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Delete Blank Pages from TIFF files + Add Page Numbers


Multipage TIFF files got after document scanning or conversion contain blank pages. They take additional space and make it uncomfortable to view and print such documents. You can remove blank pages from your TIFF files using TIFF PDF Cleaner. This program is developed for making scanned documents maximally comfortable for use. It offers a lot of useful features for TIFF optimization, such as cleaning from blank pages and adding page numbers to each file page.

It is a perfect tool for processing a lot of files. Thanks for batch file optimization the whole process will take you a minute. Even if there are a hundred of TIFF source files, you will process them as quickly as one.

TIFF PDF Cleaner has other advantages:

  • It allows editing header and footer adding page numbers or any other data.
  • It offers TIFF compression for optimizing documents in size
  • You can save blank pages to a new folder instead of deleting
  • There is ability to add TIFF tags (writer, caption, etc.)
  • You can clean up TIFF files from the command line

Basically you need to make a few adjustments to add page numbers into cleaned TIFF files. Both cleaning and pagination are made in one single action. Going through the tabs of the settings wizard, you should check the option for cleaning blank pages and put the [page] tag into the header or footer fields. Additional parameters like compression, tags and auto crop can be setup in the same window.

Normally users prefer cleaning TIFF files by using graphic interface of the program. However you can run TIFF PDF Cleaner from the command line interface too. You will find code parameters for this mode in the Help menu.

TIFF PDF Cleaner is highly useful for processing scanned documents. You can try it during 30 days, the program is available in a trial version. Get it here.

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10/11

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