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Total Movie Converter   

Total Movie Converter: Convert AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG easily

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VideoConverterTotal Movie Converter is a handy solution to convert video files of almost all popular video codecs to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLV.

In addition, Total Movie Converter is great for converting video for iPod, iPhone, Zune, Apple TV, Archos, Creative Zen Vision, XBox and others thanks to the new Video To Device feature. So you can set several videos to convert before you go to bed (or go out and party), and in the morning they’ll be ready for you to upload straight to your iPod.

TMC supports 3GP format. So you make any video suitable for any cell phone. If you have a Nokia smartphone or Blackberry, our video converter will provide you with the right video format in a single click.

If you make home videos with a HD camera Total Movie Converter will make your videos suitable for the web in two clicks.

Total Movie Converter is very easy-to-use. It requires no special knowledge to convert video files. The Wizard will help you to do all the settings when you are at a loss. Use the batch conversion mode to save your time and effort.

video converterTotal Movie Converter converts video from YouTube, Vimeo, and Sevenload. All you have to do is enter the url. The video converter can also change the codec or system type between all popular video formats. You can also adjust Audio\Video bitrate, Frame Rate, cut any piece of your movie or combine video. The latest version of Total Movie Converter has de-interlace feature. Besides, you can increase volume of your video files. The process of conversion is extremely fast. If you want to run Total Movie Converter within other programs, use the command line.

Total Movie Converter can also be integrated into the Windows popup menu. It means that you can click the video file on your desktop and select "Convert to" option in the popup menu. Think - you do not have even to evoke the program to convert videos!

Built-in video player will help you to watch the video file before and after conversion. Really handy!

Our pricing is clear and concise. Once paid you get all the upgrades and free tech support. Hit Download button now to try it out for 30 days without any obligation. Why should you try it? Total Movie Converter is extremely simple. It is not overloaded with the features you will never use. But what it does it does perfectly - converts video files.

Video to iPod Video to iPhone Video to xBox Video to PS3 Video to Zune Video to PSP Video to iRiver Video to Archos Video to Apple TV
Video to iPod Video to iPhone Video to xBox Video to PS3 Video to Zune Video to PSP Video to iRiver Video to Archos Video to Apple TV

For use on web-servers or services - use Total Movie Converter X (Active X is available for registered users).

"I've only used your product a few times so far, but I am very impressed and very pleased. I have already recommended it to several of my friends.

The program has done an excellent job of converting some of my files to other formats for different uses, so I am very satisfied and fell I definitely got my money's worth. Keep up the good work, you have an excellent product."

Patrick Regan


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Supported formats:


Total Movie Converter in our blog:

Some of the currently supported file format conversions:

  1. Convert flash to avi, wmv to avi, mpeg to mpeg4
  2. Convert mpg to avi, avi to mpeg, flv to mpeg4
  3. Convert mov to avi, vob to avi, avi to mpeg4, vob to mpeg4
  4. Convert video to xBox, mkv to mpeg4, xvid to mpeg4
  5. Convert m2ts to mpeg4, mov to mpeg4, wmv to mpeg4
Complete list of supported format conversions

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Convert AVI to MPEG and MPEG to AVI with Total Movie Conveter
Convert FLASH to AVI
Buy Total Movie Converter NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD Movie Tutorial    
(only $29.90)

What are users saying

"So fare the program is great, so easy for me to use. I am not that PC savvy so any program which makes things simple and easy is what I look for. Once I use it more, will be happy to give some constructive feedback. Thus far all good. Thanks and regards []Have a nice day"

"Just started to use the program... so, not much feed back on use of the program. As for downloading... you might want to add some suggested tips to your confirmation letter. I had a lot of problems installing the program but your support people were fantastic. We were able to fix the problem after 3-4 emails. It turned out to be that I must have downloaded the original free trial from download.com, not directly from your site. So a message to that effect would be beneficial, as well the four listed suggestions from your support (see below).

Plus, I was using Mozilla as my internet browser not Internet Explorer and this caused problems with the download of the key I was sent. Every time I single or double clicked on the key while using Mozilla, I got a message (see below) but no program. As soon as I used Internet Explorer, it worked perfectly."

Rick Leach

"Amazing program, I love it. Videos are very high quality. I've always hated this file type, but this made them work. Thank you."

"Eve got the new key you sent her. She loves Total Movie Converter as much as I do and I just gotta say this level of personalized product support is pretty rare on the internet these days. Ive tried other programs over the years but TMC is the only one where you just have to go click, click and it converts! Never mind the fact that ALL the rest choke on .m2vs."

Thanks, David K

"Thanks for the nice tool. Have no suggestions now, it works as advertised."

Peter Campos

"I don't see your page, I bought the software in another page, but I tell you, your attention was great and fast, congratulation!!! When I need to buy another software I can tell you, I would go to your page."


"I am downloading from the Web movies made during the days of the GDR and putting them on DVDs. I completed one such project so far, using TotalMovieConverter, and the result seems fine."


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Customer Reviews

April 29, 2014
My job makes me travel a lot. I usually take my iPad to the plane with me and some videos on it for entertaining. After I had faced the inappropriate file format for several times I was advised to use Total Movie Converter. Now I use it quite often. Thank you for help!


July 17, 2013
Allowed conversion of MTS files to something more manageable without too much fuss. It doesn't appear to allow output to the MP4 file format. MP4 encoding is possible within an AVI file format but I have found fewer people are familiar with the AVI file extension. I prefer to package videos to that format.


June 07, 2013
Actually I had tried the Video convertor application & it's working good except when converting from MOV format to WMV format! But the quality so far is pretty good! I will send you more feedback when I face any issue that I think you should know.


June 03, 2013
I would be happy to provide feedback once I've had the chance to use the applications a bit more. So far, I've been very pleased as it has done exactly what I've wanted it to do. I may have had an issue trying to figure out how to take multiple .VOB files then convert them into a single file, stored as a .mkv, .avi, .mp4 or something similar. Regardless, I do anticipate using the software quite often as I've been looking for a software suite like this for some time.


April 03, 2013
I am an amateur movie director, and my major problem when compiling movies is that I had lots of fragments in different formats. It took me so long to combine them all together in some easy-to-read format I tried a few video converters until found Total Movie Converter. I can say it is the best from the ones I personally used. It even can convert separate fragments and combine them together! I am impressed!





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Key Features

  • Converts to AVI, MPG, WMV, MPEG, FLI
  • new! Converts mts/m2ts videos
  • Converts to iPod, iPhone
  • Changes codec/System type
  • De-interlaces your video file
  • Converts many video files in batches
  • Has integrated video player
  • Command line
  • Wizard to help the beginners
  • Adjusts Audio\Video bitrate, Frame Rate
  • Integrates into Windows
  • Vista compatible

Windows 8 Compatible
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