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How To Count Pages In Multiple PDF


If you need to monitor PDF files, checking different information about your documents without opening each, try Tiff Teller utility. It can tell you how many pages are on multiple PDF or TIFF files. This is a great tool when you need to plan how much paper will be required for printing or double check the pages in arriving documentation. Such reports are also used in various development tasks.

Tiff Teller can show you all the info about your PDF file (page count, size, date of creation, etc.) on the screen or export data to a report in PDF, XLS, CSV, DOC, TXT and many other formats. Those who have Tiff Teller utility can't imagine how to count pages in multiple PDF files manually and create reports for this. You will need to review each document separately, write down the number of pages into table, save this table as report. It will take quite a lot of time, especially when you deal with tens of documents. Tiff Teller easily manages with this boring job, automatically counting the number of pages.

If you just need to see how many pages in this or that document, you can just open the program, click on the proper folder with your documents. You will see the table with file names, page numbers, size and other information for each document. You can set the specific characteristics you want to see in this list. If you need to create a report for this information, follow these steps:

  • Click on the folder with PDF files for analyzing.
  • Press Export button (right icon on the top bar)
  • Select format for export
  • Form a set of report fields
  • Adjust captions, header and footer (if needed)
  • Press Start Export button

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If you need to export only the number of pages, you should set PageCount field for export. Note that the information can be exported to an existing file or a new file; you set the location yourself. The wizard o fthe program will help you to make all the settings.

Download Tiff Teller utility from here. You can try free trial version first before the purchase. When you are ready, place an order and get the key to unlock the full potential of the app.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11

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