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Total CSV Converter
A reliable tool to convert CSV to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, DBF, XML in batch. GUI and command line.
Total CSV Converter
Rating 4.7 out of 180 votes
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Total CSV Converter is a reliable tool for converting CSV and TSV files to DOC, PDF, HTML, TXT, XLS, DBF, XML, JSON and a variety of OpenOffice formats. The program was designed to be convenient and user-friendly. Loaded with helpful customization options, the Total CSV COnverter doesn't just convert your files to a different format, it lets you make improvements along the way. For example, with the Total CSV Converter you'll also be able to:

  • Green PlusConvert large volumes of CSV files fast and with minimal effort.
  • Green PlusConvenient batch function lets you select a folder, check all the files you're interested in converting, and automatically processes them all for you, saving you time and money.
  • Green PlusThe option saving feature lets you save the settings of jobs that are frequently performed for faster implementation. All you need to do is set the input/output file and select delimiters, the Total CSV Converter takes care of the rest.

With its clear, intuitive interface the Total CSV Converter is accessible to users of every skill level. For beginners, we've included a helpful onboard wizard that assists with locating files and setting up new jobs through an easy to use GUI. For advanced users we've included support for handling conversion via the command line.

Don't take our word for it though, give it a try. We're currently offering a free 30 day trial version to let potential users get a better idea of how useful the Total CSV Converter can be. So download your copy today and see why we are the #1 developer of robust conversion solutions.

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Marius Vening
"I find Total CSV Converter quite useful. It matches my expectations. So far, it converted 40000 CSV files and the Keep Folder Structure option turned out to be a life saver. I have more files to be converted and hope it will work all right with them too."
Complete list of supported conversions
  • TSV to DOC
  • TSV to PDF
  • TSV to HTML
  • TSV to XHTML
  • TSV to Text
  • TSV to XLS
  • TSV to TSV
  • TSV to JPEG
  • TSV to TIFF
  • TSV to DBF
  • TSV to JSON
  • TSV to SQL
  • TSV to Access
  • TSV to XML
  • TSV to PCL
  • TSV to OpenOffice

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Customer Reviews

July 11, 2013
The program does what is says, it converts CSV files. I am quite satisfied with the results. Thank you.


May 23, 2013
I used the software TotalCSVConverter and it works well. I convert DBF files in CVS. I have a need, and I would pay to have this change. I convert many files in CSV DBF. the software will convert your CSV file into many DBF I would like to collect all the CSV in a single DBF Bulletin Board and add to a field with the filename. I can send you the files if you are available. Do you think it's possible Best Regard


May 22, 2013
The csv converter works all right for me. The site reads that it can cnvert to pcl, I see only pdf in the formats bar. How do I convert csv to pcl with your program?





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Windows Compatible
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