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How to Count the Number of Pages in PDF File

Sometimes there is a need to know how many pages PDF files contain. Opening each PDF file and checking the number of pages is a long-lasting routine. Tiff Teller will count number of pages in PDF files automatically and show it to you in a handy report.

report pdf files

This program displays all the info about PDF and TIFF files stored in the specific folder. It allows copying or moving them to another location, generating reports about files info in specific format and opening them inside the program. When you are in the specific folder, the program will show the list with all PDF files inside it and all information about them too. To find out the page count for the specific file, just check it in this table. In order to return page count in the report file, do the following:

  • Select this folder in the left-side navigation menu.
  • Press the "Set Filter" icon and make sure only PDF is checked. Press "OK".
  • Press "Export"
  • Specify destination and name for the desired report
  • Select format of the report you desire (XLS, TXT or any other)
  • In the "Fields" tab select "File name" and "PageCount"
  • Press "Start Export".

download Tiff teller

As a result you will see your generated report opened automatically. Using TiffTeller, you can also find out the size, description, author and any other meta data about PDF files. There is no need to open the files and digging into properties, to see the size of first page, all paper formats used in the documents, compression and other parameters. All this is viewable in Tiff Teller report. It can be simply viewed inside the program or exported to a suitable format.

Tiff Teller is free to try, you can test what it does right now!

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


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