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Combine PDF By Folders

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free download pdf combine

PDF Combine is an advanced utility intended for combining PDF documents. The program features a number of options, which facilitate the process and save you a lot of time and effort.Particularly, it is used for combining separate PDF pages within folders.

If you have, say, 5 folders with a dozen of PDF files in each, the program will produce you 5 multi-page PDF files. The program has a robust interface and a wizard, which shows you the right way to go.

Combining PDF by Folders

Combining PDF documents into larger ones is very easy. All you should do is:

  1. Select the folder with PDF documents in the file tree and check-mark the files, which you wish to merge. Click on the folder to see all the files and folders, if any, listed on the right. Check-mark the ones that you would like to include in your future document.

  2. Select the 'Combine PDF' option in the toolbar.

  3. The wizard's window will open. Here you should tick 'Combine files by folders', pages in your document will be organized in the same order as they are arranged in your folder.

    combine pdf by folders

  4. Select destination path and specify destination folder.

  5. Click 'Start' to combine your PDF files.

This program also allows you to add macros, dates, page numbers, headers,footers and bookmarks. The program supports all kinds of PDF files, regardless of the program they are produced in. PDF Combine features command line option, so you can launch it from within any other utility.

If you have purchased this product, you can combine PDF documents, ebooks, create invoices, bank statements in less than no time. Registered users receive free technical support and updates for 1 year. Demo-version is valid for 30 days.

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Buy PDF Combine NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  PDF Combine Tutorial
(only $59.90)
   Updated Thu, 06 Jul 2017

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