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Tiff Teller

New TiffTeller will return the page count of PDF and Tiff files

Tiff Teller: Tell Me Everything About My TIFF & PDF Files


Tiff Teller will show the page count of PDF and TIFF files. It is a must have app for those who need to calculate page count on the fly or on a scheduled basis. It is a standalone tool and does not depend on Adobe Acrobat, or even Acrobat Reader.

  • Learn how many files/pages are in your folders.
  • Select the fields to include into the report (page count, file size, date, compression, etc.)
  • Print out full report about your PDF and TIFF files.
  • Export report to PDF, XLS, CSV, ODS, TXT format.
  • Find corrupted PDFs (i.e. the ones with 0 pages).

Tiff Teller enables you to scan multiple directories with one click. To count pages in your tiff or pdf files you even don't have to launch the program. You may just use command line. Due to the well-thought interface one doesn't have to be very technical to master the program.

Tiff Teller doesn't ask additional stupid questions, it just does what it should do - counts pages of your TIFF and PDF files very quickly. Try it for free (30 days trial period, no limitations) and find out that it is really worth its money.

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Tiff Teller Customer Reviews 2024

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Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews
5 Star

"We purchased TiffTeller because I needed a way to automate a daily count of images which we send late afternoon to a vendor that indexes them overnight and returns them before the start of business the next morning. Our window for sending files was outside of normal business hours and occasionally we had a discrepancy with the number of files which were sent in the evening versus the number of images indexed and returned the next business day.

Often times this was caused by one or two files being missed during the FTP transfer and the discrepancy caused a 24 hour delay in getting the indexed images into patients charts.

Timing is crucial so the physician can have access to the document remotely. And, of course, it is crucial the tiff images are indexed to the appropriate chart.

Our process worked pretty well, except for the days when we had a discrepancy. Tiff Teller has been able to resolve that problem. I am able to automate the entire process now that we have purchased Tiff Teller.

With the help of another tool we already use called Macro Express, I can now provide a report generated by Tiff Teller which gives an accurate count of the tiff files and images. Our vendor can use the report to verify all files were received.

Now, they can see immediately if they did not receive all files and can notify us right away. Tiff Teller is the safety net we were looking for to provide this double-check procedure."

5 Star Jeremie Hughes
Graves-Gilbert Clinic

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Updated Mon, 13 May 2024

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(only $49.90)


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Tiff Teller Review

"I have downloaded the program and is already using it. Awesome program....makes my life so easy here at work."
5 Star Nicolene Viljoen CAB Holdings - JHB

"Would be nice to have an option to define the sorting element ex. Sort by name (exactly as it appears in the folder the TiffTeller reads). It is important if the report comprises of few hundred entries / rows and sorting needs to be performed extra. Other than that - all seems perfectly fine."

5 Star Arthur Lorek

Pro Suite

Key Features Of Full Registered Version

  • Count pages in TIFF and PDF files fast
  • Scan multiple directories with a click of a button
  • Get full report (page count, path, file size, compression, date, etc.)
  • Print out report
  • Export report to CSV, XLS, PDF, TXT, SQL, ODT files
  • User-friendly interface
  • Command line support
  • Can be part of your app under royalty-free license. Contact us for details.

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