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Total PDF Printer   

Print PDF files in batches via command line.

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 print pdfTotal PDF Printer is invaluable to print many pdf files in batches. Imagine you have a folder with PDF files and you need to print each of them. Without PDF Printer you will have to open each file and click Print button. That's a boring and time taking process. Instead launch PDF Printer, select the folder and click Print just once. The program will print hundreds of PDF files without interruption (silent printing).

Total PDF Printer can also print by file date/time order. It saves you time greately when you need to print pdf files of certain date or time and do not want to sort them out manually. You may set different printing options (select printer or tray, or set duplex printing).

Total PDF Printer is great to print multipage PDF files. When you print several PDF files with lots of pages in each you get a stock of paper in the printer's tray. It's a hard task to sort these paper sheets out. So Total PDF Printer allows you to print a "separator sheet". This separator will help you to sort one printed PDF from the other.

This comes in handy when you are printing out several documents and prefer that the back side of a page is blank rather than having the next page on the back of the first one. With Total PDF Printer you can have a blank page inserted before or after each document.

Total PDF Printer can be handled via user-friendly GUI (see screenshots), command line or Windows desktop right-click option.

For use on web-servers or services - use Total PDF PrinterX (Active X is available for registered users).

support policySupport and Upgrades.
Read our support policy to find out support or upgrades options for Total PDF Printer. New registered users get 1 year of software maintenance for free.

"Each semester we need to print hundreds of Statement of Exam Results for our students. Of this 4-6 pieces of papers belong to the same individual and is to be stapled together. Before we found Total PDF Printer, we spent lots of time with reinforced manpower to help sort out the papers. As the College grows, the time spent doing it could not justify. Now we no longer need to worry about that. Total PDF Printer won our hearts in terms of its user-friendliness as well as a feature-pack PDF printer software."

Kong LA
Private College Kuala Lumpur

Change log:

Total PDF Printer 1.5.8
-Print PDF files in duplex vertical or duplex horizontal modes.

Total PDF Printer 1.5.7
-Print only landscape or only portrait pages from PDF files

Total PDF Printer 1.5.3
-Set exact pages that you want to print via command line.

Total PDF Printer 1.5.2
- Separator sheet added to print a page in between each pdf to separate them in the stack of the printer.

Total PDF Printer 1.5.1
- Secuence of printing task panel added. Now users of Total PDF Printer may select the sequence of PDF files to be printed in a most convenient - visual - way.


batch print pdf

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10

Interface languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

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Buy Total PDF Printer NOW!
(only $49.90)

What are users saying

"We are happy with TotalPDF printer. We mainly use it for the command line functionality which is great. We create a text file with a list of files to send to the printer. Thanks!"
MaryGail Broussard
Chief Architect

"TotalPDFPrinter has helped out a lot at my company. I will explain how we use it in case you ever wanted to use a case study.

Our ERP system automatically prints different documents off during certain processes. These documents need to come out of different printers and different trays depending on where they were printed and what the document is called. Using a PDF creator and some custom software we wrote, we call TotalPDFPrint from the command line and send the relevant PDF to the relevant printer and tray.

Finding a command line PDF Printer that can select trays was very hard and TotalPDFPrinter is so easy to use."

Jon Woff
Daniels USA
  "You pdf printing tool is amazing. Silly me not to have found this before!"

"Estimada Amiga; Son fascinantes todos los programas que he adquirido y muy faciles de utilizar aunque mi ingles es muy pobre. Atentamente quedo a vuestra entera disposicion."


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Customer Reviews

August 13, 2013
I'm glad that I found TotalPDFPrinter. This is a good software, and I don't have any suggestions yet.


June 19, 2013
Total PDF Printer is good but for the fact that it lacks detailed documentation. Anyway, it prints pdfs all right.





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