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Total Excel Converter

Convert Excel With Barcode Font to PDF

One of the many power features that sets Excel apart from other spreadsheet programs is its support for barcode fonts. It is an incredibly handy feature to have in any number of use cases when it comes to tracking or generating product specific codes alongside other data.

Unfortunately, the support for barcode fonts can present something of a problem when it comes to converting your data into other formats. The sad fact is, the vast majority of Excel conversion software on the market is simply incapable of converting barcode font info.

When you think of the value of this information and the potential difficulty in exporting the relevant data by hand, you can see how this could present a pretty major problem in many circumstances - particularly if you are dealing with a huge amount of files to process.

Both Total Excel Converter and the server based Total Excel Converter X are fully equipped to handle barcode fonts. All you have to do is check two options in Document > Fonts and the software will do the rest. The relevant settings are:

  • Subset fonts when embedding.
  • Kerning.

Barcode font support is just one of many reasons that make our market-leading Excel conversion software stand out from the pack. You will also benefit from the ability to:

  • Handle a huge range of input and output formats.
  • Include custom headers and footers in appropriate output formats.
  • Handle bulk conversion needs with ease.
  • Take advantage of a built-in renamer to take control of your output file naming requirements.

Both versions of our software can be run via the command line and an intuitive GUI is available when using the desktop version. The server-based Total Excel Converter X version also supports ActiveX for direct integration with your own web-based applications.

The support for barcode fonts is just one example of the sort of attention to detail that comes as a natural consequence of over a decade's worth of continual development. Thousands of happy customers worldwide have already benefitted from the power of both Total Excel Converter and Total Excel Converter X. We encourage you to discover our software's power and functionality for yourself by downloading a free trial demo of either version today!


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