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Total PDF Printer

Print PDF files in batches via command line.

Total PDF Printer Software🖨️ - Download Free with CoolUtils 📄


Total PDF Printer is invaluable to print many PDF files in batches. Imagine you have a folder with PDF files and you need to print each of them. Without PDF Printer you will have to open each file and click Print button. That's a boring and time taking process. Instead launch Total PDF Printer, select the folder and click Print just once. The program will print hundreds of PDF files without interruption (silent printing).

  • Total PDF Printer can also print by file date/time order. It saves your time greately when you need to print pdf files of certain date or time and do not want to sort them out manually.
  • Separator sheets come in handy when you are printing out several PDF documents and prefer that the back side of a page is blank rather than having the next page on the back of the first one.
  • Different printing features (select tray or printing quality, set duplex printing, auto fit-to-page option) help you get perfect results.
  • DOC? TIFF? XLS? Total PDF Printer Pro will print different files in batches.
  • Pagination will help you navigate printed files easier. More unique options..

Total PDF Printer can be handled via user-friendly GUI (see screenshots) and command line. There is a special server version for web-servers or services - Total PDF PrinterX (with Active X).

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Unique options of Total PDF Printer

pdf combine
Total PDF Printer takes headache out of your batch printing jobs and reduce manual work dramatically.

by folders
With Total PDF Printer you can print whole folders with PDF files in one click!

combine pdf
Print PDF files by date without prior tedious manual sorting!

Total PDF Printer can automatically add page numbers or any text to each page.

combine folders
You can set orientation for all files (portrait or landscape). In case your files are different, rely on auto-rotate option.

landscape pdf
Total PDF Printer can automatically print only landscape or only portrait files.

Total PDF Printer features a clear straightforward interface with lots of hints for beginners.

pdf bookmark
The Pro version can also print PDF, DOC, TXT, DOCX, HTML, XLS files and almost all images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG).

/image watermark
The fit-to-page option will ensure that your files are properly located in the output PDF.

print duplex
Use a duplex printer? The app will add a separator sheet between documents.

Save ink selecting the printing quality (high, medium, draft).

Scaling option helps you the select the size of the resulting document (A4, A5, letter, etc. or even set your own size).

Silent printing? Try our special server PDF Printer (SDK). It has no GUI, no interrupting messages.

Print PDF files via command line. No need to learn the params, just get the ready-to-use command line from GUI settings.

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Updated Mon, 10 Jun 2024

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(only $49.90)


Total PDF Printer Preview1
Total PDF Printer Preview2


Total PDF Printer Review

"Each semester we need to print hundreds of Statement of Exam Results for our students. Of this 4-6 pieces of papers belong to the same individual and is to be stapled together. Before we found Total PDF Printer, we spent lots of time with reinforced manpower to help sort out the papers. As the College grows, the time spent doing it could not justify.

Now we no longer need to worry about that. Total PDF Printer won our hearts in terms of its user-friendliness as well as a feature-pack PDF printer software."

5 Star Kong LA
Private College Kuala Lumpur

"I create invoices and reports that need to be sent to customers. For each invoice there are one or more reports. The reports are printed double sided (on duplex printer). Until recently I printed first all the invoices for all the customers (to one queue) and then all the reports (to another queue). Then it was needed to sort all this so in each envelop for each customer invoice will be together with reports. What I want is to print invoice then reports for it then next invoice and reports for it and so on. So now I print them to PDF files and then send them to a printer with your command line utility."

5 Star Baruch Skorohod

Why Choose Total PDF Printer?

If you are looking for reliable and efficient PDF printing software, you might be overwhelmed by the many options available on the market. However, not all of them can offer the same level of quality and functionality as Total PDF Printer. Here are some of the features that you will not want to miss out on:
  • Customized header and footer: This feature allows you to add confidential headers, letterheads, or any other information to your PDFs without having to edit them manually. It saves you time and ensures a consistent appearance across your final print copies.
  • Option to print by date, time, or alphabetical order: You can organize your PDFs according to your preferences and print them in the desired order. It makes it easier to sort and file your documents later.
  • Page customization: You can adjust the margins, orientation, or even print multiple pages on one page. The customization options are endless, giving you complete control over the final results.
  • Advanced printing to .PDF options: You can choose to print via the command line instead of using the GUI and use the server version for web servers or online services.
As the Total PDF Printer driver works offline, you get to control the security and confidentiality of your PDFs. Try out the free version today.


How Total PDF Printer Software Can Save You Time and Money?

Total PDF Printer is built to save time and effort when printing PDF files. It can handle hundreds or even thousands of PDF documents in one batch, with options to sort them automatically, add headers, footers, or page numbers, and fit them to the page size. It can even cut printing costs by saving the ink you use.

Just select the printing quality between high, medium, and draft.

But don't just take our word for it. Total PDF Printer has been useful for many of our customers who had to deal with complex printing tasks.

For example, one of our clients, an educational institution, used to spend a lot of time printing and sorting out exam results statements for students, as each student had 4 to 6 pages of their own. Total PDF Printer solved this problem by printing the statements in the correct order, making it easy to staple and compile them.


Total PDF Printer vs. Competitors

Total PDF printer has some advantages over its competitors such as Adobe PDF printer or Adobe Acrobat XI Printer in terms of auto sorting, duplex printing, header and footer, and command line and server features.
  • Auto sorting: Total PDF printer will automatically sort your PDFs by name, date, or size before printing them, saving you the hassle of manually arranging them.
  • Duplex printing: You can print on both sides of the paper, reducing paper consumption and lessening the environmental impact.
  • Header and footer: Total PDF printer lets you add custom headers and footers to your PDF files, such as page numbers, dates, or logos for more professional and consistent documents.
  • Command line and server: You can run the software from the command line or as a server application, affording you more flexibility as you can integrate it with other software or scripts.
However, the print to PDF software also has some limitations, such as:
  • It lacks conversion options from PDF format to other file formats, such as Word, Excel, or HTML.
  • There is no option to cloud-print or send a compiled or scanned PDF document by email or fax.
You can get PDF editing and conversion features from our other utilities such as Total PDF Converter.


How to Get Started with Total PDF Printer

You can quickly run your first printing job thanks to the simple user interface:
  1. Download the Total PDF Printer for Windows from the official page.
  2. Use the sidebar menu to select your source folder or individual files.

    PDF Printer Main Window

  3. Choose your Printer from the print dialog box.

    PDF Printer Wizard

  4. Tune the page header. You can choose a comment template to add to each page, such as the "Current Date" or confidential.

    PDF Printer Wizard Header

    *Note that you can similarly add an image to the header section:

    PDF Printer Wizard Header Image

  5. You can also specify text for the footer section.

    PDF Printer Wizard Footer

  6. Set other printer options including orientation, pages to print, multi pages, color, quality, duplex settings, and more.

    PDF Printer Wizard Setup

    Configuring settings for printing several pages on one sheet

    PDF Printer Wizard Setup Documents

  7. Start printing PDFs by selecting the Start Button.

    PDF Printer Wizard Progress Documents

Total PDF Printer FAQs

What is a PDF printer?

It's a PDF file utility that allows you to print to PDF. So, it acts like a virtual PDF printer on your computer that will merge files and output them into one file. Similarly, it may allow you to batch-print multiple PDFs using a connected printer.

How do I get a PDF printer?

If you want to print PDF documents, you can access the print to PDF feature on your browser, Microsoft Word, or other Microsoft Office apps. For more features, you can use software like Total PDF Printer.

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