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Total Excel Converter

Convert ET to XLSX In Batch

Microsoft Excel is the world's dominant spreadsheet solution but it's far from the only option out there on the market. Over the years, a bewildering array of file types will probably come across your desk from various other programs. They'll all have to be opened or somehow converted so that the data they contain can be accessed by anyone in your organisation.

The .ET file extension from Kingsoft Spreadsheets is a classic example. It's fair to say that it's probably not the most widely used file format out there and if you find yourself facing a mountain of ET files, the first thing that comes to mind is going to be how to convert ET to XLSX in batch.

That's where our Total Excel Converter software comes into play. It's a fully featured XLSX converter that helps you to export ET to XLSX with ease, along with taking care of many other common scenarios.

You could of course have a go at this by hand by opening Excel and wasting potentially hours stepping through the "Save ET as XLSX" dialogue over and over again. Or you could sit back and let Total Excel Converter handle the heavy lifting.

As across our entire software product range, batch processing is a speciality. We've taken care to make sure that your original folder structure will be maintained when you're processing files in bulk which saves you an enormous amount of pre- and post-conversion busywork in terms of organisation.

The software can also be run via the command line with a full range of option flags available for power users. A special server version has no GUI at all and runs silently on a web-server.

Those who are more comfortable with a GUI are equally well served.

download Total Excel Converter

The interface itself is child's play to use thanks to its intuitive design. You can even use it create executable BAT files to take care of common tasks which can be run with a single click. The perfect combination of user-friendliness and programmatic power.

We've put a huge amount of work into making Total Excel Converter the most fully featured converter on the market at this price. Discover its power for yourself today by downloading the free trial!

Free online ET to XLSX converter

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