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Faster CAD Conversion

convert cad files fasterCAD conversion is now quicker with Total CAD Converter. We have optimized Total CAD Conversion features and as a result received several times faster conversion of CAD files in batch. We are aware of the time spent to convert heavy files of drawings what usually CAD files are. And for hundreds of such type of files the conversion time multiplies.

That is why we decided to optimize Total CAD Conversion. Now it copes with 100 MB files batch conversion even faster than before.

As a source format can be used dxf, dwg, dwf, plt, hg, hgl, hpg, plo, hp, hpl, hpgl, hp1, hp2, hpgl2, gl2, spl, svg, cgm files which can be converted to any of these formats: PDF, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, WMF, PNG, DXF, BMP, CGM, HPGL, SVG, PS, SWF. To make the conversion even faster one may resize files with Total CAD Conversion as well. Every step of the process is very easy, just like a few clicks.

convert cad files faster

Give Total CAD Conversion a try and download trial version and test it without any obligation for 30 days or purchase the full license.

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Add comment June 20th, 2014

Total Outlook Converter new printing option

print outlook emailWe do our best to develop the software you want to have and find efficient to use. Our team takes into consideration what should be modernized or upgraded to make conversion more productive. One of the options you asked was to add letter printing to Total Outlook Converter.

We are not sure about the reason you asked for this option, maybe it is easier to select letters having printed versions of them or something else. But we did hear you and made this option: now you can select one or more letters and send to a printer.

In general Total Outlook Converter helps you convert one e-mail or e-mails in batch to PDF, Doc, HTML or XHTML, TXT, EML, JPG or TIFF. If there is a need to convert attachments as well, try Total Outlook Converter Pro.

print outlook

This program is very flexible and offers batch conversion of selected files (or just fields) with their attachments. It is a very good solution whenever you want to archive your mails or make them suitable for the web. Good news is that in Total Outlook Converter Pro the option for letter printing is also already available.

Download Total Outlook Converter using this link and buy here!

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New Search Option in Total Outlook Converter Pro

find emailOne of our customers asked for a new option in Total Outlook Converter Pro. “Is it possible, to filter the Emails in the mask, where all Emails are listed, whre they need to be checkmarked. Like a filter-search in Outlook, so I can make a search for specific Emails in Totalt Outlook converter, in which will only be shown the filter result for converting? So that I don’ have to go through all the list of all Emails per Postbox?”

We though it makes sense and are happy to introduce a new release of Total Outlook Converter Pro with a search option:
outlook converter pro search option

So now if you have thousands of emails in the inbox, you can find the one easily! The new version is free to everybody who purchased Total Outlook Converter Pro less than 1 year ago. Download your copy at the home page. New customers are welcome to get the full license at

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Add comment October 3rd, 2013

How to Convert Emails And Rename Attached Files

rename email attachmentsConverting emails with attachments helps to keep important information from your mail history in local copies, suitable for reading and editing, if needed. Total Mail Converter Pro is able to process attachments in different ways – convert them to a new format, save in original format to a folder, insert some types of attached files into a converted mail copy. The recent update of this program allows renaming attachments during conversion.
This feature will prevent you from getting lost in your attachments.

When processing a lot of messages in one batch and leaving attached files with their original names, it becomes very complicated to understand, which file belongs to the mail copy. Now you are able to set the template for naming extracted attachment by specific rule:

rename attachments of emails

You can assign a template in tags. This way you will handle any number of emails and files processed with ease. For creating a name template it is possible to use such tags as:
[mail] – the name of the email
[attach] – original name of the attachment
[mail_index] – mail number
[attach_index] – original attachment ID

The future name can be any combination of aforementioned tags. This is how you can connect every attachment to the mail it belongs too. The email file name can contain in the attachment copy name.

Total Mail Converter Pro version is able to process attachments of any types, and the choice of available actions depends on their type. For instance, executable files can be only stored in their native format, while images can be either inserted to converted email or saved to a separate folder. Attached messages and documents can be converted or saved as they are.

Using this way to convert emails, you will not only backup your mails and attachments, preventing them from loss, but also will properly sort all converted copies in your local storage. And what is the biggest benefit – Total Mail Converter Pro does this automatically! Just give it a try.

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2 comments September 12th, 2013

Convert Emails With Travel Itinerary To Pdf

email itinerary to pdfToday we most often buy tickets online. It’s a fast and easy process. However, sometimes you get emails with your travel itinerary as.. an email! What if you want to place it to a special folder along with other travel related files? I personally prefer PDF copies rather than MSG or EML files.

I am using The Bat! as my primary email client. It does not allow exporting emails as PDF files. As far as I know Outlook does not export emails as PDF files either. Luckly I have Total Mail Converter. I move all the emails with travel info to my folder. Then launch Total Mail Converter and convert emails to PDF. Consider adding a new descriptive name as normally you will get smth like 0000012.msg which becomes a 0000012.pdf. In Total Mail Converter you may enter your own name for the output PDFs. Something like London2ParisOct26.pdf is far easier to deal with.

mail to pdf travel itinerary

After I get all my travel info as PDF files I upload them to my Dropbox. Now they are safely stored and I can access them anywhere in the world via my laptop/smartphone.

