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PDF Combine Command Line

Usage: PDFCombine.exe <source> <destination> <options>
If you have path with spaces, use quotation marks.
By the way You can use macroses in the Destination path
  •  <DATE[:format]> - current date, default format is yyyymmdd
  •  <TIME[:format]> - current time, default format hhmmss

For example: destination C:\<DATE>_<TIME:hhmm> produce file C:\20110317_1154


  • -log - <Log file name> Don`t show errors. Write them to the log file
  • -verbosity - Log file verbosity
    • error - Write to log file only errors (default)
    • detail - Write detailed log file
  • -list - File with files mask to convert
  • -Recurse - Include subfolders
  • -do - Delete originals
  • -kfs - Keep Folder Structure
  • -Content - Creates Table of Bookmarks. When several files are combined each filename becomes a bookmark. Table of bookmarks will show you the content of the combined file.
  • -Bookmark - Bookmarks as filenames. If you do NOT want the bookmarks be the filenames place the desired names of bookmarks into separate file and set that file as Bookmark.
  • -combine - How to combine documents
    • onefile - All documents into one file
    • folder - Separate files by folders
    • name - Separate files by common name part
  • -npr - Range you want to analyze for grouping files by name
  • -BookmarkType - Set Bookmark style
    • None -
    • Title -
    • File -
    • List -
  • -HeadText - Header text. Where [page] - Page Number and [date] - current date
  • -FootText - Footer text. Where [page] - Page Number and [date] - current date
  • -HeadAlign - Header Align
    • Left - Align Left
    • Center - Align Center
    • Right - Align Right
  • -FootAlign - Footer Align
    • Left - Align Left
    • Center - Align Center
    • Right - Align Right


  • PDFCombine.exe C:\Folder1\ C:\Folder2\ C:\Folder3\ C:\Dest.PDF -r
    PDFCombine will take all the pdf files from Folder1, Folder2, Folder3 and merge them. The result will appear in Dest.pdf. -r means the recursive search (if there are more folders inside Folder1&2&3 PDF Combine will merge them as well).
  • PDFCombine.exe C:\Dest.pdf -list C:\List.txt
    All the files that are infrom List.txt will be placed to Dest.pdf
  • PDFCombine.exe C:\Src???.pdf C:\Dest.pdf
    All the files C:\Src???.pdf (any symbol instead of ?) will be placed to Dest.pdf. WildCard support
  • PDFCombine.exe C:\Folder1\ C:\Dest.PDF -HeadText "[page] of [count]" -HeadAlign Center
    PDFCombine will take all the pdf files from Folder1 and merge them to Dest.pdf and add page number in the header of the page
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