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Merge Several Text Files Into One PDF

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PDF Combine Pro

Windows XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10


If you need to join many TXT files into one PDF, the best solution is to use PDF Combine Pro. It can easily combine 2 text files into one PDF as well as group hundreds of files together. This way you will turn your TXT information storage into an easy-to-read PDF document with proper formatting and bookmarks.

PDF Combine Pro works as data converter that can easily export information from TXT to PDF and merge different sources into one file. Don't be afraid to make a mess in this document, as you can add a bookmark for each TXT original. Thus you will always know where one document ends and another starts. Other additional features include:

Green PlusAdding page count, date or other information the the header or footer of the PDF pages

Green PlusAbility to merge several text files into one PDF based on common name part

Green PlusAbility to merge files by folders keeping folder structure

Green PlusCommand line support and transparent graphic user intertface

PDF Combine Pro features integrated file viewer, so you can easily find what files exactly you need to select as sources. Note that you can select any number of originals, and all of them will be merged into one PDF. The program can also combine other file types, including TIFF, JPEG, XLS, HTML, DOC, RTF.

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Thanks to command line support you can merge TXT files into multi-page PDF using CMD processor. Moreover, the program itself generates the proper command and saves it into .dat file that can be run for combining files. This option is available via settings menu, in Start Conversion tab. There you can also find an option for automatic deletion of original TXT documents after combining is done.

All this you will get in PDF Combine Pro. Just download it and install on your computer for unlimited use.

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Buy PDF Combine Pro NOW!
    FREE DOWNLOAD  PDF Combine Pro Tutorial
(only $129.90)
   Updated Tue, 12 May 2015

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