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Add comment July 31st, 2013

How To Change Paper Size Of The PDF File

resize pdf coolutilsTotal PDF Converter doesn’t only convert your PDFs to other formats. It also provides ability to edit existing PDF files in different ways, adapting their look and feel for your needs. With the help of this program you can resize your PDF document or adapt a few pdf files to one common size.

Such need occurs when you have a few PDF documents in completely different size like A5, A3, letter, but you need to adapt all of them to A4 page size and do not affect the content styling. In Total PDF Converter it is doable this way:

• you need to open the program and go to a folder with files
• after clicking on the folder icon you will see the list of its files to the right from folders tree
• check every PDF file that has to be resized
• go on the top bar and press PDF icon
• choose the right paper size and orientation in settings wizard
• Press Start!

resize pdf

Besides resizing pdf, you can use a lot of other settings available for PDF format. You are free to combine several PDF documents into one and don’t worry, if originals have different sizing. Total PDF Converter will adapt them all to the format you need.

You can extract specific pages from original PDF files and produce new PDF file that will contain only selected range. This can be:
• only ODD pages
• only EVEN pages
• specific range like page 1 – 15.

Original PDFs can be split by bookmarks or blank pages too. You can even convert sources to specific PDF version. Sometimes it is really important to have documents in a certain standard, Total PDF Converter supports PDF 1.0 – 1.5. Additionally you can compress result copies to make them weight less.
Try these options in a trial version or get a license here!

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CoolUtils Photo Story 1 – Kids

CoolUtils kidsHere is a small photo story about CoolUtils. While the famous coolutils converters are developed by big serious adults, there is a kid in each of them. And a kid next to the feet of each of them. Our kids is smth that inspires us and makes us move forward.

Besides, our kids are a good excuse to eat an ice-cream or play another game:)
CoolUtils's Story

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2 comments July 10th, 2013

Convert HTML Files Without Fit-to-page Option?

fit-to-page in total html converterTotal HTML converter hit 4 million downloads this year so we thought we know what our customers want. We were wrong:) While most users convert HTML files to, say, PDF and use Fit-to-page option, one customer asked how to turn it off. Surprisingly there was no special key to do it via command line.

Our developers rushed to write the new code and the new update is already available from

Please, note that when you turn Fit-to-page option off, the produced files may be somewhat difficult to read. Normally the program automatically resizes the source page to the selected outut size and you get a good copy, no info is lost. But is the fit-to-page option is off, larger source pages will not fit into smaller output files.

Oh, here is the command line parameter: -fitpage:off

The new version of Total HTML Converter is free to teh users who purchased it less than 1 year ago. Older customers can purchase an upgrade with a 70% discount. New customers are welcome to download the free trial copy at

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1 comment July 5th, 2013

CoolUtils Is 100% Safe

coolutils file converters cleanThe web today is full of harmful sites, viruses and annoying adware. is quite different. And it is quite easy for us: we host only our own programs and always reject any offer to add some adware into our installers (we get them every month!). We want our users to get the best file converters that are 100% risk-free. No wonder Webutation awarded with a 100/100 score.

Webutation takes into consideration several factors. Among them the reports from antivirus programs, Google safebrowsing, Web of trust values, etc. Right now we do not have links from Wikipedia, but who knows. Maybe one day an article about coolutils file converter will be published there:)

webutation coolutis

Are you still wondering what CoolUtils is? Whatch our new video!

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Free CAD Converter Online at CoolUtils

free online cad converterIf you urgently need to convert a couple of CAD drawings into PDF, JPEG or other formats, you are not required to install desktop Total CAD Converter, spending time on configuring it on your computer, adjusting conversion parameters, etc. You can use online CAD converter that features the major options of the desktop version and offers quick conversion through the Internet.

As source files, online service supports different AutoCAD formats, printer file types, vector and bitmap graphics and can convert such drawings into PDF, CGM, SVG, JPEG, TIFF, HPGL.

free CAD converter from coolutils

The script operates fully on the server side that makes it insensitive to your system resources. This makes a converter compatible with any device, even mobiles. If you received a CAD file in the e-mail on mobile and need to view it immediately, just convert it to JPEG or PDF and view through your smartphone file viewer. After conversion is finished you will get the exact copy of original file with the same size and layout.

Online CAD converter is able to process one file at once. If you have a few files, each one has to be converted separately. In the desktop program users can process files in batches, set custom parameters and process files via command line. Online converter is lighter in functionality and doesn’t require any adjustments – only selection of the desired format. The service is absolutely free, no matter how many files were converted. It doesn’t require registration and sign in, users don’t have to share their emails. Converted drawings are downloadable directly in the browser.

CoolUtils takes care about security, and you can be sure that all files uploaded to the server are safely protected from any third-party use. Try this free CAD converting service, when using the desktop solution is not convenient.

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3 comments May 15th, 2013

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