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Batch Print PDF Auto Rotate

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batch print pdf

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If you would like to print a few PDF files that have different page orientation, and want to do that quickly, without manual readjusting printers and pages orientation, you should use Total PDF Printer. This printing manager knows how to print PDF quickly and safely, automatically adjusting various PDF documents to a single format.

If you are not sure which mode, portrait or landscape, to choose, just select 'Auto rotate' option in settings wizard, and your documents will be automatically rotated to fit printer settings. This option is located in 'Orientation' tab of the wizard. In batch print PDF auto rotate function processes each file. That is why don't hesitate to print all files by one command and be sure that they all will be printed properly. A big advantage of such printing is that you don't need to monitor the process in order to print it all properly.

batch print pdf

The whole process includes a few simple actions:

  • Select PDF file for printing
  • Press 'Print' button
  • Go through settings to set required parameters
  • Click 'Start!'

After this selected printed will start printing the document you chose. If you want to use batch print PDF option, just select a few files at once. All of them will be printed according to the settings you specified.

Besides auto rotation mode you can select either portrait or landscape orientation. However it is not recommended when you convert a few PDF documents with diversified content. Auto rotate function also works if one PDF document contains both portrait and landscape pages. All they will be printed properly. Other useful settings include ability to specify printing quality level. Choose the one you prefer in terms of graphic quality and ink consumption.

Total PDF Printer is available in a free trial version. This means you can test the auto rotate feature for free. This utility will definitely become a good helper in printing PDF files.

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Buy Total PDF Printer NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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