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How to Know the Compression of TIFF Files


TIFF files can be compressed by about 8 different algorithms. To differ uncompressed TIFF files from compressed, you need to open them in a graphic editor and dig into their properties. If you find a way how to know the compression of the TIFF file quickly, use Tiff Teller. This program is made to tell you all information about your TIFF files, listing detailed description of each file in a handy table. It is a perfect way to analyze the properties of many files at once without opening them one-by-one.

It works very simple. You open the program and click on the required folder in left-hand navigation menu. The program will show the list of TIFF and PDF files it contains. You need to filter the TIFF files using an appropriate option from the toolbar. A type of TIFF compression for each file will be in the last column of the table. Besides, you will be able to check the following parameters:

  • File name
  • Location
  • Modification Date
  • Creation date
  • Number of pages
  • Size
  • Width and Height

The set of visible parameters is adjustable - you can exclude all unneeded items and add those ones which you require.

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Then the table can be exported to a report file in PDF, CSV, TXT, XLS, DOC and few other formats. You can list TIFF files sorted by any parameters. This way you can separate compressed and uncompressed files, for example.

TiffTeller is a highly useful program for reviewing and analyzing TIFF or PDF files properties. It works with any number of files stored in one folder. Select your license and place an order now. The key will be sent immediately.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11

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