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Total Movie Converter

Total Movie Converter: Convert AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG easily

AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG Converter by Coolutils.com ✅ Total Movie Converter 👌


Total Movie Converter is a handy solution to convert video files of almost all popular video codecs to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV. In addition, Total Movie Converter is great for converting video for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Archos, XBox and others thanks to the new Video To Device feature.

  • If you make home videos with a HD camera Total Movie Converter will make your videos suitable for the web in two clicks.
  • Use this powerful video converter to rotate your videos or resize them.
  • Total Movie Converter converts video from YouTube, Vimeo, and Sevenload. All you have to do is enter the url.
  • The video converter can also change the codec or system type between all popular video formats. You can also adjust Audio\Video bitrate, Frame Rate, cut any piece of your movie or combine video.

Our pricing is clear and concise. Once paid you get all the upgrades and free tech support. Hit Download button now to try it out for 30 days without any obligation. Why should you try it? Total Movie Converter is extremely simple. It is not overloaded with the features you will never use. But what it does, it does perfectly - converts video files.

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Total Movie Converter Customer Reviews 2022

Rated 4.7/5 based on customer reviews 5 Star

"Eve got the new key you sent her. She loves Total Movie Converter as much as I do and I just gotta say this level of personalized product support is pretty rare on the internet these days. Ive tried other programs over the years but TMC is the only one where you just have to go click, click and it converts! Never mind the fact that ALL the rest choke on .m2vs."

4.5 Star Thanks, David K.

"So far the video converter is great, so easy for me to use. I am not that PC savvy so any program which makes things simple and easy is what I look for. Once I use it more, will be happy to give some constructive feedback. Thus far all good. Thanks and regards."

5 Star Trish

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Updated Wed, 24 Mar 2021

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(only $29.90)


Total Movie Converter Review

"We use the tool through command line in order to make a fully automated conversion of .AVI to .MP4. We do not use the desktop interface. We record machine in production. In case of issue, we want to send the movie to the customer / supplier. The tool allow us to reduce the movie size in order to send them trough email. The good point is the conversion process rate which is incredible."
5 Star Sylvain CapuanoGTS Site Support Lead | Avery Dennison

"It went smoothly enough and I am quite happy with the output video file. It's a good movie converter to mp4 converter!"

5 Star Adam Holmes


How To Convert Movie Files

If you are looking for a high quality video conversion, Total Movie Converter is at your fingertips! Unlike any other free video converter, this one is paid (just $29.90!) but is worth every penny. You get the new file fast and enjoy your favorite videos on any device you like. Download and install the app, select your video file (one movie or a folder with 100 movies), then press the output file format button. Choose AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, or FLV. The wizard will help you with all your settings. Choose the destination folder. Here you can combine all videos into one file, just check the checkbox for that. You can resize your video or rotate it if you need. Alternatively, you can skip these settings and press Start button. When the conversion is done, the app will open Explorer windows with your new video files. Enjoy!

video converter


Total Movie Converter Preview1
Total Movie Converter Preview2

Complete list of supported Movie conversions

  • FLV to AVI
  • FLV to MPEG
  • FLV to MPG
  • FLV to WMV
  • FLV to FLV
  • MKV to AVI
  • MKV to MPEG
  • MKV to MPG
  • MKV to WMV
  • MKV to FLV
  • MOV to AVI
  • MOV to MPEG
  • MOV to MPG
  • MOV to WMV
  • MOV to FLV
  • VOB to AVI
  • VOB to MPEG
  • VOB to MPG
  • VOB to WMV
  • VOB to FLV
  • MPEG to AVI
  • MPEG to MPEG
  • MPEG to MPG
  • MPEG to WMV
  • MPEG to FLV
  • MPEG4 to AVI
  • MPEG4 to MPEG
  • MPEG4 to MPG
  • MPEG4 to WMV
  • MPEG4 to FLV
  • AVS to AVI
  • AVS to MPEG
  • AVS to MPG
  • AVS to WMV
  • AVS to FLV
  • ASF to AVI
  • ASF to MPEG
  • ASF to MPG
  • ASF to WMV
  • ASF to FLV
  • WMV to AVI
  • WMV to MPEG
  • WMV to MPG
  • WMV to WMV
  • WMV to FLV
  • 3GP to AVI
  • 3GP to MPEG
  • 3GP to MPG
  • 3GP to WMV
  • 3GP to FLV
  • MOD to AVI
  • MOD to MPEG
  • MOD to MPG
  • MOD to WMV
  • MOD to FLV

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