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Total CAD Converter Software

Safely convert your CAD files to pdf or images in batch by downloading CoolUtils software

CAD Converter Software - Download by CoolUtils


Total CAD Converter converts CAD files to PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, WMF, PNG, DXF, BMP, CGM, HPGL, SVG, PS, and SWF. Source formats include dxf, dwg, dwf, dwfx, plt, hg, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, hp1, hp2, hpgl2, gl2, spl, svg, cgm. Total CAD Converter's user-friendly interface and built-in wizard make it easy to apply project settings (it will even auto-remember previous job settings so that next time you won't need to recreate them from scratch). Total CAD Converter also includes support for project set-up via the command line.

Total CAD Converter offers several unique options when converting lots of CAD files at once:

  • When you convert multiple CAD files to PDF or TIFF you can combine all source files into a single target file. For instance, convert five CAD drawings into one multi-page TIFF or PDF.
  • When converting CAD files to images you can resize, crop and rotate them simultaneously.
  • This powerful AutoCAD converter will help you to turn your CAD drawings into black and white or increase the line weight scale, making the lines more visible. More unique options

Looking to use the autocad converter in your asp or php application with ActiveX? Try the Total CAD ConverterX (SDK). With it, you gain access to a powerful command line CAD converter minus the GUI.

Click the Download button to receive your own fully functional 30 day trial version free of obligation. Note: a 64-bit version is available upon request.

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Total CAD Converter Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"Most of the graphics is good enough for review. Overall, Total CAD Converter is very useful for me to share the CGM to PDF conversions internally with my design team."
4.5 Star Dennis Braithwaite
Sr. Engineer, Daimler Trucks North America

"It's been very helpful having this Autocad converter. We have many old .plt files that we have no way of opening any longer without the help of software like this. So far my only "issue" is that when we convert these .plt files to pdf the file is being scaled down from the original 24x36 size. I've sent an email to Mary in Tech Support and the fix came out the next day."

5 Star Brian Litherland, PE
Chief Engineer Transportation Design

Unique options of Total CAD Converter

Total CAD Converter supports dxf, dwg, dwf, dwfx, plt, hg, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, hp1, hp2, hpgl2, gl2, spl, svg, cgm files.

rotate cad
Along with conversions you can rotate your CAD files! All is done in batch so you save a lot of your valuable time.

resize cad
With Total CAD Converter you can also resize your CAD drawings.

Total CAD Converter can turn color drawings to black-and-white. Sometimes yellow lines aren't clear enough unless you turn them grey.

combine cad
Combine several CAD files into one multi-page TIFF or PDF file.

combine folders
When you convert several folders, the program can combine the output files of each folder. I.e. you convert 2 folders with 5 DWG files in each to TIFF. You get 2 TIFF files.

server version
If you want to convert CAD files on your server, apply for the server version. It is licensed per server.

dwg to jpeg
When you convert CAD to JPEG you can define the quality and smoothing for the resulting image.

Convert DWG, DXF, SVG, and many other files in seconds via our clear wizard-mode interface.

CAD formats
The widest list of output file types: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, WMF, PNG, DXF, BMP, CGM, HPGL, SVG, PS, and SWF!

html converter
Total CAD Converter allows selecting compression mode, image DPI, photometric interpretation for output TIFF images.

The built-in Preview panel helps you to find the file you need faster.

html watermark
Add text watermarks to the header or the footer of the output file to prevent unauthorized use or add your copyright info.

Want more order? Add page counters or a date to every page of the output files.

dxf to pdf
When you convert DXF or DWG to PDF you can set user permissions, password-protect your files or sign them with your digital signature. Both PDF and PDF/A files are available.

dwg converter
Use it as a powerful but affordable DWG converter. Batch convert files from and to DWG for easy sharing or importing to other Autocad apps.

Try the Total CAD ConverterX (SDK) to use it in your ASP or PHP application with ActiveX.

Total CAD Converter has full command line support (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI).

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Updated Fri, 07 Jun 2024

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(only $99.00)


Why download CoolUtils CAD converter software?

CAD is a popular file format among architects, engineers, builders, and other professionals who do technical drawings, 3D rendering, and similar tasks. Sharing your ideas with clients is sometimes challenging, especially if they don't use specialized tools supporting CAD format. This is only one example of when you may need reliable CAD converter software to deliver your ideas to your colleagues and partners.

Fortunately, you can avoid troubles associated with format inconsistency. Download CAD converter on your PC and quickly handle conversion tasks whenever needed. With professional CoolUtils software at your disposal, you get numerous advantages:

  • Free 30-day trial period;
  • Flexible pricing depending on the selected license;
  • 1 year of free software maintenance;
  • Lifetime license;
  • Prompt customer support;
  • Goods discounts, etc.
There is no need to hurry up with payments: Yyou can start by downloading the trial version and checking if the CoolUtils functionality meets your requirements and expectations. A fair "try before you buy" approach makes our business transparent and client-focused.


