the end my client was happy, so I can't complain. The price was very reasonable as well."

OST to PST 5 Star John Rasmussen

"Your tool was the only one to safely recover unusable files of OST. Now I have the regular PST, and I am happy with it. Thank you."

OST to PST 5 Star Nellie Rivas

Comparison of the Formats

Microsoft Outlook uses two formats to store data. Users often need to switch between them, which makes tailor-made systems that convert OST files popular. These utilities allow hassle-free import and export. So, why are these different formats necessary, and how are they connected?

PST is the standard for different groups of mail accounts (web-based systems, IMAP, and POP3). Web-based systems also create PST files. PSTs are not linked to the Exchange Server, so they are portable. The other format requires a connection to the Exchange Server.

An OST file is a replica of the data saved on the Exchange Server. It allows you to work while disconnected and sync up the changes with the Exchange folder afterward. If the connection fails or the system crashes while you are composing emails, an OST file appears. This allows you to rescue the data and use Outlook offline. Thanks to the OST file, you can retrieve Outlook data after interruptions. Sometimes, these files become unobtainable via Microsoft Outlook, which disrupts work. In an office environment, such situations are particularly frustrating, and they require the use of an offline OST to PST converter.

OST files, on the other hand, may only be opened by the same system that created them. They store information on your hard drive and work in unison with PST data. Thus, system migration becomes the most fundamental motivation to convert from OST to PST. But why would you attempt to convert Outlook OST files to PST files?

Why Change from OST to PST Format?

One may transform data into different formats easily using Total Outlook Converter. So, why convert from OST to PST? Reasons vary, but professional utilities will handle the task regardless of its purpose. Typical situations for the conversion include the following:
  1. The Exchange server malfunctions, which makes the use of OST impossible unless you convert OST to PST;
  2. The above-mentioned server is under maintenance, which also makes OST data unobtainable without conversion;
  3. Connection to another Exchange Server due to workplace change: OST files may only be opened by the system that created them, so you need to initiate the file conversion;
  4. Migration of data requires the conversion of one or multiple OST files to PST format;
  5. Recovery of information: Through immaculate conversion, you can even restore data deleted from the Exchange Server;
  6. Severe corruption of source data that you can remedy with an OST to PST switch.
This conversion issue is more common than you may think. Any active user of Office 365 may need to transmute Outlook data sooner or later. In all of these cases, accurate conversion to PST format is the only way, and the best method to achieve this is with an offline OST to PST converter. While different utilities that convert OST exist, it is essential to use a professional tool that guarantees a flawless transformation and will create a new PST file properly.

Recovery Capabilities

Sometimes, your OST file in Office 365 may become corrupt, which makes its contents unobtainable from the Exchange Server. Tools designed for recovery exist, but the result is often disappointing. Instead, convert Outlook OST to PST smoothly and safely. Upon completion, all the data converted will be easily accessible. The tool will restore the folders on the Exchange Server. It will transmute files and then open the resulting doc in MS Outlook. You can retrieve different types of data easily. The tool will recreate:
  • Messages,
  • Attached data,
  • Calendars,
  • Work tasks,
  • Lists of recipients, etc.
Using the professional Coolutils converter is a breeze. The user only needs to specify the source file (OST) and the destination folder. The system will then convert files and store the data in the desired directory.

How to convert an OST file to PST locally on your computer

You will be impressed by how simple the Coolutils tool is. Despite its versatility and useful features, it requires just a few clicks to convert OST to PST without Outlook. Here is how to do it:
  1. Specify the location of the source data (OST file) or let the system search for it;
  2. Determine where the PST format result should be stored;
  3. Launch the conversion process!
Even bulky OST files are converted in minutes by this OST to PST freeware by CoolUtils. Upon completion, you will find the output in its destination. The tool is accurate and reliable. To sum up, utility-assisted conversion is simply the best method for the transfer of offline OST files so far. Importantly, the free PST converter does not require an active Exchange Server connection, so you can still turn OST to PST when it is out of order. You do not need access to the system that created the file.

A step-by-step description of converting an OST file of any version and size to a Microsoft Outlook PST file

There is no reliable way to switch between the formats and convert OST manually. Steer clear of dubious advice: If you try to convert files by unproven methods, you can end up damaging OST files in Microsoft Outlook beyond repair. Some Office 365 users are unwilling to purchase an expensive OST to PST converter, particularly if they have modest volumes of data to modify. Fortunately, the most comprehensive tool to convert OST is affordable. It also comes with a free trial to let you test its capacity for 30 days. No email or credit card information is required — just download the installation file and see how quickly the tool migrates files!

Using the professional converter is a breeze. Here are the main steps to take:

  1. Download the CoolUtils OST to PST Converter on this site;
  2. Launch the setup file to install the utility on your computer;
  3. Open the converter to transfer the files;
  4. Specify the source file (OST) and the destination folder;
  5. Start the conversion process;
  6. Check if the file has successfully landed in the destination folder;
  7. Store the data in the desired directory.
Give it a test drive. You can then purchase a full license if necessary. Use the tool as often as you need — every new conversion is cheaper!

Benefits of using the CoolUtils OST to PST Converter

Transform all of your OST files to PST easily. If you want flawlessness, this is the best way. Forget dubious manual methods — they may corrupt your data beyond repair. The OST to PST free Converter works on any popular OS (from Windows XP to Windows 10), and even its free trial version is efficient because:
  • The utility has a built-in GUI that makes the task a piece of cake;
  • Conversion takes just several clicks;
  • Even beginners can handle it easily, as the program is largely intuitive;
  • The OST to PST free converter guarantees the integrity of data, which is why it is used by pros;
  • Even large or multiple OST files are processed in minutes;
  • It allows you to recover messages and any related items from offline OST safely through OST to PST migration;
  • It ensures flawless recovery of OST file contents from any computer — you do not need access to the machine where the file was created;
  • It guarantees an absence of viruses and sneaky adware — the OST to PST tool is impeccable, so you get what you paid for;
  • It comes with free upgrades for your desktop assistant;
  • It allows a lifetime license for indefinite OST to PST conversion.
Well-designed tools for Microsoft Outlook make conversion a cakewalk. They can handle any amount of data — even hundreds of emails — at once. Just feed them into the system and launch the transformation of the OST files. Upon completion, the result will land in the location you specified.

This reliable tool accomplishes the goal in no time, and you can use it free of charge! OST to PST conversion is a common need for regular Outlook users. Professional utilities are developed especially for the task, and they ensure flawless switching between the formats. Check out the free trial version of this versatile OST to PST tool! Alternatively, discover the benefits of buying the license, which will cover your corporate needs. CoolUtils OST to PST Converter can be used in a commercial environment exclusively by the user who purchases a license. The license key will be sent to you by email immediately after the purchase. You can pay via all major credit cards, PayPal, or place a phone or fax order. We also support many local payment systems (QIWI, Boleto Bancario, Webmoney, Alipay).

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Updated Sun, 25 Sep 2022

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    • Converts OST to PST
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    • 100% safe

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