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If you would like to optimize your time spent on printing PDF files, there are a few simple steps to do it. Total PDF Printer is a special utility created for handy management of all PDF printing tasks. It is a great helper if you have lots of different printers and want one single program to manage all of them.

Total PDF Printer works batch print PDF mode. This mode allows printing many PDF documents or even folders within one single command. You don't need to do this one by one, setting dozens of tasks for your printer. Just form the batch of files for the printout and click Print button. As a result you will get all chosen PDF files printed and separated from each other with a separator page. The separator can be:

  1. a blank page
  2. a PDF file you define
  3. specific page range of a PDF file

You don't have to use separators if you are sure you won't face the problem when sorting the sheets of different documents. When you print PDF in batch, you set the same parameter values for all selected documents. Advanced users will appraise the range of adjustable optional settings that include:

  • paper orientation with an auto-rotate option;
  • selecting tray (choose the one you would like to print in)
  • scaling (you can print files in their original size or scale it for fitting the page format)
  • printing quality (choose lower value to save the ink)
  • advanced mode (get access to your printer settings directly from the program).

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Total PDF Printer is what you can call a printing manager - the program does all PDF printing job by itself, requiring minimum time and skills from users.It works both via user interface and comamnd line. We also offer a special server version that runs silently on your server without any interrupting messages. Get your own copy of this useful utility, the licenses start from $49.90 only. The free evaluation copy is valid for 30 days - a good chance to test the app without any obligation.

"The application is working great! We print 300+ work orders a day and it's performed flawlessly. I especially like the command line interface as I was able to create a batch file our end users click on, which makes things easier. I appreciate your help in this matter."

Tony Aguila
Auto Warehousing Company

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