Turn Color PDF Into Black&White

PDF splitter is upgraded with another useful option of converting colorful PDF-files to black&white. With this new feature you can get black and white PDF files while the splitting process. It is very convenient because you donít need to specify settings of your printer every time and for each split file.

Total Outlook Converter new printing option

We do our best to develop the software you want to have and find efficient to use. Our team takes into consideration what should be modernized or upgraded to make conversion more productive. One of the options you asked was to add letter printing to Total Outlook Converter.

Easy migration to Outlook: Mbox to PST files converting

Whenever you want to migrate to MS Outlook from a traditional Mozilla client or need to archive correspondence safely you can do it easily with upgraded Total Thunderbird Converter. The software now converts Mbox files to PST, while recently it was able to convert emails from Thunderbird e-mail client to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, TIFF, • Read More »

Excel 2003 XML files conversion available

Excellent news for Microsoft Excel 2003 users: our considerate team has updated Total Excel Converter. Now it supports Excel 2003 XML files. Though XML files produced by Excel 2003 are not often used, we decided to add them to the supported input formats (previously there were Excel, Excel 2007, XLSM and OpenOffice formats and others).

Total Outlook Converter Now Processes Chinese Language Better

Our development team is always working on improving the service we deliver to our customers. We constantly strive to improve the quality of our products and provide better user experience. Today we have some good news for our Chinese users. We’ve implemented some changes to our Total Outlook Converter: now it can process emails, written • Read More »

Split APE Or FLAC Files By Cue

APE and FLAC files can contain whole albums composed of several tracks. Normally they are accompanied by a CUE file, that says where each track starts and ends and the tracks’ names. The CUE file makes it possible to split APE or FLAC albums into individual tracks. Total Audio Converter will do the job for • Read More »

Fit Large XLS Tables Into Small PDF Pages

Excel spreadsheets may be several hundreds of rows and columns. If you convert them to PDF, a wide table will be either cut or palced into several PDF pages. Both ways are not good for our users. Surprisingly not many Excel PDF converters are smart enough to fit large spreadsheets into 1 or more pages. • Read More »

How To Convert Outlook Emails – Video

Yes, we have developed a great Outlook converter. By our users’ requests we have been constantly adding new options. It’s good unless it hurts the simple/powerful ratio. One day we realized that a 6-step setting wizard may be a nightmare for a new user. So we are offering a helping hand to our new users • Read More »

New Search Option in Total Outlook Converter Pro

One of our customers asked for a new option in Total Outlook Converter Pro. “Is it possible, to filter the Emails in the mask, where all Emails are listed, whre they need to be checkmarked. Like a filter-search in Outlook, so I can make a search for specific Emails in Totalt Outlook converter, in which • Read More »

How to Convert Emails And Rename Attached Files

Converting emails with attachments helps to keep important information from your mail history in local copies, suitable for reading and editing, if needed. Total Mail Converter Pro is able to process attachments in different ways Ė convert them to a new format, save in original format to a folder, insert some types of attached files • Read More »