Total CAD Converter Preview1
Total CAD Converter Preview2
Total CAD Converter Preview3

Complete list of supported CAD conversions

  • DXF to PDF
  • DXF to DXF
  • DXF to XPS
  • DXF to JPEG
  • DXF to TIFF
  • DXF to BMP
  • DXF to PNG
  • DXF to WMF
  • DXF to SVG
  • DXF to CGM
  • DXF to PLT
  • DXF to HPGL
  • DXF to PS
  • DXF to PCL
  • DXF to XPS
  • DXF to SWF
  • DWFX to PDF
  • DWFX to DXF
  • DWFX to XPS
  • DWFX to JPEG
  • DWFX to TIFF
  • DWFX to BMP
  • DWFX to PNG
  • DWFX to WMF
  • DWFX to SVG
  • DWFX to CGM
  • DWFX to PLT
  • DWFX to HPGL
  • DWFX to PS
  • DWFX to PCL
  • DWFX to XPS
  • DWFX to SWF
  • CGM to PDF
  • CGM to DXF
  • CGM to XPS
  • CGM to JPEG
  • CGM to TIFF
  • CGM to BMP
  • CGM to PNG
  • CGM to WMF
  • CGM to SVG
  • CGM to CGM
  • CGM to PLT
  • CGM to HPGL
  • CGM to PS
  • CGM to PCL
  • CGM to XPS
  • CGM to SWF
  • HPGL to PDF
  • HPGL to DXF
  • HPGL to XPS
  • HPGL to JPEG
  • HPGL to TIFF
  • HPGL to BMP
  • HPGL to PNG
  • HPGL to WMF
  • HPGL to SVG
  • HPGL to CGM
  • HPGL to PLT
  • HPGL to HPGL
  • HPGL to PS
  • HPGL to PCL
  • HPGL to XPS
  • HPGL to SWF
  • PLT to PDF
  • PLT to DXF
  • PLT to XPS
  • PLT to JPEG
  • PLT to TIFF
  • PLT to BMP
  • PLT to PNG
  • PLT to WMF
  • PLT to SVG
  • PLT to CGM
  • PLT to PLT
  • PLT to HPGL
  • PLT to PS
  • PLT to PCL
  • PLT to XPS
  • PLT to SWF
  • SAT to PDF
  • SAT to DXF
  • SAT to XPS
  • SAT to JPEG
  • SAT to TIFF
  • SAT to BMP
  • SAT to PNG
  • SAT to WMF
  • SAT to SVG
  • SAT to CGM
  • SAT to PLT
  • SAT to HPGL
  • SAT to PS
  • SAT to PCL
  • SAT to XPS
  • SAT to SWF
  • IGS to PDF
  • IGS to DXF
  • IGS to XPS
  • IGS to JPEG
  • IGS to TIFF
  • IGS to BMP
  • IGS to PNG
  • IGS to WMF
  • IGS to SVG
  • IGS to CGM
  • IGS to PLT
  • IGS to HPGL
  • IGS to PS
  • IGS to PCL
  • IGS to XPS
  • IGS to SWF
  • STP to PDF
  • STP to DXF
  • STP to XPS
  • STP to JPEG
  • STP to TIFF
  • STP to BMP
  • STP to PNG
  • STP to WMF
  • STP to SVG
  • STP to CGM
  • STP to PLT
  • STP to HPGL
  • STP to PS
  • STP to PCL
  • STP to XPS
  • STP to SWF
  • STL to PDF
  • STL to DXF
  • STL to XPS
  • STL to JPEG
  • STL to TIFF
  • STL to BMP
  • STL to PNG
  • STL to WMF
  • STL to SVG
  • STL to CGM
  • STL to PLT
  • STL to HPGL
  • STL to PS
  • STL to PCL
  • STL to XPS
  • STL to SWF
  • BREP to PDF
  • BREP to DXF
  • BREP to XPS
  • BREP to JPEG
  • BREP to TIFF
  • BREP to BMP
  • BREP to PNG
  • BREP to WMF
  • BREP to SVG
  • BREP to CGM
  • BREP to PLT
  • BREP to HPGL
  • BREP to PS
  • BREP to PCL
  • BREP to XPS
  • BREP to SWF
  • GL2 to PDF
  • GL2 to DXF
  • GL2 to XPS
  • GL2 to JPEG
  • GL2 to TIFF
  • GL2 to BMP
  • GL2 to PNG
  • GL2 to WMF
  • GL2 to SVG
  • GL2 to CGM
  • GL2 to PLT
  • GL2 to HPGL
  • GL2 to PS
  • GL2 to PCL
  • GL2 to XPS
  • GL2 to SWF

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Converts CAD files in batch
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 is supported
  • Command line support
  • Many output file types
  • Resizes CAD drawings
  • Rotates CAD drawings
  • Crops CAD drawings
  • Turns color drawings to black-and-white
  • Makes the lines thicker if you need
  • Adds watermarks to output files
  • Easy-to-use
  • ActiveX and Server version
  • Can be part of your app under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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