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Detect Blank Pages In PDF Files

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Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

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TiffPdfCleaner is mostly intended for cleaning scanned files from unnecessary blank pages, black borders (paper sheet edges), etc. However, it can do the same with simple PDF files that are not scanned. Very often, when you convert some documents to PDF, blank pages appear too, especially if you combine a few originals to one PDF file. This is not a problem, if you have TiffPdfCleaner.

It is extremely efficient, when you need to clear a lot of PDF files. Processing all of them using this automatic blank page remover, will take you some seconds. It is very easy to define required tolerance of detector, according to your PDF files quality. If these are scanned documents, the paper background color can be not clear white, have some noise. In this case the program may overlook some pages, considering noise as some content. To avoid this, you need only to increase the tolerance of detector (in the options menu), and the program will detect all blank pages properly.

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There are a lot of additional features you can try in TiffPdfCleaner, such as:

  • Deleting black borders on scanned files
  • Setting PDF properties for documents
  • Edit header and footer information/positioning

delete blank pages

These options are adjusted in settings manager. If you do not need to make any changes except delete blank pages from the selected PDF files, then you may skip these parameters and only enable empty pages detector. Mention that TiffPdfCleaner is a batch document processor. So you can set all parameters once and apply it to all PDF files you would like to clean.

You can also run the program in command line mode. Thanks to the latest improvement, now it automatically generates the command for cleaning documents. When all parameters are set, in the 'Command Line' tab you can copy the proper command for further use.

Download TiffPdfCleaner and test its features for free during 30 days.

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Buy Tiff Pdf Cleaner NOW!
(only $59.90)
   Updated Mon, 13 Jul 2015

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