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Re-arrange Pages In TIFF Files

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TIFF is a multi-page graphic file type that allows combining pages into one single file. If you got TIFF files that you would like to split for smaller parts or combine into one file, Tiff Paging utility will help you with this. Using it you can easily re-arrange pages in TIFF files at any possible way.

Besides common splitting or combining you can also change the format of the output files that is an easy way to adjust your TIFF images for programs that do not support this format. The supported formats for conversion are BMP, JPEG, PNG, etc. If you would like to save the default format, just press TIFF in the format bar.

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Tiff Paging can process any number of files in one batch, so you can select all source files at once to split them into a few parts. Working with one document is similar to working with a few. For instance, you have a few 10-page TIFF files that you'd like to split into 2-page parts. To do this, you need to:

Green PlusSelect proper source files

Green PlusPress TIFF in the top bar

Green PlusGo to Combine tab

Green PlusCheck off 'Combine pages' option

Green PlusSpecify '2' in "Make new document every… pages" field.

Green PlusPress 'Start!'

Re-arrange Pages In TIFF Files

The program will extract pages from multi-page TIFF originals and save every 2 pages into a new TIFF document. Additionally you can set other TIFF parameters, such as type of conversion. It will help to save on future TIFF parts size. To store the files parts in proper order you can set file name template. Color palette is adjustable as well, so you can choose the one that suits your purposes.

Tiff Paging works very quickly, so you get your files rearranged in seconds. Try it now for free, download the program here.

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Buy Tiff Paging NOW!
(only $39.50)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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