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Coolutils Converter

Any to PDF, DOC, TXT, TIFF, JPG, XPS. Your all-in-one converter.



Coolutils Converter is the all-in-one solution for all your conversion needs. Whether you want to convert any to PDF or TIFF, it will do the task. The input file types include PDF, TIFF, DOC, TXT, XLS, HTML, PNG, JPEG, MSG, even Outlook emails. Bulk convert them in batches via GUI or command line with just one app.

  • Any file to PDF; any file to TIFF; any file to DOC; any file to XPS; any file to JPEG, any file to TXT.
  • Simple workflow: choose files, select target format, apply additional settings.
  • Flexible settings: add headers, footers, page counts, date stamps or any other text directly into the documents.
  • Perfect for archiving files, e-discovery, standartization, EDS.
  • All unique options..

CoolUtils Converter is a great solution for exporting various files into EDS or retrieving data through e-discovery or computer forensics. If you have to convert lots of different file types, Coolutils Converter saves your time and effort. Instead of running several apps you launch just one.

Want more formats? We've been developing file converters since 2003, so we know a thing or two about all possible file types. Contact us and we will offer you a solution.

Coolutils Converter is still easy-to-use. The app can be run via GUI or command line; we also offer a special server version without any interrupting messages. Give it a try, bulk convert your files with our free evaluation copy now!

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Unique options of Coolutils Converter

coolutils converter

Coolutils Converter supports PDF, XPS, EPS, PCL, HTML, MHT, XHTML, DOC, TXT, DOCX, RTF, XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT, ODS, ODT, TIFF, JPG, MSG, EML, Outlook emails as input formats.

rotate image

Along with conversions you can add page counters or any text to each page of your documents. It works for bates stamping too.

resize cad

Any file to PDF? Set user permissions (view, print, edit, annotate, etc.) or protect your documents with a password.

email converter

With Coolutils Converter you can convert emails (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) as well.

combine folders

Combine documents within folders? Our powerful batch converter can do that too.

rename files

Coolutils Converter will help you to rename files adding counters or dates.


Convert PDF, TXT, PNG, TIFF, RTF, XLS and many other files in seconds via our clear wizard-mode interface with a handy preview panel.


The output file types include PDF, XPS, DOC, TIFF, TXT, JPEG! If you need to convert your files to other formats, simply let us know. We will be happy to add more target file types by your request.


Have an outdated Microsoft Office 2003? Coolutils Converter supports all types of Word or Excel documents.

html converter

To find the right file in seconds use our Filter tab or sort the file list by name, date, type, size. Select the file to preview it right in the app.

/image watermark

Add image watermarks (i.e. your logo) to the header or the footer of the output file.

dxf to pdf

When you convert any files to PDF you can sign them with your digital signature.


Need silent conversion tool for your server? Cooutils ConverterX SDK will do the job (no GUI).


Coolutils Converter can be run via command line (get the ready-to-use command line from GUI settings).

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Updated Wed, 05 Jun 2024

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(only $169.00)


