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batch print pdf

batch print pdf

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It is always a problem to adjust the size of PDF documents with available paper when printing them. PDF files can contain big size drawings, illustrations or simply have a page format different from paper you have in your printer. Total PDF Printer offers a way how to print PDF files automatically adjusting their format to your paper. Thanks to fit-to-page option this is not a problem anymore.

Total PDF Printer is a program specifically designed for easy managing of various PDF printing tasks. If you operate with a few printers that have many trays, if printing PDF documents is something you do often and would like to simplify this process, then you should have this program on your computer. By clicking a few buttons you can adjust batch print PDF function that will automatically send commands to preselected printer and tray. Your files will be printed in specific page formatting that you can preliminary adjust according to your needs. For instance, you can change:

  • page orientation
  • paper size
  • printing quality
  • separator

The specified settings will be applied to all PDF files you chose, so there is no need to repeat settings for each document separately. There is also a way to print PDF fit-to-page that means that PDF files' content will be optimized for the current paper size you have in your tray. No matter what is the original paper size in PDF files you selected for printing - all of them will be automatically adjusted to fit your current paper size.

Thanks to this feature you do not need to change anything in your printer settings or edit PDF documents for proper printing. All this Total PDF Printer will do for you in seconds. Just check off 'fit-to-page' option in Scaling mode tab of settings wizard and that's all!

Try it now, download your copy here!

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Buy Total PDF Printer NOW!
(only $49.90)
   Updated Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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