Five Ways to Identify Unknown File Type

After downloading a file, you discover that itís been saved in a format you donít recognize. Does this sound familiar? With all the different apps, programs and software these days, itís become commonplace to encounter new file extensions.

New XML Converter Released

The new converter is at your disposal! Let me introduce Total XML Converter, which is designed to increase the usability of your XML files by converting them to the format your project requires: CSV, JSON, PDF.

New Total Image Converter

We have released a new version of Total Image Converter. Whatís new? First, we have redesigned the interface. No, not like Win8:) We kept the old look with a bit of new touches.

New XLS/XLSX to SVG conversion option

The set of target formats supported by Total Excel Conversion has been enlarged with the new one. Now XLS and XLSX files can be converted to SVG (scalable vector graphics).

Faster CAD Conversion

CAD conversion is now quicker with Total CAD Converter. We have optimized Total CAD Conversion features and as a result received several times faster conversion of CAD files in batch. We are aware of the time spent to convert heavy files of drawings what usually CAD files are. And for hundreds of such type of • Read More »

New PDF Splitter: Split by Barcode

PDF Splitter was upgraded with the option of splitting PDF by barcode. It means that during the process of splitting the program makes a new page every time it detects a barcode in a PDF document.

Total CSV Converter Becomes Faster

The new in Total CSV Converter is the technology that helps to fasten the reading of CSV file process 5 times. Also thanks to it, the saving process of CSV files to XLS and XLSX was increased tenfold. That is why gigantic CSV files now are easily and faster to process even if there are • Read More »

Total Outlook Converter Knows IMAP

Total Outlook Converter became even more unique with its new possibility to identify IMAP files on the server and convert them to any of these formats: DOC, PDF, HTML, XHTML, TXT, TIFF, JPEG, EML. With great pleasure we can say that it is the only converter that makes the job of such kind quickly and • Read More »

Top 6 Free Online HTML Converters Tested and Reviewed

Hereafter there is a simple test of six online HTML files converters, represented by Google Search. The reason we picked these on-line services is that Google suggests them to all users looking for a free HTML converter. Letís try them all and see the results of conversion to PDF, as the most popular format suitable • Read More »