Coolutils Converter Preview1
Coolutils Converter Preview2

Complete list of supported Converter conversions

  • MHT to PDF
  • MHT to Doc
  • MHT to RTF
  • MHT to ODT
  • MHT to XLS
  • MHT to XHTML
  • MHT to JPEG
  • MHT to BMP
  • MHT to GIF
  • MHT to PNG
  • MHT to TIFF
  • MHT to EMF
  • MHT to PCL
  • MHT to PPT
  • MHT to Text
  • MHT to Unicode
  • MHT to Exe
  • MHT to Mail
  • MHT to XPS
  • Email to PDF
  • Email to Doc
  • Email to RTF
  • Email to ODT
  • Email to XLS
  • Email to XHTML
  • Email to JPEG
  • Email to BMP
  • Email to GIF
  • Email to PNG
  • Email to TIFF
  • Email to EMF
  • Email to PCL
  • Email to PPT
  • Email to Text
  • Email to Unicode
  • Email to Exe
  • Email to Mail
  • Email to XPS
  • Outlook to PDF
  • Outlook to Doc
  • Outlook to RTF
  • Outlook to ODT
  • Outlook to XLS
  • Outlook to XHTML
  • Outlook to JPEG
  • Outlook to BMP
  • Outlook to GIF
  • Outlook to PNG
  • Outlook to TIFF
  • Outlook to EMF
  • Outlook to PCL
  • Outlook to PPT
  • Outlook to Text
  • Outlook to Unicode
  • Outlook to Exe
  • Outlook to Mail
  • Outlook to XPS
  • OST Converter
  • OST to PDF
  • OST to Doc
  • OST to RTF
  • OST to ODT
  • OST to XLS
  • OST to XHTML
  • OST to JPEG
  • OST to BMP
  • OST to GIF
  • OST to PNG
  • OST to TIFF
  • OST to EMF
  • OST to PCL
  • OST to PPT
  • OST to Text
  • OST to Unicode
  • OST to Exe
  • OST to Mail
  • OST to XPS
  • PAB to PDF
  • PAB to Doc
  • PAB to RTF
  • PAB to ODT
  • PAB to XLS
  • PAB to XHTML
  • PAB to JPEG
  • PAB to BMP
  • PAB to GIF
  • PAB to PNG
  • PAB to TIFF
  • PAB to EMF
  • PAB to PCL
  • PAB to PPT
  • PAB to Text
  • PAB to Unicode
  • PAB to Exe
  • PAB to Mail
  • PAB to XPS
  • XLS to PDF
  • XLS to Doc
  • XLS to RTF
  • XLS to ODT
  • XLS to XLS
  • XLS to XHTML
  • XLS to JPEG
  • XLS to BMP
  • XLS to GIF
  • XLS to PNG
  • XLS to TIFF
  • XLS to EMF
  • XLS to PCL
  • XLS to PPT
  • XLS to Text
  • XLS to Unicode
  • XLS to Exe
  • XLS to Mail
  • XLS to XPS
  • Excel to PDF
  • Excel to Doc
  • Excel to RTF
  • Excel to ODT
  • Excel to XLS
  • Excel to XHTML
  • Excel to JPEG
  • Excel to BMP
  • Excel to GIF
  • Excel to PNG
  • Excel to TIFF
  • Excel to EMF
  • Excel to PCL
  • Excel to PPT
  • Excel to Text
  • Excel to Unicode
  • Excel to Exe
  • Excel to Mail
  • Excel to XPS
  • ODS to PDF
  • ODS to Doc
  • ODS to RTF
  • ODS to ODT
  • ODS to XLS
  • ODS to XHTML
  • ODS to JPEG
  • ODS to BMP
  • ODS to GIF
  • ODS to PNG
  • ODS to TIFF
  • ODS to EMF
  • ODS to PCL
  • ODS to PPT
  • ODS to Text
  • ODS to Unicode
  • ODS to Exe
  • ODS to Mail
  • ODS to XPS
  • Doc to PDF
  • Doc to Doc
  • Doc to RTF
  • Doc to ODT
  • Doc to XLS
  • Doc to XHTML
  • Doc to JPEG
  • Doc to BMP
  • Doc to GIF
  • Doc to PNG
  • Doc to TIFF
  • Doc to EMF
  • Doc to PCL
  • Doc to PPT
  • Doc to Text
  • Doc to Unicode
  • Doc to Exe
  • Doc to Mail
  • Doc to XPS
  • DocX to PDF
  • DocX to Doc
  • DocX to RTF
  • DocX to ODT
  • DocX to XLS
  • DocX to XHTML
  • DocX to JPEG
  • DocX to BMP
  • DocX to GIF
  • DocX to PNG
  • DocX to TIFF
  • DocX to EMF
  • DocX to PCL
  • DocX to PPT
  • DocX to Text
  • DocX to Unicode
  • DocX to Exe
  • DocX to Mail
  • DocX to XPS
  • DocM to PDF
  • DocM to Doc
  • DocM to RTF
  • DocM to ODT
  • DocM to XLS
  • DocM to XHTML
  • DocM to JPEG
  • DocM to BMP
  • DocM to GIF
  • DocM to PNG
  • DocM to TIFF
  • DocM to EMF
  • DocM to PCL
  • DocM to PPT
  • DocM to Text
  • DocM to Unicode
  • DocM to Exe
  • DocM to Mail
  • DocM to XPS
  • RTF to PDF
  • RTF to Doc
  • RTF to RTF
  • RTF to ODT
  • RTF to XLS
  • RTF to XHTML
  • RTF to JPEG
  • RTF to BMP
  • RTF to GIF
  • RTF to PNG
  • RTF to TIFF
  • RTF to EMF
  • RTF to PCL
  • RTF to PPT
  • RTF to Text
  • RTF to Unicode
  • RTF to Exe
  • RTF to Mail
  • RTF to XPS
  • TXT Converter
  • TXT to PDF
  • TXT to Doc
  • TXT to RTF
  • TXT to ODT
  • TXT to XLS
  • TXT to XHTML
  • TXT to JPEG
  • TXT to BMP
  • TXT to GIF
  • TXT to PNG
  • TXT to TIFF
  • TXT to EMF
  • TXT to PCL
  • TXT to PPT
  • TXT to Text
  • TXT to Unicode
  • TXT to Exe
  • TXT to Mail
  • TXT to XPS

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