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PDF Splitter

Split your .PDF files by pages. Fast and Easy

PDF Splitter ✅ Split PDF Files Easily ✨CoolUtils


Looking for .PDF Splitter? Split, combine and rename .PDF files by template with PDF Splitter(divider) by CoolUtils.com.

CoolUtils PDF Splitter Features:

PDF Splitter helps you to split multipage PDF files by pages according to almost any template. The app is very powerful, it deals with PDF pages in different ways:
  • Extracts all pages from PDF files;
  • Extracts only selected pages (i.e. 1,2,5,7-10);
  • Extracts odd/even pages;
  • Splits PDF file by bookmarks;
  • Splits PDF by any text line, i.e. invoice numbers, and rename files based on this line (only in Pro version)
  • Splits PDF by blank pages (one or several in a row);
  • new! Splits by bar code. More unique options
  • Command Line (CLI) Support

Pages Combine

PDF Splitter can also combine split pages. So if you need to reorganize the pages in a multi-page PDF our app will do the task. For example, it can split 10-page PDF file and create a new document every 2 pages. So you get 5 two-page PDF documents instead of 1 ten-page file.

Renamer PDF

PDF Splitter has a built-in flexible renamer to give new files descriptive names. By default new pages will be renamed [Name].page#.pdf (where # is the number of the page like Contract.page1.pdf). You can start enumeration from any digit. Besides, PDF Splitter has unique option of enumerating pages based on the number of pages already existing in destination folder.

CLI Command Line Interface + GUI

PDF Splitter has two 2 ways of handling: a nice user-interface and command line. It's the most powerful PDF splitter available today! Try it for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out how much time and effort you can save.

To Split PDF files on web servers use PDF Splitter X (includes Active X, has no GUI).

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PDF Splitter Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"The PDFSplitter program is the only program I found that could do what I needed on a project. For the final version we decided to use the PDFSplitterX which is launched by our Visual Basic.net program. It is working exactly as needed.

Here is what we do. We have a package of data in pdf format in which we need to separate the certificates at the end of the data package to a different file.

The amount of pages varies so we decided to use the blank page as a separator. Your PDF Splitter X separates the PDF into 2 files before and after the blank page and we discard the first file."

5 Star James Newman
Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Unique options of PDF Splitter

Fast and Easy PDF Pages extraction
PDF Splitter can extract all pages or only those pages you select (1,2, 3-10 or even 2 last pages).

Split PDF in multiple folders
PDF Splitter will easily process huge folders with PDF files. It keeps the folder structure and flexible settings guarantee best results for all files.

Combine PDF with CoolUtils PDFSplitter
Have tons of receipts or invoices? Split them by bar code automatically.

Add page numbers or logos in PDF
The app will add page numbers or your logo to the header or the footer of each page.

Remove certain pages from a multi-page PDF with CoolUtils PDFSplitter
It's easy to delete certain pages from a multi-page PDF if you use PDF Splitter!

Digital signature with CoolUtils PDFSplitter
PDF Splitter will offer you to sign the output files with your digital signature.

PDFSplitter is friendly
The interface is very user-friendly. You may rely on default settings or use your own.

Split PDF by bookmarks in PDF
You can also split PDF by bookmarks. Bookmarks of different levels are supported.

Split PDF files by blank pages
You can split PDF files by blank pages (set how many pages in a row there should be for the app to start the splitting).

Extract odd or even pages from all your PDF
With PDF Splitter you can extract odd or even pages from all your files in one go.

Make PDF Monochrome
The app can split your color PDF into black and white pages. Just tick the Greyscale option.

Convert dxf to pdf
PDF Splitter can process even those files that are protected from being modified.

Special server PDF Splitter (SDK)
We also offer a special server PDF Splitter (SDK). It has no GUI, no interrupting messages.

PDF Splitter can be run via command line CLI friendly
PDF Splitter can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI settings).

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Updated Wed, 15 May 2024

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(only $59.90)


How to split PDF files by our Offline Software

We all keep many of our files in the PDF format. Governments and industries the world over recognize it as the most secure and dependable formats around. But there is one problem. Have you ever wanted to share just a part of the PDF file and the not the whole? You wanted to send someone just certain PDF pages, but didn't know how to take them out of the PDF file? This is where a PDF Splitter from CoolUtils comes in.

split pdf by bookmarks

PDF Splitter is a simple and fast tool that can split PDF file into smaller PDF files, leaving the original intact. The choice is yours as to how you want to split PDF file - by page numbers, page ranges, or bookmarks. This is how it works:

Open PDF Splitter. From the column on the left, select the folder that contains the PDF files that you wish to split. The list of files in the folder will appear on the right. Tick the one that you wish to split. Click on Split to PDF on the top left corner.

A dialogue box will pop up. Set a path as default and click on Next. Extract the pages from the PDF file that you wish to split from the options given - all pages, selected pages. Selected Pages option is great when you need just particular PDF pages to be extracted (for example, the first 5 pages). The app also split PDF files by bookmarks, blank pages or bar codes.

split pdf

download pdf splitter

Wasn't that easy? You can rely on default settings or set your own params. You can even password protect and apply other security features to the split PDF files if you wish. Above all, you don't even have to have Adobe Acrobat to split PDF files. PDF Splitter is that handy, the ultimate tool to have.

Get the free evaluation version now or place your order (the price starts from $59.90) and enjoy the most powerful PDF Splitter with a life-time license.

Windows Vista/7/8/10/11


PDF Splitter Preview1
PDF Splitter Preview2

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Splits PDF files by pages
  • Extracts only selected pages
  • Splits PDF by bookmarks
  • Splits PDF by blank pages
  • Built-in renamer for the split pages
  • Combines split PDF pages
  • No need for Adobe software
  • Command line + user interface
  • ActiveX and Server version
  • Can be part of your app under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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