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How Do I Extract Pages from PDF?


PDF is a compact file format intended for easy and prompt online document exchange. The format was created by Adobe systems in 1993, and it represents fixed-layout two-dimensional documents. PDF files can be viewed in any operating system, and they are not software- or hardware-dependent. Initially, PDF bore a proprietary status, but on July 1, 2008, it was officially declared an open format.

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PDF files may contain hundreds and thousands of pages, which can be hard to find and extract. Luckily, software industry has generated a new handy tool that will save you the necessity of fumbling for your needed page. With PDF Splitter, you can extract pages from PDF books with a stunning ease. A couple of simple steps and a few seconds is all your sacrifice!

With PDF Splitter you can either extract all pages or only selected pages. If you know the pages you want to extract, all you have to do is specify page numbers. Not only does the tool permit you to extract pages from documents. You can also reorganize multi-page PDF documents in any fashion. PDF Splitter also combines pages that have already been split. You can make two 5-page PDF documents out of a 10-page one.

PDF Splitter features a built-in page renamer, which sets a template, to which all new pages are renamed. To specify page numbers, you can insert any digit to start enumeration. PDF splitter can also enumerate pages based on the number of pages found in the destination folder. For example, if there are 10 pages in your destination folder, a newly split page in the folder will be, for instance, Document.page11.pdf.

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One more unique feature of the product is its ability to split PDF documents by blank pages. The program will split PDF by pages every time it meets a blank page. Besides, PDF Splitter can be set to split PDF by several blank pages. For example, it may be set to start a new document every time it meets a succession of 2 or more blank pages.

PDF Splitter can be operated via interface or via command line. The program is available online. You can either purchase the registered version or download the trial version, which is valid for 30 days. Or place your order right now (the price starts from $59.90) and enjoy the most powerful PDF Splitter with a life-time license.

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